Sofia Carson

Sofia Daccarett Char, best known by the professional alias, Sofia Carson, is an American actress and singer born on April 10, 1993. Her career dates back to 2012, and her resume is enviable. This actress has been in multiple projects and lays claim to an impressive discography. She is chasing her dreams and breaking down walls while looking stunning. Join us as we celebrate her special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Sofia Daccarett Char

Birth date:

April 10, 1993



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8 million

Sofia's Social Media:


Sofia Carson is a recognized Hollywood actress. Her talent, charisma, and personality are a few things that have won fans for her. Carson might be a revered Hollywood name today, but the story began with Sofia Daccarett Char on April 10, 1993. She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Jose Daccarett and Laura Char Carson. Her parents were Colombian immigrants, and she is of Colombian descent. Carson attended the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Miami, Florida. She subsequently enrolled at U.C.L.A., where she majored in Communications and minored in French. Some of Carson’s earliest music influencers are The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

Carson started her music career in 2012 after signing with B.M.I. On the other hand, her acting career was launched in 2014 on Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally,” where she guest-starred. In the same year, she starred in the Disney movie “Descendants” and performed its soundtrack. Her single ‘Rotten to the Core’ made it to the Billboard 200 charts. By 2016, Carson got the lead in “A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits.” She signed with Hollywood Records in the same year and released her debut single, ‘Love Is the Name,’ in April 2016. Carson has balanced successful careers in film and music. In 2017, her role was reprised for “Descendants 2.” In the same year, she released another single, ‘Back to Beautiful.’

Carson starred in multiple projects from “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” (2018), to “Descendants 3” (2019), and “Songbird” (2020), to mention a few. In 2021, Carson released another track, ‘Fool’s Gold,’ and her eponymous debut studio album, “Sofia Carson,” was dropped in March 2022. Carson is a revered actress and musician who shares her success with her family.

Career timeline

Her Debut T.V. Appearance

Sofia Carson debuts as Chelsea on Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally.”

Signing with Record Labels

Carson signs with Hollywood Records in conjunction with Republic Records.

A Sequel to “Descendants”

Carson reprises her role in the film “Descendants 2.”

Appearing in “American Idol”

Carson performs ‘A Whole New World’ on “American Idol” with the nine finalists from the show.

Why We Love Sofia Carson

  1. She does it all

    Sofia Carson acts and sings, which is more talent than most have in a lifetime. Put her on the stage, and she can do both for her audience!

  2. She is very open

    Carson shares details of her life so freely on social media. She has always been honest about everything.

  3. She is a UNICEF ambassador

    Carson serves as one of the organization’s ambassadors. She uses her experience and platform to contribute to the cause.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has never won an award

    Although she has been nominated multiple times in different film categories, Sofia Carson has never won an award.

  2. She is very patient

    Sitting through two hours of hair and makeup made Carson very patient.

  3. She auditioned for the supporting role

    Carson initially auditioned for the role of Audrey in “Descendants” but was given the lead, Evie.

  4. She is best friends with Dove Cameron

    Co-stars don’t always get along but not Carson and Cameron — they’re besties.

  5. She had a crush on Andrew Garfield

    Carson had a little thing for Mr. Spiderman.

Sofia Carson FAQs

Does Sofia Carson have a child?

No, the actress doesn’t have a child.

Did Sofia Carson and Cameron Boyce date?

Carson and Boyce never admitted to being romantically involved.

What languages does Sofia Carson speak

The actress is trilingual and speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently.

Sofia Carson’s birthday dates

2025April 10Thursday
2026April 10Friday
2027April 10Saturday
2028April 10Monday
2029April 10Tuesday

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