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SatMar 8

National Oregon Day – March 8, 2025

National Oregon Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. This day celebrates the State of Oregon, which is also known as the Beaver State. Part of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Oregon has been home to many Native American people for thousands of years. 

It was the 33rd state of the U.S. and is one of the most geographically diverse states in the country. It has volcanoes, water bodies, dense forests, shrublands, and deserts. The capital city of Oregon is Salem, but its largest city is Portland

History of National Oregon Day

National Oregon Day celebrates the 33rd state of the United States of America. The day celebrates the history, nature, and people of Oregon, all of which are incredibly diverse. Oregon has been inhabited for over 15,000 years. Evidence of settlements have been found along the Columbia River, and by the 1500s, there were a number of Native American groups that had settled in the area. 

Exploration led to discovering and making note of the land and its people as early as the 16th century. Over the 1700s and 1800s, the European powers fought over possession of the land until the state of Oregon was formed and became part of the United States of America. 

The first Europeans in Oregon were probably of Spanish descent, and in fact, the name Oregon itself is likely of Spanish origin. During the 1700s and 1800s other Europeans like the French Canadians and Scots arrived, and some even began to settle down on the land. French Canadians have left a lasting impression on the state, with many names of places like Malheur River and Grande Ronde being of French origin.

Slavery has been a major part of Oregon’s history and statehood, with the debates raging over whether the state was to be considered a free state or not. Oregon banned slavery within its borders but required all Black Americans to leave the state. This exclusionary practice was upheld with strict punishment and a big part of the debate to determine Oregon statehood. Eventually, when Oregon was admitted as the 33rd State of the United States, it was admitted as a free state. 

National Oregon Day timeline

The First Native Americans Settle

By the 16th century, a number of Native American groups, including the Chinook and Molalla, settle in what is now known as Oregon.

18th Century
The First European Settlers Come to Oregon

From the 1700s and beginning with the Spanish, settlers pour into Oregon, including the French Canadians, Scots, and eventually the British.

Oregon Territory is Officially Recognized

The boundaries of Oregon are long disputed, especially between the British and the Americans. Eventually, the Oregon Territory is defined and organized.

Oregon Becomes the 33rd State of the U.S.

After much debate over its status concerning slavery, Oregon is admitted as a part of the union on February 14, though the people only find out a month later.

National Oregon Day FAQs

What is Oregon most known for?

Oregon is known for its colorful history with the wild west and its incredible natural diversity. 

Is Oregon a nice place to live?

With amazing landscapes and incredible quality of life, Oregon is a great state to live in. 

What fruit is Oregon known for?

Pears are the highest-selling fruit crop in the state of Oregon. 

National Oregon Day Activities

  1. Visit the Crater Lake National Park

    Oregon’s only National Park, the Crater Lake National Park is the site of the deepest lake in the country. It’s a beautiful spot for a picnic and to enjoy the natural beauty.

  2. Go see the Armillaria fungus

    Found in the Malheur National Forest, the fungus is a natural marvel, since it's the largest organism in the world, and the coolest part of Oregon.

  3. Celebrate in the Oregon Coast Aquarium

    One of the best aquariums in the country, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is a great space to celebrate all things Oregon.

5 Facts About Oregon That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Oregon has a lot of water bodies

    There are over 6,000 lakes and thousands of miles of rivers and streams throughout the state.

  2. Hells Canyon is very deep

    Found along the border of the eastern part of the state, Hells Canyon is the deepest river-carved gorge in the entire country.

  3. Half of Oregon is forested

    Over 30 million acres of land in the state of Oregon is covered by forest — both mixed and evergreen.

  4. It grows a lot of hazelnuts

    Nearly 99% of the total hazelnut crop of the U.S. comes from the state of Oregon.

  5. Tater tots were invented in Oregon

    Nephi and Golden Grigg, founders of Ore-Ida, invented the tater tot. They were both from Oregon.

Why We Love National Oregon Day

  1. We love the state

    We are thrilled to have a day to honor such a diverse, important state of the country. We also want to spend a day just celebrating all things Oregon.

  2. We want to invite people to visit

    A day celebrating Oregon is a great way to get more people to learn about the state and explore all the natural beauty. It reminds us of the historical places of interest to be enjoyed.

  3. We want to relax and enjoy nature

    The best day to do this is on the day celebrating Oregon, the most naturally diverse state in the country. Observe it by spending time outdoors in your own state.

National Oregon Day dates

2025March 8Saturday
2026March 8Sunday
2027March 8Monday
2028March 8Wednesday
2029March 8Thursday

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