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Take a Baby to Lunch Day – May 2, 2025

Take a Baby to Lunch Day is celebrated annually on May 2. The purpose of this holiday is for adults to become acquainted with babies and learn the tricks of childhood at a young age. This also helps the baby to develop healthy habits, as the pressure and guidance of an influential person, such as a fun aunt or a cool uncle, has a great impact on the psyche of a baby. The holiday also allows childless adults to spend some time with tiny humans before they make up their minds about having kids of their own.

History of Take a Baby to Lunch Day

Nutritional health and eating habits play a vital role in children’s healthy growth and development. However, instilling healthy eating habits in children is not as simple as it sounds. As the children gain independence, they develop strange cravings for and aversion to certain food groups. While a natural attraction prospers, they completely reject the healthier alternatives, like vegetables and fruits. Suddenly mealtime turns into a battle zone, and it’s not very cute.

This is where you can step in. If you’re a fun aunt or cool uncle reading this, May 2 is your cue to take your beautiful niece or nephew to lunch and be a first-hand witness to their struggles. Getting through a single plate of food with children will make you appreciate and see your parents in a new light. The lunch options can vary as per your preference. You can either introduce them to a new cuisine or order homely food with a cool twist to make them feel at ease.

Developing healthy eating habits can be stressful, but not if you have a super awesome adult to take them to lunch. So, are you ready to put your adult pants on and take a baby to lunch? Take A Baby to Lunch Day is an exciting day that gives the children of the U.S. a chance to be treated as equals. The day is also about making new bonds with a baby and getting to know the intricacies of a young mind.

Take a Baby to Lunch Day timeline

Support The Child Initiative

The U.S. government launches the Head Start program to support low-income children aged three to five years old.

Child Care For All

Democratic Senator Walter Mondale introduces a bipartisan bill to provide child care to all U.S. children.

Take Our Daughters To Work Day

The Ms. Foundation for Women establishes Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

Baby Lunching Gains Steam

Take A Baby To Lunch Day gains popularity in the United States.

Take a Baby to Lunch Day FAQs

What makes for a good baby lunch?

Young kids and babies prefer finger foods. Soft-cooked vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, sweet potato, cauliflower, and fresh fruits are all great lunch ideas for babies.

How many meals do babies need?

Ideally, a baby should have three meals a day. The breakfast should include something light, like fruit or boiled veggies, followed by milk and oats for lunch, and dinner should be something light and digestible.

When can babies start eating solid food?

Babies can be introduced to solid foods at around six months old. A combination of mashed foods and soft vegetables is a great introduction to solid food at their age.

Take a Baby to Lunch Day Activities

  1. Take a baby to lunch

    Well, if the day commands it, we shall abide by it. On May 2, plan lunch with the baby of your sibling/friend/son/daughter. Side dishes? We’ll allow it. An extra plate of fries? Sounds good. The second scoop of vanilla? Why not? The day is all about experiencing the company of a baby and indulging them in foods of their choice.

  2. Prepare a meal together

    Fancy a tiny sous chef, anyone? Celebrate the day at home by recruiting a baby to do kitchen chores as you prepare a meal for the two of you. Some simple, baby-friendly dishes include spaghetti and meatballs, popcorn chicken, mixed vegetable soup, and fish sticks.

  3. Introduce children to new food groups

    Getting a hang of new cuisines can be a burdensome task for both kids and their parents. Sweep in, take the responsibility off of their shoulders and take it upon yourself to introduce young kids to different food groups, eating styles, and cuisines. Take a Baby to Lunch Day can be a perfect start for this.

5 Tips To Tackle Kids When You’re Eating Out

  1. Corner table

    Get comfortable seating at a corner table to minimize disturbance to other customers.

  2. Toys & replenishments

    Pack some toys to curb tantrums and any emergency demands.

  3. Feed the baby first

    Make sure the food is safe for the baby and fill up their plate before tending to yours.

  4. Stocked diaper bag

    Pack all the necessary requirements, such as clean clothes, towels, wipes, and sanitizers in the diaper bag.

  5. Avoid the rush

    Opt for calmer hours like late afternoon or pre-lunch to avoid large crowds and occupied waiters.

Why We Love Take a Baby to Lunch Day

  1. It promotes quality time with babies

    Take a Baby to Lunch Day is a special day for people who wish to spend time with young children, and who never usually get to do so. With this super fun and deeply personal holiday, you can settle on a lunch date in advance and spend some much-needed time with the special babies in your life.

  2. It never hurts to know the young ones

    Young people are full of excitement and new ideas about life. They are curious, interesting, and conversational. With this lunch, you get to spend a day away from the hustle, the deadlines, and the normal routine. Maybe this is what you need to rejuvenate your soul and fill your life with fresh inspiration.

  3. Food is better when shared

    We believe that food, like happiness, is best when shared — especially with young kids. Make the lunch a hit by ordering a combination of new dishes and some old favorites and make Take a Baby to Lunch Day an annual affair.

Take a Baby to Lunch Day dates

2025May 2Friday
2026May 2Saturday
2027May 2Sunday
2028May 2Tuesday
2029May 2Wednesday

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