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Independent Accommodation Day – March 24, 2025

On March 24th, Independent Accommodation Day celebrates the millions of boutique hoteliers, property owners and hosts and independent and privately owned accommodations across the globe—including boutique hotels, vacation rentals, inns, Airbnbs, cottages, castles and campsites. The “day of recognition” holiday is initiated by eviivo —a leading hospitality software company— in conjunction with eviivo Collective, a collection of unique, notable, and luxury independent properties worldwide, including villas, cottages, castles, and unique Airbnbs.

History of Independent Accommodation Day

First launched in 2018, Independent Accommodation Day was part of eviivo’s renowned “International Week of the Host,” where properties ran flash sales and celebrated through promotions and social media. From historic Airbnbs designed by famous architects in the US to The New York Times-recognized castles in Scotland to award-winning destination resorts in France, eviivo Collective properties are among the best places to stay in the world.

In 2023, eviivo announced the launch of eviivo Collective to recognize unique, notable and luxury independent properties worldwide. To celebrate eviivo Suite’s 10-year anniversary, the company is taking its commitment to the independent accommodation sector further by officially registering a global “Independent Accommodations Day.” a day of recognition, occurring globally and annually every March 24.


Independent Accommodation Day timeline

eviivo launches International Week of the Host

eviivo celebrates “International Week of the Host”, running flash sales to highlight unique properties by independent hosts.

Stays for Heroes

eviivo launches an initiative for all accommodation providers who want to help provide accommodation for front line workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Oscars of independent accommodations

eviivo Awards dubbed “Oscars of independent accommodations” by Daily Mail

Independent Accommodations Day

eviivo celebrates the 10-year anniversary milestone of eviivo Suite, the award-winning all-in-one property and booking management system, and launches eviivo Collective, a first-of-its-kind collection of the world’s most unique, notable and luxury independent properties worldwide.

Independent Accommodation Day FAQs

What properties are included in the eviivo Collective?

Unique, notable and luxury properties worldwide that are independently owned including boutique hotels, vacation rentals, inns, Airbnbs, cottages, castles and campsites. Properties are award winners, ranked best in their regions and truly special. Click here to see some of our unforgettable properties!

How can we help independent properties?

After a stay, leave a positive review on the property’s website or a travel review website. Reviews can be very helpful for independently owned properties to help spread awareness and get new customers.

How does eviivo help independent properties?

eviivo is renowned not only as the preferred booking and management system platform for boutique hoteliers, hosts and property owners to successfully run their business, the company is known for fostering a community, especially with its eviivo Collective, a collection of the world’s most unique, notable and luxury independent properties across the world.

How to Celebrate Independent Accommodation Day

  1. Stay in a unique independent property

    Celebrate Independent Accommodations Day by booking a stay at a unique, notable, or luxury independent property. eviivo Collective includes independently owned properties such as boutique hotels, historic Airbnbs, luxury vacation rentals, castles in the European countryside and unique inns throughout the world. Choose a unique property - and enjoy the experience.

  2. Show off your property on social media

    Post your amazing property or your vacation photos staying at unique, notable or luxury property on social media during the day. For maximum exposure, use the hashtags #eviivocollective and #happyIADay. Don’t forget to tag @eviivo so we can see your amazing photos!

  3. Spread the word

    If you’re a property owner, host or boutique hotelier, run a flash sale on March 24! We’ll be spreading the word about Independent Accommodations Day online, so attract eager searchers by lowering your online rates. If you’re simply a fan of unique, notable and luxury properties, celebrate with us on social media with hashtags #eviivocollective and #happyIADay!

5 Facts About Independent Accommodation Day

  1. #happyIADay

    The hashtag #happyIADay was created to be inclusive of everyone, whether they own a property or not.

  2. Global Holiday!

    Independent Accommodations Day is celebrated globally, in over 70 languages!

  3. Support for independent properties

    There’s a spike in bookings at independent properties around this day, which helps support an industry that doesn’t have the backing of large hotel chains.

  4. Social Media Takeover

    Many people on social media post selfies of their bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays and even romantic getaways from their vacations!

  5. Recognition

    This is the ONLY designated day that recognizes the independent accommodation industry and its amazing workforce.

Why We Love Independent Accommodation Day

  1. It recognizes independent properties globally

    Independent Accommodations Day is the ONLY designated day that recognizes the independent accommodation industry and its amazing workforce.

  2. Shows off amazing properties!

    It’s a great day to express yourself with photos of you on your vacation, or if you’re a boutique hotelier, property owner or host, to show off how amazing your property is.

  3. It’s a day to find diamonds in the rough

    Independent Accommodations Day is the perfect day to showcase the most unique independent properties across the globe and recognize those who work in the industry.

Independent Accommodation Day dates

2025March 24Monday
2026March 24Tuesday
2027March 24Wednesday
2028March 24Friday
2029March 24Saturday

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