Jeff Magid

Jeff Magid, born on March 26, 1977, is an American musician and producer. He heads RBI Productions. During his musical career, he has achieved notable feats, including producing records for artists such as Quiet Riot, Kansas, Chicago, Gregg Allman, Dinosaur Jr., and others. He has also released a few songs of his own, some of which include ‘Birth control,’ ‘The Ritual,’ and ‘Make It.’ Much of Magid’s fame can be attributed to his past relationship with model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. Still, he is a lot more than just that: he is our birthday man, and we are excited to celebrate him on his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jeff Magid



Birth date:

March 26, 1977



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Jeff's Social Media:


Jeff Magid was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America in Los Angeles, California, on March 26, 1977. He got a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Brown University in Rhode Island and most likely jumped to fame due to his past romantic relationship with Emily Ratajkowski, a worldwide known American model and actress.

Their relationship started after Ratajkowski’s privacy was rudely violated, and some nude photos were released online without her permission. Jeff supported her through this horrible situation, and their friendship soon bloomed into deep love. The former couple made their relationship publicly known in December 2014 and dated for three years, even deciding to move in together. Sadly, the relationship ended in 2017, allegedly due to work commitments.

Asides from being a well-known personality for his connections, Magid is a successful music producer and works at R.B.I. Productions. He’s worked with countless artists, such as Kansas and Quiet Rot, and is also a vocal activist for women’s rights. Additionally, Magid is an up-and-rising Internet star with over 10K followers on Instagram, a social media he joined in early 2014, even though he’s only posted 30 times! Clearly, his charismatic personality is something a lot of people find endearing. It may be that or his quirky love for hats; who knows? Either way, the future certainly has amazing things in store for him.

Career timeline

April 2014
He Joins Instagram

Magid begins posting on the well-known social media platform.

December 2014
A Relationship on the Rise

Emily Ratajkowski gets into a relationship with Magid.

Work Commitments or Wandering Hearts?

Their relationship comes to an end and soon, Ratajkowski announces her wedding to her new boyfriend.

He Joins YouTube

Magids creates an account on the biggest video platform.

Why We Love Jeff Magid

  1. His dedication is inspiring

    Magid is truly passionate about what he does and handles every project with much enthusiasm. He gives each of his projects his undivided attention.

  2. He is into activism

    Magid was an active participant in demonstrations again the Muslim ban. He is also an advocate for women’s rights and has participated in many protests.

  3. His fashion sense is terrific

    Magid has an amazing fashion sense. His dressing style is top-notch, colorful, and full of personality.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His Chinese zodiac

    Magid was born in 1977, the Year of the Snake.

  2. He is brave

    Magid participated in the protest against the Muslim ban.

  3. He likes art

    On his Instagram, there are many pictures of abstract paintings.

  4. He supports B.L.M

    He has vocally supported black activists on many occasions.

  5. He has great humor

    His most recent post is him sitting right next to a Bernie Sanders cardboard figure, like right out of the famous meme.

Jeff Magid FAQs

How old is Jeff Magid?

He turned 45 in 2022.

Why did Jeff Magid and Emily Ratajkowski break up?

They broke up in January 2018 due to work commitments.

How long did Jeff Magid and Emily Ratajkowski date for?

They dated for three years.

Jeff Magid’s birthday dates

2025March 26Wednesday
2026March 26Thursday
2027March 26Friday
2028March 26Sunday
2029March 26Monday

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