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SunMar 9

National Dishwasher Day – March 9, 2025

Every year, National Dishwasher Day is celebrated on March 9 to highlight what a great innovation the dishwasher is. This device has actually changed our lives because doing the dishes is considered one of the most hated household chores. But thanks to some innovators, houses across the U.S now have a dishwasher and they don’t need to spend hours washing dishes under the sink. All we have to do is load the dishes in the washer, press a few buttons, and voila! And yes, dishwashers are also great time savers! If you hate washing dishes as much as the average Joe, this is a day that you must celebrate with a bang.

History of National Dishwasher Day

Some of the greatest inventions of the world were created by those who dared to think big. Such is the story behind the creation of the modern-day dishwasher. There was a point in time when dishes were washed collectively in a tub or under the sink. This was followed by the development of a dishwasher that performed the basic task of washing dishes, but it had a few problems that Josephine Cochrane wanted to get rid of. This is when the lady decided to create a machine of her own in 1858 — one that had water instead of scrubbers.

Though Cochrane was a wealthy socialite, she was constantly bothered by the thought of washing her expensive china in the old-age dishwashers that caused wear and tear. This is when she thought, “If nobody else is going to invent a [mechanical] dishwashing machine, I’ll do it myself.” Thus, she designed her first dishwasher prototype with the help of mechanic George Butters. The machine had compartments and was created after measuring the width, height, and length of plates, cups, and saucers.

The machine also had a container for soap and a wheel inside a copper boiler. Though the device was made for housewives, it was hotels and restaurants that sought after the dishwasher at first due to its high price. In 1886, Cochran got her machine patented, and went on to form the Garis-Cochran Manufacturing in the early 1890s. In 1926 her company was acquired by KitchenAid, now a part of Whirlpool. Dishwashers became a common commodity in residences in North America and Western Europe by the 1970s.

National Dishwasher Day timeline

The Invention

The first dishwasher granted a patent is invented by Joel Houghton.

An Unforgettable Introduction

Josephine Cochrane’s dishwasher is unveiled at the World's Fair in Chicago.

Going Big

Cochrane opens her factory that builds dishwashers.

Save the World

Energy conservation features are introduced in dishwashers.

National Dishwasher Day FAQs

Are dishwashers clean?

Yes. Dishwashers are hygienic and kill most of the germs on dishes.

Do all dishwashers have filters?

All dishwashers have filters that keep the drain from clogging with food.

How old is the dishwasher?

The earliest dishwasher was developed around 160 years ago.

National Dishwasher Day Activities

  1. Post about the history of the innovation

    To celebrate the day, spread information regarding the history of dishwashers and the individuals behind their creation. This will help in educating the youth.

  2. Speak about the woman who invented it

    Since the commercial dishwasher was invented by a woman called Josephine Cochrane, use this day to speak of her journey and how she helped women across the world with her innovation.

  3. Think of ideas that can improve the innovation

    There might be several ways to improve the design of the current dishwasher and make it more sustainable and affordable. If you have some ideas up your sleeve, we suggest you start sharing them.

5 Interesting Facts About Dishwashers

  1. Things washed in dishwashers

    Dishwashers can also wash trainers, toothbrushes, and hats.

  2. The first dishwasher

    It was called ​​Lavadora.

  3. Dishwashers for the public

    They weren’t sold to the general public until 1950.

  4. Hand washing dishes

    This consumes 26 gallons of water per cycle.

  5. Garbage disposals

    Dishwashers also have a garbage disposal.

Why We Love National Dishwasher Day

  1. It honors the creator

    We love the day because it honors a creative and innovative woman, who created a technology that is found in almost every American household today. It's a device that has made everyone's life easier.

  2. It provides a history

    The day is important since it provides an in-depth history of the dishwasher, why it was created, who were the people involved in its creation, and how it became a household item. The history is quite educational!

  3. It’s motivational

    The day is also a source of motivation as it introduces us to the different types of dishwashers that existed over time and can push an innovator to think of a cheaper and less energy-consuming substitute.

National Dishwasher Day dates

2025March 9Sunday
2026March 9Monday
2027March 9Tuesday
2028March 9Thursday
2029March 9Friday

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