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Fairtrade Fortnight – March 3-16, 2025

Fairtrade Fortnight is celebrated during the last two weeks of February and the first week of March and this year, it takes place from March 3 to March 16. It’s a special festival where companies, individuals, groups, and welfare organizations come together to recognize and celebrate the farmers and workers in developing countries. Did you know that most of these people who work hard to produce the food that comes to our tables are often underpaid and exploited? This Fairtrade Fortnight is an event that highlights their issues and problems.

History of Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual promotional campaign that is organized by the Fairtrade Association where businesses, schools, colleges, supporters, and organizations come together to increase awareness of Fairtrade products. The Fairtrade Association is an independent, non-profit organization that licenses the use of the Fairtrade mark on products in the U.K. It is all about social, economic, and environmental justice.

Each year the campaign will highlight the growing challenges that impact the farmers and workers worldwide, especially the farmers who work in unfair conditions in under-developed countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Honduras.

The Fairtrade Foundation was founded back in 1992 by CAFOD, Christian Aid, New Consumer, Oxfam, Traidcraft, and the World Development Movement. In 1997, Lady Marion Fraser, the Chairman of the charity Christian Aid, launched the first Fairtrade Fortnight in the U.K. The campaign turned out to be an instant success and it has grown bigger every year.

There is a theme for the campaign each year. In 2021, it was the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers and workers in the communities Fairtrade works with. On account of the pandemic, the Fairtrade Foundation hosted a virtual online festival where businesses, schools, supporters, and farmers across the world come together to choose the world they want.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic having impacted the world economy as a whole, the challenges that farmers face are bigger than ever before. So, we must support Fairtrade and celebrate the farmers.

Fairtrade Fortnight timeline

Fairtrade Association is Established

CAFOD, Christian Aid, New Consumer, Oxfam, and others establish the Fairtrade Association.

The Inception of Fairtrade Fortnight

The concept is pioneered by the Fairtrade Foundation in the U.K.

4,000 Fairtrade Products

Fairtrade products generate over 1.7 billion pounds in the U.K.

The First Virtual Celebration

The Fairtrade Fortnight hosts an online festival in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fairtrade Fortnight FAQs

Does the date for Fairtrade Fortnight vary each year?

Fairtrade Fortnight is celebrated for two weeks starting from the end of February to the beginning of March.

What is the theme for this year?

The Fairtrade Fortnight theme for this year is announced shortly ahead of time.

What foods are Fairtrade?

Fairtrade products range from ice cream to gold to flowers to beauty products. There are over 4,500 products certified by Fairtrade.

How to Observe Fairtrade Fortnight

  1. Join the online festival

    The best way to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight is by taking part in their virtual online festival, ‘Choose the world you want.’ Go ahead, join today!

  2. Teach someone about Fairtrade

    Teach your friends, family, or your community about Fairtrade and how these farmers across the world are impacted by the issues surrounding them. It’ll surely be enlightening.

  3. Spread the word online

    Use your social media to raise awareness about the lives of these hard-working people and add more voices. Start an online conversation.

5 Cool Facts About Farmers And Fairtrade Fortnight You Need To Know

  1. Farmers need to pump up production

    At this rate of consumption, farmers need to produce 70% more food than today to feed the world population by 2050.

  2. Family farms might decline

    Approximately 60% of the farmers in the U.S. are 55 years older, and so, there is a growing concern about the long-term health of family farms.

  3. Each farmer feeds 165 people

    Each farmer in the U.S.A. produces food and fiber to feed 165 people annually both in the U.S and abroad.

  4. Divine Chocolates

    There is a chocolate company called Divine Chocolate, that is fully owned by farmers.

  5. 50% of Fairtrade is owned by farmers

    The Fairtrade organization is 50% owned by farmers who decide on issues, approve annual accounts, and other major roles.

Why Fairtrade Fortnight is Important

  1. Fairtrade Fortnight is a great campaign

    In an age where there are still workers who fall victim to the unethical and unjust practices of many, this celebration raises awareness about ethical trading. We love this!

  2. It brings people together

    During Fairtrade Fortnight, young people between the ages of five and 25 are invited to share their vision of the world they envision for farmers. This inspires them and molds them for a much better world.

  3. It makes the world better

    This campaign raises the voice of farmers and workers across the world and brings potential solutions to their issues with the collective power of global supporters. See what you can do to support!

Fairtrade Fortnight dates

2022February 21Monday
2023February 27Monday
2024September 9Monday
2025March 3Monday
2026March 2Monday

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