Choi Jin-riChoi Jin-ri, popularly known as Sulli, was born on March 29, 1994. She was a talented singer, actress, and model. Sulli attended Jungbu Elementary School in South Korea. She had worked in all three careers when she was alive. From guest role appearances to signing deals in the music industry to giving us all the right angles as a model, Sulli was a star.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Choi Jin-riChoi Jin-ri



Birth date:

March 29, 1994

Death date:

October 14, 2019 (age 25)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Net Worth:

$15 million

Choi's Social Media:


Sulli was born Choi Jin-riChoi Jin-ri on March 29, 1994, and was a singer, model, and actress in South Korea. She had two older brothers and one younger one and attended Jungbu Elementary School. On stage, her fans knew her as Sulli, which is the name she chose. Sulli was a child actress; she appeared in the S.B.S. historical drama “Ballad of Seodong” in 2005 as a supporting cast. Sulli later made a couple of guest role appearances, starting in “Love Needs a Miracle” in 2005 and “Drama City” in 2007. Sulli also appeared in independent films – “Punch Lady” in 2007 and “BA:BO” in 2008.

In 2009, Sulli became a member of the f(x) girl group. This was after SM Entertainment signed a record deal with her. Following her acting dreams, Sulli starred in a romantic comedy series, “To the Beautiful You,” in 2012. The S.B.S. series was an adaption of the shōjo manga Hana-Kimi, and Sulli’s performance earned her two S.B.S. Drama Awards and a nomination at the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Sulli came up with her stage name, interpreting it to mean “pear blossoms in the snow.” The star had publicly declared that she was struggling with panic disorder and social phobia from a younger age. When dating Choiza, a member of the Dynamic Duo, they faced a lot of cyberbullying and hateful comments from members of the public. Sulli released a solo single, ‘Goblin,’ before passing away in 2019, which was her final musical project.

Career timeline

The Acting Career Debuts

Sulli begins to act professionally at 11 when she is cast to play young Princess Seonhwa of Silla in “Ballad of Seodong.”

The Cast as an SM Trainee

After a successful audition, Sulli is cast officially as an S.M. trainee.

The Debut Single

Sulli debuts as a member of the girl group f(x) with the single 'La Cha Ta.'

The New Star Award

After Sulli stars in a lead role in “To the Beautiful You,” her brilliant performance leads her to win the S.B.S. Drama Awards for New Star Award.

The No-bra Movement Advocate

After supporting Comfort Women's Day, Sulli courageously expresses that she is an advocate for the movement after her followers criticized her for going braless on some posts.

Why We Love Sulli

  1. She was amicable

    Sulli was a very approachable and friendly entertainer. Her self-confidence when it came to making friends was high. We love it when celebrities show humility in their daily life.

  2. She disliked blunt guys

    Sulli didn’t like how some guys are so blunt. Who does? We understand being honest. But honesty doesn’t always have to come out too bluntly.

  3. She was an all-rounded entertainer

    Sulli gave her best in whatever she did. It is admirable to excel at one craft, but we admire versatility too. Sulli was able to express herself in many ways and shine in a group and alone.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Sulli’s idol was her mother

    Sulli adored her mother so much and considered her to be her idol.

  2. She enjoyed journaling

    Sulli’s journal was a must-have on the list of things she always carried.

  3. She loved smelling nice

    Her favorite item to have was her perfume which was a must!

  4. She regretted not attending college

    Not attending college was one of Sulli’s biggest regrets.

  5. She loved ice cream

    Sulli had a sweet tooth and loved having ice cream.

Sulli FAQs

What are Sulli's fans called?

Her fans were called Peaches.

How much did Sulli weigh?

She weighed 90.39 pounds.

How did Sulli die?

Sulli’s manager found her in her apartment, the cause of death being a possible suicide.

Sulli’s birthday dates

2025March 29Saturday
2026March 29Sunday
2027March 29Monday
2028March 29Wednesday
2029March 29Thursday

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