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WedMar 19

St. Joseph's Day – March 19, 2025

St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated on March 19 every year. The day commemorates the feast of St. Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary and legal father of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Did you know that St. Joseph’s Day has the rank of solemnity in the Catholic Church? Yes, St. Joesph’s Day is a feast day of the highest rank in the provinces of the Anglican Communion and a feast in the Lutheran Church. Although St. Joseph is one of the most-recognized saints, very little is known about him.

History of St. Joseph's Day

Joseph, a carpenter by profession, was a descendant of the house of King David. He married Mary and found that she was already pregnant. Being a righteous man and unwilling to expose her to public disgrace, he decided to divorce her quietly. However, an angel convinced him that she was conceived by the holy spirit and that the child in her womb was the Son of God. This is where the story of St. Joseph starts. Joseph’s exit from the story of the Gospels is an unexplainable mystery in the scripture. But various traditions say that Joseph died around Jesus’ 20th birthday.

Since the 10th century, several Western countries celebrated March 19 as the Feast of St. Joseph. The feast day became the official practice of the Church in the 1500s. Joseph is a patron of many things. He is the patron of a happy death, families, the Universal Church, fathers, expectant mothers, travelers, craftsmen, immigrants, workers, and engineers. He is also the patron of many countries including the Americas, Canada, Croatia, Mexico, Korea, Austria, Belgium, Peru, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Despite knowing so little about Joseph, he has two feast days in the Western Church. The Solemnity of St. Joseph, or St. Joseph Day, falls on March 19. There is also another feast day for St. Joseph — the feast of St. Joseph the Worker falls on May 1. He is also included in the feast of the Holy Family on December 30.

St. Joseph's Day timeline

100 B.C.
The Birth of Joseph

Joseph is born in Nazareth, Galilee region of Palestine.

10th Century
People’s Choice

Western countries celebrate St. Joseph’s Day.

The Custom is Established

The custom is established in Rome by the pope.

The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

Pope Pius XII institutes the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

St. Joseph's Day FAQs

What is St. Joseph known far?

St. Joseph is popularly known as the patron of the universal church in Roman Catholicism. He is also the patron of many things including engineering.

Why is St. Joseph so powerful?

St. Joseph is considered so powerful because he exercised humility within his God-given authority. God the Father gave St. Joseph authority over Mary and the Divine Child.

What did St. Joseph do to become a saint?

Pope Pius IX declared St. Joseph to be both the Patron and the protector of the Catholic Church. He is also the patron of the sick and happy death.

How to Observe St. Joseph's Day

  1. Celebrate it like Lent

    St. Joseph’s Day usually falls on Lent, so you can celebrate it how you celebrate Lent. You can avoid meat on this day and go for meatless dishes on this day.

  2. Celebrate the Italian way

    If you want to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day differently, you can celebrate it the Italian way. In the Italian tradition, food that contains bread crumbs that represent sawdust is served.

  3. Go to Church

    The simplest yet greatest and the best way to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day is by going to the Church. You can pray your hearts out and go into a divine state on this day.

5 Holy Facts About St. Joseph That Everyone Should Know

  1. Joseph is the patron saint of China

    Joseph is not only the patron saint of the New World; he is also the patron saint of China.

  2. He is a royal

    Joseph is descended from royal lineage, the line of David.

  3. He might be a widower

    Early traditions believe Joseph was a widower with children from a previous marriage.

  4. He is not mentioned in the New Testament

    Joseph is mentioned in Matthew, Luke, and John, but not in the New Testament.

  5. Josephology is a thing

    Among the sub-disciplines of theology, there are Christology, Mariology, and Josephology.

Why St. Joseph's Day is Important

  1. St. Joseph deserves our love and prayers

    Even if we look at St. Joseph as a normal human and not as a saint, he has one of the purest hearts one can find because he accepted Mary, even though she did not bear his child. So, he deserves our love.

  2. Family get-togethers

    For some people, St. Joseph’s Day is the time when all their favorite cousins, nephews, nieces, and uncles gather together at their place for a big feast. This brings a feeling of one big happy family.

  3. The midnight prayer service is important

    Attending the midnight service in the chilly weather is one of the most blessed and blissful feelings in the world. It makes us realize how thankful we should be to the almighty.

St. Joseph's Day dates

2025March 19Wednesday
2026March 19Thursday
2027March 19Friday
2028March 19Sunday
2029March 19Monday

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