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Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day – March 30, 2025

Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day is a public holiday celebrated on March 30. In Trinidad and Tobago, Spiritual Baptist is a blend of Protestantism and African beliefs. The colonial government outlawed the Spiritual and Shouter Baptist religion in Trinidad from 1917 to 1951. To seek respect for their religion, Baptists opted to call themselves Spiritual Baptists instead of Shouters. In March 1951, the Repeal of Shouter Prohibition Ordinance was passed after extensive lobbying and the Spiritual Shouter Baptists gained religious freedom. Processions, church services, plays, and religious observances mark the festival.

History of Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day

Spiritual Baptist is a faith that originated in the Caribbean. It combines Protestantism and African cultures and rites. The Merikin community left the Baptist religion in Trinidad. The Merikins were African-American refugees of the War of 1812 — emancipated slaves who battled for the British against the Americans. Following the battle, the Merikins settled in southern Trinidad. They introduced the Baptist faith, having just come from evangelical groups in Georgia and Virginia.

The Shouter Prohibition Ordinance was passed in 1917 by the British colonial authority. The reason provided was because their services were noisy. Sir Henry Gollan, then-Attorney General, introduced the legislation, calling the faith’s worship an “unmitigated nuisance.” The leaders of other established religions may have seen the success of Spiritual Baptists as a danger. For the next 34 years, participating in a Shouter Baptist service or using a property for that purpose was punishable by a $240 fine. During services, Spiritual Baptists shout, clap, sing loudly, and ring bells. To seek respect for their religion during the prohibition, the Spiritual Baptists dropped the label Shouter Baptists.

In 1951, the Spiritual Baptists were granted religious freedom once the law was removed. Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day was established in 1996 by Prime Minister Basdeo Panday to commemorate the repeal of prohibition and the fight for religious freedom. It has become a custom to ring freedom bells across the country to celebrate today’s diversity and independence. Trinidad and Tobago is the sole nation worldwide to observe a Spiritual Baptist public holiday.

Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day timeline

The Merikins

The Merikins tribe brings the Baptist religion to the south of Trinidad from places like Virginia and Georgia.


As a result of the Shouter Prohibition Ordinance passed by the British colonial authority, practicing the faith is made illegal.

The Faith is Restored

The ordinance is abolished on March 30, allowing Spiritual Baptists to practice their faith in a manner they deem appropriate.

National Holiday

During the term of Prime Minister Basdeo Panday, this holiday is commemorated as a celebration of the lifting of the prohibition and the subsequent struggle for religious freedom.

Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day FAQs

Why are Spiritual Baptists called Shouter Baptists?

Spiritual Baptists became known as Shouter Baptists due to the intensity of their festivities, which always include regular bell ringing, cheering, and even dancing.

When and where did the Spiritual Baptist faith get its start?

First attempts to unite were made in 1940 when Elton George Griffith founded the West Indian Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith. As time passed, the Spiritual and Shouter Baptist faith’s organizational structure began to mirror that of more established faiths.

Where did Spiritual Baptism come from?

The Spiritual Baptist faith was developed by enslaved Africans in the old British West Indies, primarily in Grenada, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, Tobago, and the Virgin Islands.

How to Observe Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day

  1. Learn more

    A way to celebrate Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day is to learn more about Spiritual Baptists, their history, and their unique mode of worship. You can learn more through various resources such as documentaries.

  2. Tell others

    You can raise awareness about the challenges the Spiritual Baptists faced. You can share your findings on social media.

  3. Attend a Spiritual Baptist service

    Another great way to celebrate is to attend a Spiritual Baptist service. Join them to celebrate the freedom of practicing their religion.

5 Spiritual Baptists Facts

  1. Brown robes

    A preacher’s first robe color is brown before moving to the next stage.

  2. Blue robes

    After wearing brown, the next stage in the hierarchy is blue.

  3. White robes

    After wearing blue, the next stage is to wear white, which signifies priesthood.

  4. No formal organization

    Each group is somewhat independent of the other.

  5. The Holy Spirit is central

    The Holy Spirit plays a key role in the faith.

Why Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day is Important

  1. It represents freedom

    It represents the freedom of the Spiritual Baptists to practice their faith. They are no longer banned from their doctrine.

  2. It allows for worship

    The day allows for the Spiritual Baptists to worship in the manner they love. The day allows them to revel in the spirit of worship and reaffirm their faith.

  3. It’s a public holiday

    The country is the first to celebrate a national holiday dedicated to the Spiritual Baptists. It represents a celebration of their freedom to worship that was once taken away from them.

Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day dates

2025March 30Sunday
2026March 30Monday
2027March 30Tuesday
2028March 30Thursday
2029March 30Friday

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