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St Joseph's Day Venezuela – March 19, 2025

St. Joseph’s Day in Venezuela takes place on March 19. It honors Mary’s husband and Jesus Christ’s earthly father, Joseph of Nazareth. The day, also called the Feast of Saint Joseph or the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, is Joseph’s primary feast day and is celebrated by many Christian countries worldwide, including Venezuela, where it is a national holiday. Venezuelans enjoy a traditional feast, prayers, and a day off to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day.

History of St Joseph's Day Venezuela

Joseph was always overlooked in traditional texts. He was not frequently mentioned in many holy books that discussed the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Most often, it was Jesus’s mother who took center stage in these narratives. All the world knew of Joseph was that he was a tradesman who married the Virgin Mary and became a loving stepdad to Jesus Christ. Over the years, Joseph retained a strong but silent presence in every Catholic person’s consciousness. That is until his feast days came around.

The earliest mentions of a special day honoring Joseph appeared in multiple Western calendars around the turn of the 10th century. Even back then, the celebration was held on the same date — March 19. Five centuries later, it was adopted by large Christian nations, including Rome, who decreed it a “special celebration” to be observed by every citizen by 1479. When the 20th century dawned, there were two feast days in Joseph’s name. One of them honored him as “Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Patron of the Universal Church” but was later abolished in 1955.

Today, St. Joseph’s Day is a major feast celebrated by multiple countries. Because it falls during Lent, which Catholics traditionally mark with abstinence from meat, St. Joseph’s Day celebrations are also associated with meatless dishes. People take the day to celebrate with family and friends and special prayers to Saint Joseph.

St Joseph's Day Venezuela timeline

Becoming the Patron Saint

Pope Pius IX declares Joseph the patron of the entire Catholic Church.

He’s Honored as a Worker

Pope Pius XII declares May 1 the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker to honor Joseph’s role as a worker on ‘International Labor Day.’

A Book is Published

American priest Father Donald Calloway publishes a book, “Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father,” to encourage Catholics to worship Joseph as much as they do Mary.

A Year of St. Joseph

For the first time, Pope Francis proclaims a ‘Year of St. Joseph’ for the Catholic Church from December 8 to December 8, 2021.

St Joseph's Day Venezuela FAQs

What countries celebrate St. Joseph Day?

Poland, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela, the U.S., and England, are some of the countries celebrating St. Joseph’s Day.

What happens on St. Joseph’s Day?

Traditions vary per country, but most people celebrating St. Joseph’s Day have meatless feasts, honor holy scriptures, and decorate their houses.

Why do you wear red on St. Joseph Day?

This Italian tradition was inspired by their red, green, and white flag. People celebrating usually wear this color, or a combination of these three colors, to honor their flag.

St Joseph's Day Venezuela Activities

  1. Celebrate with a meatless feast

    Since vegetarian fare is so popular on this day, why not experiment with this cuisine? Whip up some fun dishes in honor of St. Joseph’s Day, and invite some friends over for the feast.

  2. Learn more about Joseph

    Who was he apart from being a devoted father and husband? Read up about Jesus Christ’s stepfather and learn why he continues to be so popular with devotees.

  3. Watch a film about Joseph’s life

    “Joseph of Nazareth” (2000) and “St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father” (2022) are just some of the movies depicting the life of Joseph. Pick one, and settle down for some spiritual learning.

5 Facts About St. Joseph And His Day

  1. It’s not always a country-wide celebration

    Only a few regions in Spain and Switzerland celebrate St. Joseph’s Day, namely Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Melilla, Murcia, and Valenciana in the former and Graubünden, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Schwyz, Solothurn, Ticino, Uri, and Valais in the latter.

  2. The different images of Joseph

    From the fourth to 15th centuries, works of art and literature commonly portrayed Joseph as an older man, while later pieces showed him as a younger one.

  3. There’s an entire field about him

    Called ‘Josephology,’ this theological study has been around since 800 but gained momentum in the 1950s, with three centers of study emerging in Spain, Montreal, and Italy.

  4. He’s the patron saint of many things

    Joseph is the patron saint of the Church, fathers, unborn kids, pregnant moms, immigrants, travelers, craftsmen, engineers, workers, and various countries, such as Vietnam, Canada, China, Croatia, Mexico, Korea, Austria, Belgium, and Peru.

  5. St. Joseph’s Day as another celebration

    In some Catholic countries, like Portugal and Spain, St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated as Father’s Day.

Why We Love St Joseph's Day Venezuela

  1. He’s the model for stepdads everywhere

    According to the Bible, Joseph was a great dad, teaching Jesus how to be a better person and man. He’s an excellent example of a kind and supportive parent, which is probably why so many countries celebrate St. Joseph’s Day as Father’s Day.

  2. He’s special

    Joseph is so important that his feast day is the highest ranking among all feast days, even though he’s not mentioned in most of the New Testament and has zero quotes in the scriptures. He’s second only to the Virgin Mary, and this honor is reflected by every Christian who speaks of Joseph. To them, he’s the spiritual and parental ideal.

  3. It’s another day to celebrate Joseph

    This feast day is an opportune time to honor Joseph and everything he stands for. In addition, how can you not love a festival that not only stems from ancient customs but is also a cause for so much celebration in the present?

St Joseph's Day Venezuela dates

2025March 19Wednesday
2026March 19Thursday
2027March 19Friday
2028March 19Sunday
2029March 19Monday

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