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Taranaki Anniversary – March 10, 2025

We celebrate Taranaki Anniversary on March 10 this year. The holiday celebrates the founding day of the province of Taranaki in New Zealand. Taranaki Anniversary is observed on the second Monday in March every year. The day is selected not to coincide with Easter. Taranaki Province is no longer applicable as the authorities abolished provinces in 1876. Areas that were provinces are now referred to as regions. Settlement in the Taranaki Province was facilitated by the Plymouth Company, in 1841. Then, the area was known as New Plymouth Province. It was later renamed Taranaki Province.

History of Taranaki Anniversary

Around eight million years ago, the supercontinent, Gondwana split apart and formed a relatively small landmass. The Tasman Sea opened up, and the landmass that would one day become New Zealand moved away from Australia and Antarctica. The early separation of New Zealand from the rest of the continent and the complete isolation created a unique evolutionary path in New Zealand. The effect of isolation and early separation can be seen even in fossil records. It also resulted in the presence of a lot of endemic species found nowhere else on earth.

New Zealand is made up of two main islands, the North and South Islands, as well as a few smaller islands. Taranaki is on the west coast of the North Island. It is a beautiful piece of land where the volcanic peak, Mount Taranaki, stands tall, witnessing the history of the island. The indigenous people settlers were from Polynesia. These tribes settled on the island some 700 years ago and called themselves Maori.

The internal conflicts among the Maori during the 19th century nearly wiped out their population in Taranaki. The same period is also marked by the arrival of European settlers. The surveyor for the Plymouth Company, Frederic Carrington, chose Taranaki as the region for the settlement. It is fertile land great for agriculture due to good rainfall and rich volcanic soil.

Taranaki Anniversary timeline

1250 —1300
Polynesian Migration

The Maori people begin settling in Taranaki.

December 13, 1642
Spotting New Zealand

The Dutch navigator Abel Tasman spots New Zealand.

Mt. Egmont

James Cook starts calling the volcanic mountain in Taranaki Mt. Egmont.

The Volcanic Eruption

The last eruption of Mt. Taranaki occurs.

Taranaki Anniversary FAQs

Who celebrates the Taranaki Anniversary?

The day is celebrated primarily by New Zealanders and people all over the world who appreciate the culture, geography, demography, and biodiversity of the region.

What is the capital of Taranaki?

The city of New Plymouth.

How old is Taranaki?

Geologically, Taranaki Maunga is New Zealand’s most perfectly formed volcano. It is around 120,000 years old.

How to Observe Taranaki Anniversary

  1. Visit Taranaki

    Try to visit Taranaki on that special day. The thick forests, the majestic volcano, and the beautiful coasts are worth the visit to Taranaki.

  2. Create a social media post

    Create a social media post wishing the people of Taranaki well. Include the elements of Taranaki, like the volcano, in the poster.

  3. Share the story of the Maori tribes

    The Maori tribes are victims of European settlements in New Zealand. Learn their story and spread it among your friends.

5 Facts About Taranaki That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. One of New Zealand’s highest mountains

    Mount Taranaki is the second-highest mountain on the North Island.

  2. Dairy and petrochemical industries

    Taranaki is noted for dairy and its petrochemical and engineering industries.

  3. Shining mountain peak

    ‘Taranaki’ means ‘shining mountain peak’ in Maori.

  4. Low on mammalian count

    Apart from animals introduced by settlers, Taranaki had two species of native bats.

  5. Gold-striped gecko

    The gold-striped gecko is a rare animal found only on the Taranaki coast.

Why Taranaki Anniversary is Important

  1. A paradise of life

    Taranaki was isolated from the rest of the world and, its flora and fauna there were unique. The life forms seen in Taranaki are unique to the area.

  2. The story of a culture

    Taranaki has a rich culture of Maori ways. The place has a story to tell and goodness to offer.

  3. A rich history of conquest and defiance

    Taranaki had witnessed violence, both internal and external. The conflicts among the tribes, the European influence, and the effect on the bio-diversity and culture are valuable history lessons.

Taranaki Anniversary dates

2022March 14Monday
2023March 13Monday
2024March 11Monday
2025March 10Monday
2026March 9Monday

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