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Torrents Day – March 30, 2025

Torrents Day is celebrated every year on March 30 across the country. This day is set aside to celebrate torrenting and torrent websites like Kickass Torrents, and the strong community built around torrenting. A fun celebration, Torrents Day is celebrated by people downloading and sharing as much as possible. A great way to share files across the internet, torrenting is often associated with illegal activities when torrenting is not illegal at all. It’s a great way of sharing large files for multiple reasons — from software to copyright-free media.

History of Torrents Day

Torrents Day is celebrated on March 30 every year. This fun day is celebrated across the country where people torrent and share files over the internet and celebrate torrenting websites like Kickass Torrents which offer a space for people to share everything from software and music files to videos.

Torrenting refers to the process of sharing torrent files, which is a compute file that lists out an index of all the parts of a file. A torrent reader is then able to read this file, connect to the internet and to various other people who have the file, and download small parts of the file from different places. It is a quick way of sharing extremely large files over the internet.

Torrenting as a rule depends heavily on the community. When someone tries to download a file using a torrent, they are dependent on Seeders who are people who have left their files to seed. This means that the files are open and available to be registered by torrent reading software that can then download pieces of the file from different torrent users.

Seeding is considered an important aspect of the culture of torrenting as it is essentially a way of contributing to the crowdsourcing of the bandwidth necessary as well as the different pieces of a file. Once all the pieces have been downloaded, they are assembled by the torrent reading software called a BitTorrent File Distribution System, so that the file can be used as intended.

Torrents Day timeline

BitTorrent Protocol Developed

Computer programmer Bram Cohen develops the BitTorrent Protocol.

Cohen’s Protocol Exhibited

Cohen refines and exhibits his BitTorrent Protocol at a computer science conference.

BitTorrent Develops Further

BitTorrent clients develop the protocol further to include search engines and exchange data directly without a torrent file.

KAT Administrator Celebrates Torrents

Mr. Pink, the administrator of Kickass Torrents institutes Torrents Day to celebrate torrents.

Torrents Day FAQs

Can torrenting land you in jail?

Torrenting copyrighted material is illegal, but torrenting non-copyrighted or open-source material is legal.

Does Netflix use BitTorrent?

No, Netflix doesn’t use BitTorrent.

Does Spotify use BitTorrent?

Spotify used to own uTorrent before BitTorrent acquired it.

Torrents Day Activities

  1. Share information about legalities of torrenting

    Torrenting is associated with illegal activity. Erase the stigma and talk about all the ways that torrents are used legally by companies to encourage more people.

  2. Seed your torrents

    There is no better day to give back to the community than by seeding the torrent files you have. Keep your files open so more people can access them.

  3. Download software via torrents

    Use torrents to download software like Linux. Keep the torrent files alive and download as many as you need this day.

5 Facts About Torrents That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Torrents who don’t seed are called leechers

    People who only download torrents without seeding them are called leechers because they don’t give back, they only take.

  2. Groups of torrents are called a swarm

    Uploaders, seeders, and leechers all together are known as a ‘swarm.’

  3. Popular files download faster

    Popular files usually have many seeders, which makes these files easier to download.

  4. There is a risk of malware

    A lot of torrenting is based on trust, and it is very easy for people to slip malware into a torrent file.

  5. They are used by software companies

    Sometimes using torrents is faster and easier when it comes to sharing files, so companies like Linux torrent their software.

Why We Love Torrents Day

  1. We love how easy it is

    We love that torrents have made it easier to find so many files. We like not having to do all the work.

  2. We like the community

    We enjoy the sense of community that comes with torrenting. We like that everyone works on mutual trust and respect.

  3. We want more people to join us

    Torrenting works best when more people torrent. We want to bring more people into the community.

Torrents Day dates

2025March 30Sunday
2026March 30Monday
2027March 30Tuesday
2028March 30Thursday
2029March 30Friday

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