Chad Wild Clay

Chad Wild Clay was born on March 10, 1984. He started his career as a YouTuber in 2006 when he posted his first-ever video. On September 7, 2010, he shared a live video titled iPhone Proposal in Movie Theater, of him asking his wife to marry him. Since then, he has sprung to fame with his entertaining content which includes parody songs, comedic humor, and later, his Spy Ninja videos. Clay has garnered a massive following of 14.7 million subscribers and has more than a whopping 5,000,000,000 views. Let us celebrate his birthday.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Chris William Chris


Chad Wild Clay, Spy Ninja, Chad the Giraffe

Birth date:

March 10, 1984



Zodiac Sign:



6' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$11 million

Chris's Social Media:


Chad Wild Clay, born Chris William Chris on March 10, 1984, is an American YouTuber. He grew up in the state capital of Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he started making videos for his then-girlfriend on his now well-known video platform in 2010. In 2011, he embarked on his YouTube stardom chase, creating parody songs and music videos with his better half. Although he keeps his family life private, he shared that he married his long-time girlfriend, Vy Qwaint, in 2011. They celebrated two ceremonies, one in Minnesota and one in Vy’s hometown in Vietnam.

By 2016, he had sprung to stardom and accumulated an impressive one million YouTube subscribers. He also created a viral video titled Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. A few years on, in 2018, the total views on his account added up to one billion — a remarkable feat.

Throughout the years, his success steadily increased, and he saw a rise in his subscribers and views with his Spy Ninja videos. Clay and his wife would review ninja gear, weapons, and gadgets for their followers, which had reached 11 million subscribers in 2020. In 2022, Chad grew his “Spy Ninja” following and collaborated with fellow Spy Ninjas. Their content includes solving riddles, finding their way out of escape rooms, exploring abandoned places, and more for his 265k subscribers.

Career timeline

He Creates His First Video

He uploads his first-ever video onto YouTube, titled “iPhone Proposal in a Movie Theater,” where he proposes to his girlfriend.

The Parody Videos Begin

He begins doing parodies of hit songs, along with his fiance.

A YouTube Milestone

He reaches an impressive one million YouTube subscribers.

“Spy Ninja” Takes Center Stage

He creates videos of himself testing ninja weapons and gadgets.

Why We Love Chad Wild Clay

  1. He loves dad jokes

    He loves telling them and hearing them — but then again, who doesn't love a dad joke?

  2. He pursued his dreams

    After playing the famous “Fruit Ninja” game like a pro, he started making real-life videos of fruit slicing with ninja weapons. That’s a literal representation of dreams becoming reality.

  3. He loves his wife

    He is a doting husband. He is always complimenting his wife, Vy Qwaint.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has over five billion views

    After a successful career as a YouTuber, Chad Wild Clay has earned an astounding five billion views.

  2. He met his wife at university

    He met Qwaint, to whom he showed off his Spider-Man collection, at university.

  3. He lived in Las Vegas

    After his apartment in Los Angeles burned down, he and his wife moved to Las Vegas.

  4. His favorite food

    He has stated that his favorite food of all time is tacos.

  5. He owns an app

    “Spy Ninja Network” is a downloadable game based on his YouTube videos.

Chad Wild Clay FAQs

What movie is Chad Wild Clay in?

He stars in the film “Spy Ninjas.”

Where was Chad Wild Clay born?

He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Who are the “Spy Ninjas?”

The “Spy Ninjas” comprise Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo, Regina, and Melvin PZ9.

Chad Wild Clay’s birthday dates

2025March 10Monday
2026March 10Tuesday
2027March 10Wednesday
2028March 10Friday
2029March 10Saturday

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