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SatMar 8

National Retro Video Game Day – March 8, 2025

National Retro Video Game Day is celebrated on March 8 annually. It is a day for retro gamers to reminisce and bring out those retro games played in the earlier days of gaming before the arrival of Xbox and PlayStation, Wii, and other modern gaming. It is a celebration of the evolution of gaming from the earlier days of Mario and Pac-Man to the complex games it is now with intricate storytelling and amazing graphics. Let us take a walk down memory lane to remember those retro games.

History of National Retro Video Game Day

Gaming is a big deal, with many gamers using their gaming content to generate a livelihood. Even though video games have remained one of the most popular hobbies since their inception, many gamers have turned their passion into a source of income. In terms of development, gaming has progressed significantly from its humble origins as old-school arcade games to the creation of entire universes with rich tales and powerful characters in a digital world.

The first breakthrough in gaming happened in 1967, when inventor and game designer Ralph Baer, known as the ‘Father of Gaming,’ built the ‘Brown Box,’ which was the world’s first game system intended for commercial usage. Because of this, Atari was inspired to create the now-classic game “Pong.” This resulted in the creation of classic video games such as “Donkey Kong” and “Pac-Man.”

Known as National Retro Video Game Day, it is observed on March 8 each year across the United States of America to honor Baer and retro video games. On this day, a variety of game events are held, as well as the release of new versions of existing games. For gamers, today is a complete day dedicated to them and their retro games, which have gone on to inspire and create the modern games everyone enjoys.

National Retro Video Game Day timeline

Creation of the First Video Game

The creation of the first computer video game solely for entertainment and not research is called “Tennis for Two.”

Space War

Steve Russell in collaboration with Martin Graetz and Wayne Wiitanen in the U.S. invents “Space War!” — the first video game that can be played on multiple computer installations.

A Prototype is Created

Developers at Sanders Associates, Inc., led by Ralph Baer, invent a prototype multiplayer, multi-program video game system that can be played on a television.

Multi-Colored Games

A home console that features joysticks and interchangeable game cartridges playing multi-colored games is released and known as the “Atari 2600.”

Switch to C.Ds

The first 32-bit console that plays games on C.Ds rather than cartridges is released.

National Retro Video Game Day FAQs

Can I play Mario on a computer?

“Super Mario Run” is an Adventure game developed by Nintendo. For a riveting gaming experience, the BlueStacksapp player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your P.C. or Mac. Along the way, Mario will run into some of his favorite old friends and most dreaded enemies.

What is the oldest video game that is still being played?

The oldest video game still being played is the “Kingdom of Drakkar.”

When was Pacman made?

The popular retro video game, “Pacman” was made in 1980.

National Retro Video Game Day Activities

  1. Play a retro game

    Bring out some of your old systems and play some games you haven't played in a long time. You can also show them to a younger generation of gamers who have never seen them before, so they can see the distinctions between old and current video games.

  2. Host a retro game party

    Plan a fun gathering with your pals to play a variety of old video games. You can also throw a retro video game party and wear costumes as worn by your beloved retro video game characters.

  3. Organize local retro video game events

    Organize and participate in local retro video game events and tournaments in your area. This is a terrific method to develop fun and bonding exercises for your gaming community.

5 Early Retro Games That You Should Know About

  1. Tennis for Two

    The first entertainment video game was developed by an American Physicist named William Higinbotham in 1958.

  2. Spacewar!

    It features two spaceships — named 'the needle' and 'the wedge' — controlled by human players who engage in a dogfight while maneuvering in the gravity well of a star.

  3. Computer Space

    This first commercially available arcade video game invented by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1971, is a derivative of “Spacewar!”

  4. Magnavox Odyssey

    This first home video game console designed in 1972 consisted of a black, white, and brown oblong box connected by wires to two rectangular controllers.

  5. Pong

    It is regarded as the first commercially successful video game which made the video game industry viable.

Why We Love National Retro Video Game Day

  1. It’s a day to reminisce

    It's a day that elicits powerful, nostalgic feelings in early gamers who used to thrive on these games. The experience blends a sense of comfort, recreating all kinds of positive feelings that the gamer finds satisfying.

  2. It’s a different means of entertainment

    It gives the perfect opportunity for people to treat themselves to retro video games they have been wanting to try for some time. Despite our increasingly complex tech world, retro video games will never go out of style.

  3. It teaches valuable life lessons

    Retro video games can impart valuable life lessons. Many of the characters have distinct personalities, relationships, and goals. Through thought-provoking events, you get to shape their fates.

National Retro Video Game Day dates

2025March 8Saturday
2026March 8Sunday
2027March 8Monday
2028March 8Wednesday
2029March 8Thursday

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