March 5th holidays

March 5th is the sixty-fourth day (sixty-fifth in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the Boston Massacre: five Americans were fatally shot by British troops—an event contributed to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. Famous March 5th birthday include Michael Irvin, Kevin Connolly, Eva Mendes, Bo Bichette, and Madison Beer. March 5th also marks National Absinthe Day.

We have 7 holidays listed for March 5.


National Absinthe Day

“The green fairy” drink enjoys a mystique, making it an especially fun drink to enjoy!


Multiple Personality Day

There are two approaches to observing this day and celebrating the complexities of the human personality.


Namesake Day

Are you ready to find out who or what you were named after this Namesake Day?


National Cheese Doodle Day

From cheese doodles, to cheese balls, these tasty snacks are sure to leave fingers bright orange.


Reel Film Day

Are you old enough to remember the time when movies were made on reels?


St. Piran’s Day

The official holiday of Cornwall honors the patron saint of tin miners.


Cinco de Marcho

Loosen up with a tall drink of your favorite alcoholic beverage for Cinco de Marcho.