Shannade Clermont

Shannade Clermont was born on March 21, 1994, in Montclair, New Jersey. She is a model, fashion designer, and media personality who, alongside her identical twin sister, Shannon Clermont, rose to fame after appearing on the 14th season of the reality show “Bad Girls Club” in 2015. Ever since she has achieved high visibility on social media. The Clermont sisters share an Instagram account that has more than 1.8 million followers.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Shannade Clermont

Birth date:

March 21, 1994



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5' 4"

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Shannade Clermont, born on March 21, 1994, in Montclair, New Jersey, started modeling at the age of 14, alongside her twin sister, Shannon Clermont. She is the daughter of two immigrants and moved with her family to Atlanta, Georgia, where she grew up. At school, the Clermont sisters drew attention and suffered racism from their peers but instead of getting intimidated by them, they grew stronger by the situation. When it came to their modeling career, they did it all: hair catalogs, teen brands, beauty fairs, and student fashion shows. In 2015, the twins participated in the 14th season of the reality show “Bad Girls Club,” which chronicles the lives of “bad girls” living in one house. Their appearance on the show substantially increased their visibility and exponentially expanded their number of followers on social media.

Clermont and her sister started producing their own clothing items, creating the Mont Boudoir brand in 2017. After its launch, the twins were contacted by Kanye West’s team, who invited them to participate in the Yeezy Season 6 campaign in 2018. Working with Kanye imprinted the sisters’ image with the seal of coolness. They have also appeared in music videos by artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj and continue to gain constant visibility and solidify their careers.

In 2018, Clermont was arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft, access device fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Clermont allegedly used the information on two credit cards of a man after his passing. She was also accused of having created a fake email in his name to confirm her purchases and transfer money to her account. She pleaded guilty in November and was sentenced to a year in prison in April 2019, and she was released in March 2020. Afterward, the twins created the Clermont Foundation, which focuses on mental health.

Career timeline

Her "Bad Girls Club" Premiere

She joins the 14th season of the reality show "Bad Girls Club."

The Release of Mont Boudoir

Clermont and her twin create the clothing brand Mont Boudoir.

She Collaborates with Kanye West

Clermont and her twin are invited to participate in the Yeezy Season 6 collection.

She Starts the Clermont Foundation

After going through turbulent times herself, Clermont creates a foundation dedicated to mental health.

Why We Love Shannade Clermont

  1. She is politically aware

    Clermont and her sister have spoken out in cases of social injustice, especially cases of racism. They have been on the receiving end of prejudices and decided to fight for others.

  2. She supports her sister in everything

    In addition to always being together, the Clermont sisters are very supportive and loving of each other. We can clearly see that Clermont is as loyal as one can be.

  3. She prioritizes mental health

    The Clermont Foundation is all about mental health issues. She always tries to contribute so others don't go through as many struggles as she did.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She does everything with her sister

    The two sisters work together and share many similar interests.

  2. She is always changing her hair

    Clermont loves to style her hair for campaigns, events, and Instagram feed photos.

  3. She has two Yorkshire Terriers

    The two dogs — Chase and Chloe — alternate between Clermont and her twin's apartments and are never separated.

  4. Her style

    Clermont and her sister are often compared to Kim Kardashian for the physical similarity of their bodies.

  5. Life in plastic, is fantastic

    The Clermont twins have publicly admitted that they underwent cosmetic surgery for almost everything, including cheeks, lips, and chin augmentation.

Shannade Clermont FAQs

How do you differentiate between Shannade and Shannon Clermont?

Shannade Clermont has a tattoo that runs along her right pelvis.

How close are Shannade and Shannon Clermont?

The two are as close as twins can be. They have said in an interview that they even know what the other is thinking.

Was Shannade Clermont kicked out of "Bad Girls Club?"

Yes, Clermont and her sister were kicked out after getting into a fight with a roommate.

Shannade Clermont’s birthday dates

2025March 21Friday
2026March 21Saturday
2027March 21Sunday
2028March 21Tuesday
2029March 21Wednesday

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