Amber Pike

Amber Pike was born on April 3, 1992. She is well-known as a contestant on the hit Netflix show “Love is Blind.” She amassed huge popularity while on this show — which is only increasing to this day. Pike is also quite a celebrity on the internet, with tons of fans and followers on her social media handles. Although you may be familiar with Pike through her reality T.V. appearance — fans often try to figure out who she ‘really’ is. If you are one of them, you have arrived at the perfect place cause we have everything you need to know about your fave!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Amber Pike


Tank Girl, GA Army Guard

Birth date:

April 3, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$200 thousand

Amber's Social Media:


Amber Pike was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A. She is an American of caucasian ethnicity. Although there is no information available on her parents, Pike does have a younger sister named Rebecca Lynn. True to her zodiac sign Aries, Pike is a free-spirited, fun, and fiercely independent woman. Her charisma is a breath of fresh air, and fans might imagine her as a human-sized flaming candle. The actress rose to prominence after appearing on the Netflix dating reality show “Love is Blind,” alongside Kelly Chase, Lauren Speed, and Mark Cuevas. Pike was a part of the first season of this show, which sparked a lot of interest among netizens. She was also praised for her on-screen charisma and performance.

During an interview, Pike revealed that she has been working since the age of 14. She also participated in and won the “Hooters Bikini Competition” in 2017. Furthermore, it was on her 2020 Netflix show that Pike found Matt Barnett as a partner. After a few weeks, Matt popped the question within a month of knowing her. She accepted the proposal and the duo decided to tie the knot.

Matt also described Pike as having the fire that he needed in his life. Today, the couple is happily married. Pike amassed a huge fan base after achieving celebrity status, particularly on her social media channels. Pike soon became a social media influencer due to her large fan base, and she now posts sponsored content for numerous brands on social media.

Career timeline

Amber Begins Her Modeling Career

She starts her professional career as a swimsuit model.

She Graduates

She graduates from the University of Georgia.

Her Rise to Fame

Pike appears on “Love is Blind” and garners a massive fan following.

She Celebrates Her Love

She celebrates the second anniversary of being together with Matt Barnett.

Why We Love Amber Pike

  1. She loves animals

    Pike loves animals and even has a dog named Koda. Koda has his own Instagram handle with several thousand followers!

  2. She is ex-military personnel

    Her job profile on the show “Love is Blind” was listed as an Ex-Tank Mechanic. Moreover, her Instagram profile has ‘GA Army Guard’ in the bio. Naturally, we are inspired by her history as ex-military personnel and respect her contribution.

  3. She is honest

    She does not shy away from accepting that she underwent cosmetic surgery. She also goes the extra mile and advises her fans to research before going under the knife. Pike is also honest about losing a child to abortion, stating that she will never have another one.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is an ex-tank mechanic

    Pike served in the Georgia Army National Guard before joining “Love is Blind.”

  2. She wants to have another wedding

    She wants to have another wedding with her husband as the first one was mostly for the cameras.

  3. Pike was randomly cast for the show

    In an interview, Pike revealed that she received a random message to be on “Love is Blind” and she is still not sure how she got selected.

  4. She had cosmetic surgery

    Pike underwent breast augmentation to achieve a natural look for her body.

  5. She lost a child

    Pike’s previous relationship was a strained one, which pressured her into aborting the child she had with her then-boyfriend.

Amber Pike FAQs

Are Pike and Barnett still together?

Yes, the couple is still together (as of 2022).

Where are Amber and Barnett today?

Going strong! “Love Is Blind” couple Matt Barnett and Amber Pike from season one of the Netflix dating show are still happily married — and by the looks of their Instagram accounts — are a pair of travel bugs

What does Amber Pike do for a living?

As mentioned earlier, Pike is an ex-GA army guard. She garnered fame through her reality T.V. appearance. In an April 2020 interview, she revealed her plans to pursue a new career, though the details of this venture are still under wraps.

Amber Pike’s birthday dates

2025April 3Thursday
2026April 3Friday
2027April 3Saturday
2028April 3Monday
2029April 3Tuesday

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