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MonMar 3

World Tennis Day – March 3, 2025

We celebrate World Tennis Day on the first Monday of March every year and on this day, we are learning all there is to know about this interesting sport. This year, it takes place on March 3. It started out as a handball game, known as “jeu de paume” (“game of the palm”), and has transcended into one of the most popular sports in the world. The holiday was launched by StarGames in 2013 with the aim of encouraging participation in the sport. The sport is played by millions of people from around the world — in public courts or in clubs.

History of World Tennis Day

If you don’t already know, tennis is a racket sport and a very popular one at that. Single or double-team players go head-to-head with each other on the court until one team becomes the champion. Tennis matches can last for as short as 90 minutes or as long as a few hours, depending on the conditions. The game of tennis was not always all we know it to be today. In the 12th century, a popular game was on the rise, and loved by many, including royals.

“Game of the palm” was a popular sport that was played by the French, and it laid the foundation for “real tennis” (as it was known in Britain). Louis X of France, was one of the major pioneers of the sport, so much so that by the end of the 13th century, he became the first person to construct indoor tennis courts in the modern style. This new feature quickly spread across royal palaces all over Europe. The game became known as ‘tennis’ in the 16th century, with the introduction of rackets.

It was played indoors, in squash fashion, where it could be hit against a wall. That version of tennis became known as “real tennis” — because of several evolutions that have resulted in the tennis we now know today. The invention of the lawn mower served as a catalyst for the popularity of ‘lawn tennis’ and modern-style courts. The first ‘lawn tennis’ tournament was held in 1874 in Birmingham, three years before the first Wimbledon championship, and a few years before the first National American Championship. On March 4, 2013, StarGames launched the first World Tennis Day; since then, it has been celebrated annually on the first Monday in March.

World Tennis Day timeline

The Term is Coined

The French handball sport, “game of the palm,” sets the basis for “real tennis.”

Modern Rules

British Army Officer Walter Clopton Wingfield introduces several modern rules into the game of lawn tennis, thereby popularizing the game.

Tennis Goes American

The first American National Championship is held at the Staten Island Cricket Club at Camp Washington, New York.

An International Body

The International Lawn Tennis Federation is established.

World Tennis Day FAQs

Are World Tennis Day and International Tennis Day the same thing?

Although they were founded for the same cause, these are two separate events created by two separate people. World Tennis Day is annually observed on the first Monday of March, while International Tennis Day is observed on June 20.

Who has the loudest grunt in tennis?

Maria Sharapova is known to have the loudest grunt in tennis, with hers measuring a deafening 105 decibels. This is louder than the sound of a small aircraft taking off, and just as loud as a car horn.

What does tennis mean?

The word ‘tennis’ comes from the French word ‘tenez,’ which means to hold, receive or take. These are terms a server calls out to his opponent before making a serve.

World Tennis Day Activities

  1. Play a game

    Appreciate this wonderful sport by playing it yourself. If it’s already your form of exercise, today is the perfect day to sharpen those skills, and if you’ve been looking for a sport to get into, pick up a racket and start swinging today. You can start small by playing on your mobile devices or competing with others online.

  2. Watch a game

    Head to your local courts or stadium and watch a live game of tennis to “get into the game”. If you don’t have the opportunity of seeing a live game, there are several sporting channels dedicated to the sport around the clock. Tune into one of them and watch a game or two.

  3. Learn more about it

    Do you know who has the highest U.S. Open wins, or who has the title of the most grand slams? Well, we don’t either. That’s why you should spend the day learning more about tennis as a sport. Do some research, read a book, or watch a documentary if you have to.

5 Facts About Tennis You Didn’t Know

  1. The balls were white or black

    Yellow tennis balls were introduced to the sport in 1972.

  2. The ball isn’t always in play

    The tennis ball is said to be in action for only 20 minutes in a standard 2.5-hour match.

  3. The court was a different shape

    Tennis was originally played on an hourglass-shaped court.

  4. The youngest player at Wimbledon

    Mita Klima played in the 1907 Wimbledon at just 13 years old, becoming the youngest player ever.

  5. The world’s oldest court

    The oldest tennis court, the Royal Tennis Court, is located at Hampton Court Palace, London, and is still used to date.

Why We Love World Tennis Day

  1. It’s the perfect excuse to play tennis

    If you’ve been procrastinating that friendly tennis match with your friend, today brings the best opportunity to finally fit it into your plans. We love any reason to play a sport and get some cardio while doing so, and World Tennis Day provides that opportunity seamlessly.

  2. It encourages learning a new sport

    World Tennis Day was created to ignite the passion of learning about the sport. This presents a fresh opportunity to spark and grow the skill in individuals. It is a sport played by people of all ages, giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn the sport.

  3. Tennis is great

    Tennis is a fascinating sport, and one that is very interesting to watch as well. A good game of tennis does well for the body and mind, and we love that this day sheds more light on the sport as a whole.

World Tennis Day dates

2022March 7Monday
2023March 6Monday
2024March 4Monday
2025March 3Monday
2026March 2Monday

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