Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam was born Nick Rivera Caminero on March 17, 1981, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. While he is an American citizen, his family originally moved to Puerto Rico when he was 10 years old. He was always talented and started singing and recording music at a young age, gaining popularity early on in his life. While he has produced music that has reached the top of the charts, the singer is also known for his downfall that almost destroyed his career. Here’s all you need to know about the popular musician.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Nick Rivera Caminero


Nicky Jam

Birth date:

March 17, 1981



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$6 million

Nick's Social Media:


When Nicky Jam resided in the U.S, he gained inspiration from the hip-hop culture of the region and followed stars such as LL Cool J. Things took a rough turn when his family moved back to Puerto Rico and he found it difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle. According to one of the interviews he gave, the move happened due to a drug-related case against his father. It indicated things were not the best for young Nicky Jam on the home front — but where there is a will, there is a way. Despite all the challenges, he kept fighting for his love for music and was even spotted rapping at the grocery store where he worked as a kid.

His efforts toward making an impact on the music scene started at the age of 14 when he first recorded a song. From there on, he was noticed by other artists in the industry and he soon caught Daddy Yankee’s eyes. While talented in his own right, their professional relationship led both to new heights of success. In the 90s, the two formed a group called Los Cangris. However, due to personal issues, the two fought and he experienced a slump in his career.

The singer then moved to Columbia and concentrated on developing a new music style. In 2014, he released singles such as ‘Voy a Beber’ and ‘Travesuras.’ His popularity with his fans also rose when he acted in the movies “Return of Xander Cage” (2017) and “Bad Boys for Life” (2020).

Career timeline

He Takes the Solo Road

Nicky Jam's solo album "Haciendo Escante" comes out.

He Rises From the Ashes

He releases the album "Fénix."

His Documentary is Released

The documentary "Nicky Jam: El Ganador" is released.

He Wins a Prize

He is honored with the annual’ Career Achievement Award’ at the Premios Tu Música Urbano.

Why We Love Nicky Jam

  1. He fought hard against his drug addiction

    Many stars in the past have ruined their career due to drug addiction. However, while Nicky Jam may have lost his way for a few years, he overcame his addiction and successfully made a comeback.

  2. He made a truce with old friends

    Even though he fought with his other star friends during his lows, he made an effort to patch things up when he was mentally in a better place. He cares for his friends and isn't afraid to apologize.

  3. He likes to experiment

    He is popular due to his unique style and his motivation to experiment with music. Hence, he has been able to maintain a fan following even today.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has an expensive home in Miami

    Nicky Jam paid $1.7 million for his house in 2017.

  2. He's a father

    The singer currently has four children.

  3. The success of "Fenix"

    The album ranked on the Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums chart for 142 weeks.

  4. He fought with Daddy Yankee

    The fallout happened due to his addiction to prescription pills.

  5. He made up with Daddy Yankee

    In an interview, he called Yankee his “battle brother,” indicating the two were no longer fighting.

Nicky Jam FAQs

Where does Nicky Jam live?

He currently lives in Miami.

Who is Nicky Jam signed to?

The singer is signed to Sony U.S. Latin.

Where was "Nicky Jam: El Ganador" filmed?

The documentary was filmed in Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and New York.

Nicky Jam’s birthday dates

2025March 17Monday
2026March 17Tuesday
2027March 17Wednesday
2028March 17Friday
2029March 17Saturday

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