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MonMar 10

Fill Our Staplers Day – March 10, 2025

Fill Our Staplers Day is an annual event often observed on the second full week of March and; in November on no particular day. It is a day when we can all come together to solve a small but very real issue. Staplers are an important tool for most of us during work time. They keep our files and papers organized, and they hold things together like frames and overall aids to maintain a smoother working environment, but this can only happen when they are full. For this reason, the Dull Men’s Club created a day to remind people that filled staplers save time and make businesses run smoothly.

History of Fill Our Staplers Day

Staplers have been around for a long time. The first known stapler was said to have been invented by an unknown artisan for King Louis XV of France in the 18th Century to help him hold his decrees and documents together. Before then, people used wax made from alloys and metals to hold their papers together.

As the use of paper grew in the 19th Century, so did the need to keep people’s files and documents together. But people couldn’t afford the expensive devices of nobles, so for a short period, they used a paper fastener invented by Novelty Manufacturing, but it wasn’t efficient as it didn’t stick quite like the staple to the paper. It simply bound the paper together with a binder. In 1866, an infamous inventor known as George W. McGill gained popularity for his patented brass paper fasteners. In 1867 he showed his invention a functional staple press that could drive fasteners through paper. He had a few rounds of competitors here and there through the years. McGill won the stapler war in 1879 after he produced and patented the McGill Single-Stroke Staple Press which was a huge success though it weighed a whole 2,5 pounds and required a lot of strength to operate.

Later came a variety of clipless machines and other devices in the market. A desk stapler was produced in 1923. In 1937 Swingline designed an easy-to-load stapler with a row of staple pins, and since then the design of staples hasn’t changed much.

Fill Our Staplers Day timeline

The First Known Stapler

An unknown artisan made the first known stapler for King Louis XV of France.

The First Patent

George McGill acquired the very first patent for the bendable brass paper fastener.

The Stapler Boom

After the World Wars, there was an accelerated development of all kinds of staplers.

Fill Our Staplers Day is Founded

Dull Men’s Club asked McGraw-Hill to add the day to the Chase Calendar of Events.

Fill Our Staplers Day FAQs

Who founded fill our staplers day?

In 2012 the Dull Men’s Club was so frustrated at the fact that ever so often, they would reach out to their staplers and find that they were empty.

What should I look for in a stapler?

Select the right type of stapler for the purpose you want to use it. Also, look for one that is generally easy to use with little hassle.

What are staplers made of?

Staplers are made from zinc-plated wires glued together. The body of the stapler is made of plastic and comprises several smaller components within, such as the metal head, the magazine, anvil, base, staplers, pin, springs, and of course the hanger.

Fill Our Staplers Day Activities

  1. Fill your staplers

    The main significance of this day is to simply remind people to fill their staplers so that everyone can have a smooth flow of work. So do be so kind as to remember to fill your staplers on this day.

  2. Help out your colleague

    If you work in an office setting then this might be a good way to start up a friendly conversation. Go around your office and replace staples, we’re sure your co-workers will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

  3. Tell your internet friends

    You can also share this holiday on your social media pages. Post a picture of your recently refilled staplers and use the hashtag #FillOurStaplers.

5 Intriguing Facts About Staplers

  1. They can be very big or small

    Large staplers are used in construction and furniture making while small ones fit in purses.

  2. They are used in medical procedures

    In some surgeries, the stapler is used to tie up wounds instead of sutures and stitches

  3. They are called ‘hochikisu’ in Japanese

    This name was derived from ‘hotchkiss’ which was the old name for staplers.

  4. The staples have their own special name

    The series of interconnected staple pins is uncommonly known as the herringbone series.

  5. The stapler was made with precious stones

    An artisan in France used gold and other minerals to drive the fasteners through paper.

Why We Love Fill Our Staplers Day

  1. It sets as a reminder

    The main purpose for the commemoration of this day is to set a reminder to all to fill their staplers. Which in turn helps to ease workflow and aid productivity.

  2. It encourages team spirit

    From government jobs to art studios and hospitals, staplers are used in a variety of work settings. Helping your co-worker do such a small selfless act of kindness is an opportunity to show good sportsmanship in the workplace.

  3. It is a mini-history lesson

    To be honest many of us are oblivious to the history of a lot of our everyday items and tools. This day is a wonderful excuse for us to go down memory lane and share resources and information to learn a little more about this handy device.

Fill Our Staplers Day dates

2022March 14Monday
2023March 13Monday
2024March 11Monday
2025March 10Monday
2026March 9Monday

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