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Lavity Stoutt's Birthday – March 3, 2025

Lavity Stoutt’s Birthday is celebrated yearly on the first Monday in March and this year, it falls on March 3. He was born in 1929, in Tortola, on the British Virgin Islands, and was the first and the longest-running Chief Minister of the British Virgin Islands winning the general elections five times. Stoutt had a parliamentary career of 38 years and was also the founder of the United Party. He later went on to establish Virgin Islands Party. Stoutt was fond of a quote from the Bible, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Soon after he died in 1995, an annual public holiday was declared in the British Virgin Islands on the first Monday of March to commemorate his birthday.

History of Lavity Stoutt's Birthday

Hamilton Lavity Stoutt attended the British Virgin Island’s secondary school and was an exemplary student. Due to financial constraints, he, unfortunately, could not complete his education. He went on, however, to learn house and boat building and worked as a retailer thereafter for the next 15 years before entering politics.

Stoutt’s inability to complete his education motivated him to support reforms that continue to help students receive an affordable, quality education.

He generously supported bright and ambitious students with government-financed opportunities. At the local community college, the students frequently received extensive scholarships and the chance to participate in international training programs.

Stoutt was elected the first Chief Minister of the British Virgin Islands in 1967 and was sworn into office on 14 April. He then served three non-consecutive terms between then and 1971, 1979 to 1983, and 1986 until he died in 1995.

He founded the United Party in 1967 but parted ways with it in 1971. Subsequently, he went on to establish and lead the Virgin Islands Party. He received record-breaking votes in the 1990 elections for a district seat. He also set a record, at the time, with his 11 electoral victories. These have since been broken by other candidates.

On a personal front, he was the youngest of eight siblings. He married once and had three daughters and three sons. He was a Methodist and briefly served as a Sunday school superintendent and lay preacher.

Lavity Stoutt's Birthday timeline

7 March 1929
Stoutt is Born

Hamilton Lavity Stoutt is born in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, one of the largest and most populated islands.

14 April 1967
The Honorable Chief Minister is Elected

He is elected the first Chief Minister of the British Virgin Islands after receiving autonomy from the British government.

Stoutt Achieves Political Victory

Stoutt wins the district seat with a record-breaking number of votes.

14 May 1995
Stoutt Dies

He dies on 14 May, at the age of 65, while serving office.

Lavity Stoutt's Birthday FAQs

How many islands are there in the British Virgin Islands?

There are four main islands and 32 small islands. Of these 36 islands, only 16 are inhabited by people. Tortola is the largest and most populous island.

What is the capital of the British Virgin Islands?

Road Town is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. It is located on the main island of Tortola.

Are the British Virgin Islands part of the U.K?

The British Virgin Islands are part of the British archipelago which, although a self-governing country, is overseen by the U.K. government. The defense and foreign policies of the British Virgin Islands are supervised by the Crown.

Lavity Stoutt's Birthday Activities

  1. Cut a birthday cake

    Even if it’s not your birthday, today you have an excuse to enjoy a slice to celebrate Stoutt’s birthday. Do this in memory of the great political leader.

  2. Study British Virgin Islands politics

    Read up on the political history of the British Virgin Islands. Start by researching the political parties that Stoutt was involved in.

  3. Support education initiatives

    Stoutt was particularly passionate about advancing education in the British Virgin Islands. To observe the day, think of ways that you can support such causes.

5 Interesting Facts About British Virgin Islands

  1. Headed by the British Queen

    The British Virgin Islands is one of the 14 territories that fall under British Overseas Territories.

  2. Dollar bills

    The currency of the British Virgin Islands is the U.S. dollar.

  3. Tourism before agriculture

    After its independence, the British Virgin Islands shifted its focus from agriculture to tourism for generating revenue.

  4. H. Lavity Stoutt Community College

    The British Virgin Islands Community College was established in 1990.

  5. Hurricanes hurt

    Hurricanes have damaged the British Virgin Islands multiple times.

Why We Love Lavity Stoutt's Birthday

  1. It’s a long weekend

    Because the public holiday commemorating Stoutt’s birthday is celebrated on a Monday, you can enjoy a three-day weekend. We love long weekends!

  2. He was a revered leader

    Stoutt was one of the most popular leaders of his time. This holiday allows us to remember his political prowess.

  3. Boom of education

    Stoutt’s continuous efforts in education are the reason that an increasing number of islanders are successful in their professional careers. It’s definitely a reason to celebrate!

Lavity Stoutt's Birthday dates

2022March 7Monday
2023March 6Monday
2024March 4Monday
2025March 3Monday
2026March 2Monday

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