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WedMar 19

National Stretch Mark Day – March 19, 2025

National Stretch Mark Day, celebrated on March 19 every year, is dedicated to honoring, embracing, and celebrating our stretch marks. Did you know that stretch marks do not cause any kind of medical harm? Yes, before we dive into the history, facts, and other interesting things, we want to make it absolutely clear that stretch marks don’t cause any medical harm, nor are they something that we should be ashamed of. This is exactly what National Stretch Mark Day aims to achieve. This special day is a self-esteem-boosting holiday where you embrace and normalize your stretch marks!

History of National Stretch Mark Day

For some people, stretch marks can be a sign of shame and something to wrap and cover. But there is nothing to be ashamed of about stretch marks! This is why Anya Harris founded this day in 2019.

Stretch marks are usually caused due to significant, rapid weight gain. The science behind this is that our skin has only a certain level of stretchability thanks to a protein called collagen in our skin that keeps it healthy. So, when you gain weight rapidly, your skin pulls apart quickly to match your growth. This disrupts the collagen production in the skin and this is the process that causes stretch marks. So, in essence, a stretch mark is a type of scar that is caused when stretching breaks down collagen and your skin then tries to heal itself. The appearance of the stretch marks can vary from person to person. For some, it might be a long thin line, it might be short thick lines, and for others stretch marks might mean a bunch of purple lines. They can be thick, thin, or angry-looking and can usually be reddish-purple at first and fade with time until they are silver or white.

Now, coming to the million-dollar question, can we cure or prevent stretch marks? There is no definite cure for stretch marks. But there are a few ways in which we can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. A few of the remedies include drinking lots of water, eating a nutrient-rich diet, moisturizing your skin regularly, and consulting your dermatologist.

National Stretch Mark Day timeline

The First Recognition of Stretch Marks

Roeder becomes the first person to recognize stretch marks.

The First Description of Stretch Marks

Troisier and Menetrier become the first pair to describe stretch marks.

The First National Stretch Mark Day

Anya Harris establishes the first National Stretch Mark Day.

‘Embrace Your Body’ Movement

Worldwide self-love movements like ‘Embrace Your Body’ take place across the world.

National Stretch Mark Day FAQs

Do stretch marks go away?

Stretch marks can go away or fade with time. However, if you want faster results, you can try treatments that make them less noticeable more quickly.

Do stretch marks mean you are fat?

Getting stretch marks doesn’t necessarily mean you’re overweight. Thin people can also get stretch marks too.

Are stretch marks unattractive?

Even though many of us hate the sight of stretch marks, there is nothing about stretch marks that makes them ugly or embarrassing. Perception is the problem more than the stretch marks themselves.

National Stretch Mark Day Activities

  1. Spread the word

    The best way in which you can celebrate National Stretch Mark Day is by spreading positivity about stretch marks. You can post your thoughts about stretch marks on social media.

  2. Share your story

    Are you someone who embraces your stretch marks? This is your time! You can take National Stretch Mark Day as an opportunity to share your story with the world.

  3. Visit your dermatologist

    If you are looking for a sign to visit your dermatologist, this is it. You can visit your dermatologist, ask them all about your stretch marks and get all your doubts cleared.

5 Cool Facts About Stretch Marks That You Need To Know

  1. Pregnancy is the most common cause

    According to doctors, pregnancy is the most common cause of stretch marks.

  2. Medicinal creams might also be the culprit

    Some medicinal creams such as corticosteroid creams can cause stretch marks too.

  3. Cosmetic stretch mark treatments may help

    Certain procedures like cosmetic stretch mark treatments can help reduce stretch marks.

  4. It might require medical attention

    If stretch marks develop without any obvious cause you might want to talk with your doctor.

  5. It might mean you’re growing

    Growth spurts among teens can also be a cause of stretch marks.

Why We Love National Stretch Mark Day

  1. It is a much-needed day

    In a world where negativity and body-shaming are ruining many lives and making it hard to live for many people, positive holidays like National Stretch Mark Day are much-needed. Reinforce the message wherever you go.

  2. It spreads positivity

    National Stretch Mark Day is all about spreading positivity. This day emphasizes the preciousness of all our bodies irrespective of color, shape, or beauty standards.

  3. It impacts everyone

    National Stretch Mark Day is one of those holidays that impacts almost everyone on this planet as everyone would have dealt with stretch marks at least once in their lives. So get out there and affirm your own value.

National Stretch Mark Day dates

2025March 19Wednesday
2026March 19Thursday
2027March 19Friday
2028March 19Sunday
2029March 19Monday

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