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Flatmates Day – March 24, 2025

Flatmates across the world celebrate Flatmates Day on March 24 every year. A roommate is someone with whom you share a rented living space, such as an apartment or a dorm. Your flatmate most likely took your dog for a walk, made you soup while you were sick, or maybe loaned you money to cover your phone bill. Your flatmate has stood by you through thick and thin. Now it’s time to express gratitude and make the day better for the both of you.

History of Flatmates Day

In 2016, Flatmates Day was established. The history behind the creation of this holiday is a bit murky, but its inventor is thought to be a person who wanted to appreciate their roommate. A good flatmate is important due to the amount of time you’ll be spending together. Sharing a living space can be taxing if the two of you don’t mesh well together.

In New Zealand, the term ‘flatmate’ refers to the leasing of an unshared room within any sort of housing. The word is most commonly used to describe people who live together in rental residences rather than in homes where any of the residents is an owner-occupier. In the United States and Canada, the terms ‘roommate’ and ‘housemate’ are interchangeable regardless of whether or not a bedroom is shared while having a roommate at a university in the United States usually entails sharing a room. The most prevalent motive for apartment sharing is to save money on rent. The monthly rent for a two- or three-bedroom apartment is often substantially less per bedroom than the cost for a one-bedroom apartment in many rental markets.

In 2014, 7.7% of Americans lived with a roommate, according to the American Community Survey. Between 2000 and 2014, the percentage of Americans living with roommates climbed by a solid 13%, indicating that it is becoming a more popular way of life.

Flatmates Day timeline

A Survey of Americans With Roommates

7.7% of Americans live with a roommate, according to the American Community Survey.

Flatmates Day

Flatmates Day is created and celebrated for the first time.

The Premiere of “Flatmates”

“Flatmates,” a British comedy sitcom, premieres on iPlayer.

The Five-Year Anniversary

The five-year anniversary of the celebration of Flatmates Day takes place.

Flatmates Day FAQs

Who is the producer for “My Flatmates?”

Kayode Peters is the producer.

Where can I watch “Flatmates?”

It’s available on Netflix.

What's the difference between flatmate and roommate?

A roommate is someone with whom you share a bedroom, but a flatmate is someone with whom you share a house or apartment.

Flatmates Day Activities

  1. Clean up around the apartment

    Tidy up the common areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room without being prompted. This is especially important if your roommate is the one who normally cleans. Doing this will take the load off their backs.

  2. Treat your flatmate to dinner

    Thank your flatmates for being there with you while you celebrate. If you're able, cook a lovely dinner for your flatmates; if you're unable to cook, treat them to a pleasant dinner.

  3. Go on a trip

    Spending time with your flatmate is the finest way to commemorate this. You can prepare ahead of time and surprise them with a short getaway. Use the hashtag #FlatMatesDay to share photos from your vacation on social media.

5 Fun Facts About Flatmates

  1. Habit exchange

    The other roommates' lifestyles and eating habits frequently rub off on them.

  2. Uneven meal sharing

    There is no such thing as equal meal sharing among flatmates.

  3. Unofficial flatmates

    You will eventually have an unofficial third flatmate, usually your flatmate's significant other.

  4. Temperature arguments

    It's a never-ending effort to find an apartment temperature that's comfortable for both of you.

  5. The largest number of people with flatmates

    According to the 2017 Zillow housing trends study, Los Angeles, C.A. has the greatest proportion of people who live with flatmates.

Why We Love Flatmates Day

  1. It helps with cost-cutting

    The advantage of shared housing is that it can be significantly more cost-effective. Whether it's splitting the rent or shopping for groceries, the cost of living drops dramatically when there are more people.

  2. It's a good method to meet new people

    If you're new to a city, hiring a flatmate is a great way to meet new people right away. You will benefit from having a friend who lives nearby and is familiar with the area.

  3. Exposure to different cultures

    Flatmates can come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. This can be a great way to brush up on your linguistics or even your culinary skills, as well as an opportunity to exhibit part of your culture and learn about the culture of others.

Flatmates Day dates

2025March 24Monday
2026March 24Tuesday
2027March 24Wednesday
2028March 24Friday
2029March 24Saturday

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