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Sandra Keith Boynton, born on April 3, 1953, is an American children’s author, songwriter, music producer, and illustrator. She is known for her extensive works and has written and illustrated over 50 books for children and adults. She attended Germantown Friends School and then Yale University, majoring in English. Boynton graduated college in 1974 and then attended the University of California, Berkeley, for a year before transferring to Yale School of Drama. She, however, chose to not pursue her career in theater and is today identified as a phenomenal educator. Join us as we celebrate her special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Sandra Keith Boynton



Birth date:

April 3, 1953



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

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Sandra Keith Boynton is a successful author, illustrator, songwriter, music producer, and humorist. She is an Aries, born on April 3, 1953, in Orange, New Jersey. She was raised in Mount Airy, Philadelphia. She is the third of four daughters born to Jeanne and Robert Boynton, who was a progressive educator, scholar, publisher, and co-founder of Boynton/Cook Publishers.

Boyton’s career features greeting cards and books she wrote and designed. It also features productions in theater and music. Boynton’s distinctive humorous cards for Recycled Paper Greetings were at the frontier of the Alternative Cards movement of the mid-‘70s. Almost 500 million copies of these cards were sold between 1973 and 2003. In 1977, Boynton released the children’s book “Hippos Go Berserk!” Since then, the author has released over 70 children’s books, including “Moo, Baa, La La La!”(1982), which made the All-Time Bestselling Children’s Books list. In addition to this, Boynton has also released multiple general market books, and her books have sold over 60 million copies. Boynton began writing songs in 1996 and received a Grammy nomination in 2003 for ‘Philadelphia Chickens.’ Some of her albums have been certified gold by the R.I.A.A. The author has also produced several theatrical plays, including “The Quotable Assassin” (2006), an off-off-Broadway play written by her son.

Boynton married an Olympic Bronze medalist and Yale graduate Jamie McEwan from 1978 until he died in 2014. They had four children before his passing. Boynton shares her success with her children, friends, and family.

Career timeline

The Debut Children’s Book

Boynton releases her children’s book, “Hippos Go Berserk!”

The Children’s Book Bestseller

Boynton publishes “Moo, Baa, La La La!” which becomes an all-time children’s bestseller.

The Broadway Play

Boynton directs her son’s off-off-Broadway play, “The Quotable Assassin.”

The Debut Music Video

Boynton produces a music video for ‘One Shoe Blues.’

Why We Love Sandra Boynton

  1. She’s multitalented

    Boynton is talented in every niche she ventures into. She is proof that we don’t have to be one thing.

  2. She imparts knowledge

    Through her music, books, cartoons, and illustrations, Boyton imparts knowledge to different generations. She’s a great and inspirational teacher.

  3. She’s an entrepreneur

    Apart from books, music, cartoons, and illustrations, Boyton has designed everything from calendars to beddings, jewelry, plush toys, etc., for various companies. She’s a versatile entrepreneur.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her father was her teacher

    At Germantown Friends School, Boynton’s father, Robert, was the English teacher and the head of the department.

  2. She studied Latin

    For five years, Boynton studied Latin.

  3. She is a Quaker

    Boynton’s parents raised her to follow the Quaker faith.

  4. She was a singer

    Boynton sang with the Yale Glee Club.

  5. Her children sang for “Philadelphia Chickens”

    Boynton’s children sang on the “Philadelphia Chickens” book and music C.D. combination.

Sandra Boynton FAQs

Who is Boyton’s publisher

Boynton has used various publishers over time, one of which is Workman Publishing.

What ages are Boynton’s books for?

Boynton has books for children ages three to five and adults.

Who illustrated the “Going to Bed Book?”

Boynton illustrated it.

Sandra Boynton’s birthday dates

2025April 3Thursday
2026April 3Friday
2027April 3Saturday
2028April 3Monday
2029April 3Tuesday

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