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SunMar 30

Turkey Neck Soup Day – March 30, 2025

National Turkey Neck Soup Day is celebrated every year on March 30 and every year we can’t wait to have some delicious soup on this day. Turkey neck is not the part of a turkey that is popular amongst food lovers but it can be used to make homemade stock. People around the world celebrate this day by acquiring a whole turkey plus onions, carrots, herbs, and other seasoning to make a yummy soup. The soup is prepared by putting all the ingredients in a pot, which is then left to boil or simmer for hours until it reaches the required stock consistency. There’s nothing like the aroma of a simmering soup to add joy on this day.

History of Turkey Neck Soup Day

In the past, Turkey was never a choice dish for the Native Americans as these animals were thought to be weak. Turkeys were only eaten in times of famine. Turkey neck soup is considered a more economical way to feed people compared to chicken and the other meaty parts of a turkey. 

Turkey neck soup is made using many turkey necks. Most people freeze the necks until they have enough to make the stock. Turkey necks are brought from the poultry departments of any supermarket. Since turkey necks do not have a lot of meat and are quite bony, a good option is to make bone broth from them. 

To make the classic turkey neck soup, combine root vegetables like carrots and turnips with two pounds of turkey necks. You can even add rice or noodles with it and let it simmer. People also add mushrooms and leeks to it.  

Turkey neck soup is a special dish for holidays, and families often get together to make it. Apart from being a marvelous meal, it is popular because of its simple recipes that are easy to make. It is not only made on Turkey Neck Soup Days but also during winters as comfort food.

Turkey Neck Soup Day timeline

Turkeys are Taken to Spain

Turkeys are domestically trained in Mexico and taken to Spain.

Turkeys are Introduced to England

From Spain, turkeys spread through Europe and are then introduced to England.

Turkey is Finally Used to Make Food

Before, turkeys were mainly used for breeding but their meat is increasingly enjoyed.

National Turkey Neck Soup Day is Founded

The National Turkey Neck Soup Day is established.

Turkey Neck Soup Day FAQs

How can you use turkey stock?

You can use turkey stock to make soups, gravy, and you can even make some sauces using the stock.


Can you cook turkey broth for too long?

If you cook your turkey broth with vegetables for too long it can develop somewhat unpleasant flavors.


What is the difference between turkey stock and turkey broth?

The difference between turkey stock and broth is that the stock is made using turkey neck or bones, while turkey broth is prepared using the meaty part of the turkey.

Turkey Neck Soup Day Activities

  1. Prepare some delicious turkey neck soup

    On this food holiday, prepare a classic turkey neck soup for you and your family and enjoy the aroma and a bowl of this flavorful soup.

  2. Learn about all the different recipes to make turkey neck soups

    Collect all the different and unique recipes that you can find and save them to make this soup on future Turkey Neck Soup Days.

  3. Share your recipes and soup pictures with the world

    On this day, you can encourage others to join you and have a bowl of this yummy soup by sharing pictures and recipes on social media.

Facts About Turkeys That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Turkey was called ‘Tom’

    Ben Franklin teased Thomas Jefferson by naming the male turkey ‘Tom.’

  2. Food for famines

    In the olden days, Turkey was only eaten during famines.

  3. Turkey quill used to sign documents

    The documents signed during the founding of the United States were signed using the quill of a turkey.

  4. Cross-breeding turkeys and chickens

    In the 1800s, turkeys and chickens were crossbred into something called a ‘turken.’

  5. Rain is dangerous for them

    Turkey chicks can drown in the rain.

Why We Love Turkey Neck Soup Day

  1. Turkey neck soup is delicious

    We love Turkey Neck Soup Day because turkey neck soup is extremely healthy and has a great taste. It is also quite easy to prepare. Turkey soup is also a comfort food for winters and holidays.

  2. Learning something new

    This day helps us to make turkey neck soups using so many recipes. It even improves our cooking skills.

  3. It brings families together

    Turkey neck soup is made in a large amount so you can't have it all by yourself. People invite family and friends to have this soup for dinner or lunch on this special day. It brings families and loved ones together.

Turkey Neck Soup Day dates

2025March 30Sunday
2026March 30Monday
2027March 30Tuesday
2028March 30Thursday
2029March 30Friday

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