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Sarah Jessica Parker, born on 25 March 1965, is a name known all over the world! Known best for her starring role as the beloved Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in The City”, the actress and fashion mogul has starred in many blockbuster hits. Being the fourth out of eight brothers and sisters, the actress grew up helping to support her family through dancing and singing gigs that would introduce her to the spotlight! Starting her career on the stages of Broadway, Parker soon found herself behind the camera and acting in some of the biggest movies in Hollywood.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Sarah Jessica Parker



Birth date:

March 25, 1965



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5' 2"

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Net Worth:

$150 million

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Sarah Jessica Parker was born on 25 March 1965 and is one of eight children. The actress spent her early life helping her mother and stepfather as much as she could. She earned money through singing and dancing gigs, thanks to her schooling at the American Ballet Theater, and started to gain attention from a young age. Her first Broadway role saw the actress taking a spot in “The Innocents,” followed by “The Sound Of Music,” which saw her and four of her siblings touring the country. Her family decided to move to New Jersey at this point, encouraging the future star’s career in the limelight and helping her work towards a successful Broadway career. The actress’s first Broadway role saw her take over the title role in the Broadway show “Annie,” further cementing her place in the spotlight! While Parker could have gone on to have a very successful career on Broadway, in 1982 the actress found herself starring in her first T.V. sitcom “Square Pegs.” The years that followed would see this star rise through the ranks as she starred in other T.V. roles in “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and “Footloose.”

A breakthrough in this actress’s career was her evolution from teen roles to more adult ones and in 1991, she starred in “L.A. Story,” further cementing her name in Hollywood. Roles that followed include “Honeymoon in Vegas,” where she played Betsy Nolan, and “Ed Wood,” where she played Dolores Fuller. Her most notorious role was as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit T.V. series “Sex In The City”. Winning several different Golden Globe awards, the Critically Acclaimed T.V. Show, and later movie series is a well-known and beloved series that thrust the star into the spotlight even further, cementing her name as one of Hollywood’s biggest names!

Her marriage to her husband, Matthew Broderick, did not slow the actress in the slightest and they must have been doing something right as they are still married today! The couple welcomed their son, James Wilke Broderick, five years after they married; born in October 2002. In 2009, the power couple had twin daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge.

Career timeline

The Role in “The Innocents”

Her first Broadway show that lasts 12 performances.

The First T.V. role in “Square Pegs

The series audience falls in love with a young Parker during her role as a geeky high school student.

The First adult role in “L.A. Story”

Playing the character of SanDeE, Parker becomes a mature actress.

1998 — 2004
The Role in “Sex In The City”

Her role in the series sees Parker cement her place in Hollywood.

The Movie Debut

The actress takes Carrie Bradshaw to the movies following the T.V. series’ success.

Why We Love Sarah Jessica Parker

  1. She works as a UNICEF ambassador.

    Parker has always loved UNICEF, being encouraged by her mother's commitment to the organization. She has helped to raise millions of dollars for the foundation and is known to include and encourage her kids to give back!

  2. She is a dedicated and hands-on mom

    While this actress has had a busy career, this did not stop her from being a hands-on and present mother. She is known as an actress who will put her children before a role, committing to being a great mother and role model!

  3. She teaches her children about privilege

    Being a privileged woman, Parker has made sure her children understand how fortunate they are and how others may not be as well off as them. Having grown up in a relatively poor household it is easy to understand why this was important for the actress!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She wore black to her wedding

    Parker wore a striking black wedding dress when she married Matthew Broderick in 1997.

  2. She does not wear make-up

    Parker has admitted that using concealer makes her feel like a fraud.

  3. She doesn’t like to shop

    Unlike Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex In The City,” Parker revealed she does not enjoy shopping much.

  4. She loves to read

    The actress does find some relation with her on-screen persona in her love of reading!

  5. She almost skipped “Sex In The City”

    Parker was hesitant to accept the role of Carrie Bradshaw, we’re grateful that she took it!

Sarah Jessica Parker FAQs

Is Sarah Jessica Parker married?

Yes, she has been married to her husband Matthew Broderick for twenty-five years now, and they have three children together!

Does Sarah Jessica Parker have siblings?

Yes, she is the fourth of eight siblings.

How many shoes does Sarah Jessica Parker own?

She’s admitted she loves shoes and owns about 70 — 80 pairs!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday dates

2025March 25Tuesday
2026March 25Wednesday
2027March 25Thursday
2028March 25Saturday
2029March 25Sunday

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