Garrett Spach, professionally known as Spock, was born on June 27, 1995, in Fresno, California. He is a music producer and songwriter who gained popularity because of his funny content on social media. Prior to being introduced to artists like Skrillex by his then-girlfriend, he was a big fan of heavy metal and didn’t care for electronic music.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Garrett Spach



Birth date:

June 27, 1995



Zodiac Sign:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Garrett's Social Media:


Born in Fresno, California, U.S., on June 27, 1995, Garrett Spach, or Spock, is a music producer who also knows how to make people laugh. Thanks to his hilarious videos, he has been on the rise since Vine’s breakthrough. He is now known for his unique dubstep sound and funny TikTok videos. Spock’s music has been featured on Disciple Recordings and he even made an appearance in Getter‘s “Rip N Dip” video.

During his growing-up years, Spock was a huge metalhead and detested all electronic music til his sophomore year. However, it wasn’t until his then-girlfriend showed him “My Name is Skrillex” that he realized how cool electronic music could be. He began by downloading random dubstep massive presets and pieced together a few songs. After one year of producing, he started uploading music on Dubstep.net and gained some traction. That’s when he met Barely Alive and decided to temporarily drop everything he was doing to learn how to produce.

Spock has consistently balanced all facets of the entertainment spectrum, focusing on producing and writing hip-hop more than ever before. From Pouya’s album, “The South’s Got Something To Say,” to Cody Ko & Noel Miller’s “Tiny Meat Gang” (T.M.G.) and more, he has collaborated with reputed artists.

Career timeline

His First Song

His first single, ‘Dope,’ also features rapper Mad Dogg.

His Co-Production

He co-produces "Bangers & Ass," an E.P. by the comedy-rap duo, Tiny Meat Gang.

His Mixtape

He co-produces the mixtape, "Locals Only."

He Creates Another E.P.

He teams up with Yakz on "Abduction," a four-song E.P.

His Song Collaboration

He produces the five-song collaboration between rappers Pouya and Boobie.

Why We Love Spock

  1. He is encouraging

    In an interview with E.D.M. Prod, he encouraged new artists to be themselves and not be afraid to fail. He started small and achieved success through his efforts over time as well.

  2. He is hilarious

    From Snapchat to TikTok videos, he never fails to make us laugh. He has a sunny personality and always manages to come up with something funny!

  3. He is friendly

    He thinks putting your personality into something helps people feel more connected to your work. He connects with his fans on social media.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His management group

    He is managed by the Shalizi Group that also manages Marshmello, Southside, and Svdden Death.

  2. He is bad at starting things

    He even made a template with his groups set up so it doesn't seem so scary to have an empty project.

  3. He dislikes comparisons

    He doesn't believe in comparison and considers it to be very toxic, which affects one’s creativity in a negative manner.

  4. He is a Vine celebrity

    He started his online presence by posting funny videos on Vine and gained many fans.

  5. His room partner

    He and Willy lived together for a year in Los Angeles.

Spock FAQs

What songs has Spock produced?

He has produced ‘Rat Race’ by NOEL, ‘Too Often’ by Jaxx, ‘Whatever Mane’ by Poya, and many more.

Who has Spock produced for?

He has produced for Tiny Meat Gang, Xavier Wulf, Pouya, and more.

What type of music does Spock make?

He makes E.D.M. and, more recently, rap.

Spock’s birthday dates

2024June 27Thursday
2025June 27Friday
2026June 27Saturday
2027June 27Sunday
2028June 27Tuesday

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