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TueMar 11

National No-Code Day – March 11, 2025

National No-Code Day on March 11 celebrates individuals, businesses, and other networks that create and automate without using code. Started by the no-code automation leader Zapier, the day aims to promote the no-code movement and create awareness for businesses and organizations to do more without code. No-code tools allow anyone to automate workflows, connect and create apps, and build scalable systems for their entire company.

History of National No-Code Day

Started by Zapier in 2022, National No-Code Day celebrates the no-code movement and encourages more people to build things online without code. With no-code tools, anyone can build apps, create workflows, and automate processes, regardless of their technical ability. It’s all done on a visual interface and requires no knowledge of programming.

Zapier was founded on these principles and has since become the leader in no-code automation. Since 2011, businesses all over the world have used Zapier to transform the way they work. Along with other no-code tools, Zapier has led the charge to make automation accessible to anyone, not just folks with a background in technology.

Many businesses are now embracing no-code technology, and Gartner predicts that by 2024, no-code and low-code development will account for approximately 65% of all web development. National No-Code Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the early adopters and promote no-code to every business and organization that can benefit from it.

National No-Code Day timeline

The Term is First Used

The term “low-code development” is used for the first time in a report on productivity platforms.

Zapier is Founded

Zapier is founded in Columbia, Missouri as an integrated web applications platform.

Makerpad is Founded

Makerpad, a no-code education service and community, is founded.

The Growth of No-code

Zapier crosses the one million user threshold on its platform.

Overwhelming Support from SaaS

Zapier announces 4,000 partner integrations, making it the largest no-code automation tool on the market.

Zapier Acquires Makerpad

Educating people about no-code becomes a priority.

Businesses Embrace No-code

Zapier users create more than 22 million Zaps.

National No-Code Day FAQs

What is no-code?

No-code is a technology that allows anyone to create custom apps and workflows, regardless of their technical ability, using a visual interface.

What is the no-code movement?

The no-code movement encourages people with varying technical abilities to create and build online using no-code tools.

How can I learn no-code?

Pick a no-code tool like Zapier and dive right in! No-code tools allow anyone to get started, even if they have no prior knowledge. You can also check out no-code education platforms like Makerpad.

What's the difference between no-code and low-code?

No-code tools require zero coding knowledge — it’s all done on a visual interface. Low-code tools require some prior coding knowledge but still provide an easy user experience by combining preset options with manual editing opportunities for additional customization. 

National No-Code Day Activities

  1. Explore no-code tools

    Take your business to the next level by exploring no-code technology. Head over to Zapier’s website to start using their no-code tools.

  2. Take automation to the next level

    Do you want to do even more with no-code? Consult a professional who can help you scale your processes even further.

  3. Post on social media

    Share what you've built using no-code on your social media platforms. Use the hashtag #NationalNoCodeDay.

5 Facts About No-Code Technology That Everyone Should Know

  1. No-code is the future

    According to Gartner, no-code and low-code will account for an estimated 65% of all application development by the year 2024.

  2. Businesses are embracing no-code

    Forbes Technology Council member, Asokan Ashok predicts that 75% of businesses will adopt no-code technology and conventional innovation.

  3. Coding knowledge is extremely rare

    Only 0.5% of the world’s population knows how to code.

  4. No-code adds value

    85% of people using no-code tools say that it adds value to their projects.

  5. No-code is flexible

    No-code workflows are flexible and can easily be tweaked and customized.

Why We Love National No-Code Day

  1. It encourages innovation

    Why should programmers and developers have all the fun? No-code allows everyone to have the creative freedom to innovate using technology.

  2. It's an opportunity to build

    If you haven't used no-code tools yet, now’s the time. National No-Code Day gives you the perfect opportunity to get out there and build something.

  3. It promotes automation

    Automation helps businesses run efficiently and scale effectively. National No-Code Day promotes the automation tools that can help.

National No-Code Day dates

2025March 11Tuesday
2026March 11Wednesday
2027March 11Thursday
2028March 11Saturday
2029March 11Sunday

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