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Arrival Of The First Missionaries – March 5, 2025

Arrival of the First Missionaries, celebrated every March 5, is a day that recognizes the efforts made by missionaries in the spread of Christianity. According to history, these missionaries started their mission in New Zealand in 1814 and often traveled to other countries for the cause of religion. These missionaries were influential since they were educated and opted for peaceful methods to spread Christianity. In fact, some of them were also school teachers. Due to the dedication of these missionaries, their arrival into the region is celebrated every year.

History of Arrival Of The First Missionaries

Missionaries have existed in this world for decades, and their main task is to spread the message of Christianity in the world. While missionaries do not have the same status today, there was a time when they were amongst the most influential individuals in society. Amongst the first English missionaries was Samuel Marsden, who arrived at the Bay of Islands in 1814. Marsden, however, was not alone. He arrived with a local chief of the region and other missionaries. They included William Hall, John King, Thomas Kendall, and Thomas Hansen.

Upon landing, Marsden started teaching the Māori people of mainland New Zealand skills regarding agriculture. This was his way of encouraging people to convert, and his tactic turned out to be successful. Not only did the people covert, but the agriculture of the land also flourished.

The Māori missionaries then diverted their attention to the Ngāpuhi, who often captured slaves. The Māori missionaries ensured the slaves were freed, thus earning their lives and commitment to Christianity — a religion that had given them their freedom. The slave Piripi Taumata-ā-Kura of Ngāti Porou also became a missionary who traveled to the East Coast to preach Christianity. He taught the people of Te Āti Awa to read and write and built the first Christian church in the town. Though most of the New Zealand missionaries worked with Māori communities, many of them also traveled to foreign regions to spread their message. Missionaries were even sent to China and South America.

Arrival Of The First Missionaries timeline

The Mission

The Society of Mary is formed to convert the western Pacific region to the Catholic faith.

Sailing Away

Three French missionaries sail into the Hokianga Harbour.

Read Up

Bishop Jean-Baptiste Francois Pompallier distributes the first printed books from the mission.

20th Century
Disperse for a Cause

Missionaries travel to other countries to spread the message.

Arrival Of The First Missionaries FAQs

Who first introduced Christianity to Aotearoa?

The missionaries in the pre-1840s.

Who were the first Catholic missionaries?

The Society of Jesus included Roman Catholic men.

How did missionaries impact N.Z.?

Missionaries replaced the old belief of the region with Christian ideas.

Arrival Of The First Missionaries Activities

  1. Research

    On this day, make an extra effort to research the missionaries, the changes they brought to the world with their message and the threats they faced. You will begin to appreciate their efforts more.

  2. Visit a church

    Want to support Christianity and the cause the missionaries embarked on? Take some time out and visit a church. You could also listen to the sermon and find out more history of the apostles.

  3. Spread the message

    If you are already aware of the history of missionaries, use this day to spread the message of Christianity amongst others. Yes, you can become a missionary for a day!

5 Interesting Facts About Missionaries

  1. Converting someone to Chirsitianity

    It is called evangelism.

  2. Ages of missionaries today

    They can be between 18 and 25 years.

  3. The salaries

    Missionaries don’t get paid at all or earn very low wages.

  4. How to spot a missionary

    They wear black.

  5. Resources of the global church

    It has 3,000 times the financial resources needed to finish the Great Commission.

Why We Love Arrival Of The First Missionaries

  1. It is historical

    We love the day because it helps us relive the story of missionaries that played a crucial role in spreading Christianity across the globe. The work of these missionaries is quite inspirational.

  2. It narrates the struggle

    On this day, the world is also reminded of the struggle faced by the missionaries for the cause of Christianity. They faced several enemies and overcame numerous hurdles for the love of religion.

  3. It celebrates the missionaries

    We love the day because it celebrates the accomplishments of the missionaries, their hard work for the cause, and the sacrifices they made solely for Jesus. Spread the message to your friends and family.

Arrival Of The First Missionaries dates

2025March 5Wednesday
2026March 5Thursday
2027March 5Friday
2028March 5Sunday
2029March 5Monday

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