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World Kidney Day
SunMar 9

World Kidney Day – March 9, 2025

The world commemorates World Kidney Day on March 9 to raise awareness about the various kidney diseases that exist and how they can affect one’s life. The human body requires a kidney to function properly and without a healthy one, even the simplest of tasks become a dire task. As a result, hundreds of events are held around the world on this day to raise awareness about kidney health. This includes things like public screenings, seminars, and marathons, among other things. The goal is to raise awareness about kidney health and how people can live a long and disease-free life.

History of World Kidney Day

Civilizations were aware of the existence of kidneys in the human body even before science had reached the status it has today. This is why kidneys are mentioned in the bible more than 30 times. According to Professor Garabed Eknoyan, the organ represents emotions, desire, and wisdom. The Egyptian Ebers Papyrus contains an ancient description of the kidneys. Georg Ebers, a German Egypiantologist, discovered this dating back to 1550 B.C. This account is significant because it includes observations made by ancient physicians. Surprisingly, it also includes images of human mummies with conditions like renal cysts and stones.

The discovery of kidneys at such an early point in time is understandable, given how important the organ is in the healthy functioning of a human body.

World Kidney Day was established in 2006 to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys. The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF) collaborated to create the day, which serves as a global campaign to raise awareness about the importance of kidney health. The day also highlights the prevalence of kidney diseases and the importance of maintaining optimal kidney health. Other goals of the day include emphasizing the importance of diabetes and high blood pressure as risk factors for Chronic Kidney Disease (C.K.D.), as well as encouraging systematic C.K.D. screening of all diabetic and hypertensive patients.

On World Kidney Day, all governments are encouraged to take action and invest in additional kidney screening, lab values, and hospitalizations rates with reimbursements being affected positively or negatively if targets are not met. Protocol developments by insurers and hospital systems and guidelines have reinforced the emphasis on data. This year’s theme reframes kidney disease care as improving outcomes so that patients can continue to participate in their lives. The theme also emphasizes that meeting laboratory goals and adhering to protocols does not imply that the patient is being properly cared for.

World Kidney Day timeline

A Kidney Transplant on a Dog

The first successful kidney transplant is performed on a dog at the Vienna Medical School in Austria.

An Unsuccessful Transplant

The first unsuccessful human-to-human kidney transplant takes place.

Human Kidney Transplant

The first successful live donor human kidney transplant takes place between identical twin brothers at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts — the transplanted kidney performed well for eight years.

The First Successful Transplant

In Boston, the first successful kidney transplant from a deceased donor is performed, the kidney lasted 21 months — it is the first time azathioprine, a new immunosuppressive drug, is used.

The Uniform Donor Card is Created

The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act creates the Uniform Donor Card to allow anyone 18 years or older to legally donate their organs upon death in the United States.

World Kidney Day FAQs

What color do you wear on World Kidney Day?

On the day, the color orange needs to be worn.

Can kidneys repair themselves?

Kidneys do have the capacity to regenerate themselves.

Is drinking a lot of water good for your kidneys?

Yes. Water helps the kidneys remove wastes from your blood.

How to Observe World Kidney Day

  1. Get a check-up

    It's impossible to know what's going on inside your body until it's too late. Get a checkup and learn more about your kidney health on this day.

  2. Spread awareness

    The purpose of World Kidney Days is to spread awareness regarding kidney diseases and kidney health. So do your part and spread the message.

  3. Share your experience

    Have you ever suffered from a kidney issue? Do you know someone who experienced kidney problems? If so, share the stories on social media so people know what to look out for.

5 Fun Facts About Kidneys

  1. Size

    The kidneys are about the size of a cell phone and weigh about four to six ounces.

  2. Creating vitamins

    Kidneys are capable of generating vitamin D in the body.

  3. The impact of losing a kidney

    If one of the kidneys is removed, the body only loses about 25% of kidney functioning.

  4. The largest kidney stone recorded

    The largest kidney stone was 4.66 inches in diameter at its widest point and weighed 12.5 ounces.

  5. Kidney filtration

    All the blood in your body goes through your kidneys and is filtered every 30 minutes.

Why World Kidney Day is Important

  1. It creates awareness

    The day creates awareness regarding all the kidney diseases that one can develop. The aim is to ensure treatment is opted for at the right time.

  2. Highlights risk factors

    The day highlights all the risk factors that are linked to various kidney diseases and what are the activities one should avoid.

  3. Teaches how you can maintain kidney health

    Due to the programs conducted on the day, awareness regarding kidney health is created. People are taught about the foods they can consume to improve kidney health.

World Kidney Day dates

2025March 9Sunday
2026March 9Monday
2027March 9Tuesday
2028March 9Thursday
2029March 9Friday

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