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National Flapjack Day
FriMar 7

National Flapjack Day – March 7, 2025

National Flapjack Day on March 7 celebrates the sturdy and wholesome cereal cakes that we’ve been having for breakfast since eons ago. They have been a staple breakfast for millions of Americans who eat them to fuel their daily toils. Grandmas have developed recipes and handed them down generations to bring smiles to children and adults in families. Be it the farmer or the office-going executive, flapjacks have filled people with nutrients and energy to tackle the day ahead, making it the best way to start a day.

History of National Flapjack Day

A flapjack can be made of muesli, oats, or other cereals. It is usually available in a flat, round shape but is also famous as rectangular bars. The shape varies according to location and tradition.
Flapjacks are baked from a wheat or corn flour batter, cooked in a flat skillet, and cut into squares, circles, or rectangles. They are eaten with whipped cream, honey, or maple syrup. New recipes allow you to add pecans, walnuts, and even cut fruit slices, such as thick-sliced bananas, nowadays.

But why is it called flapjack? The name originated in the 1600s in England, with the ‘flap’ in flapjack referring to the flipping of the pancake to bake both sides uniformly. Apart from historical records, even archaeological evidence suggests that the breakfast cakes were consumed even in the prehistoric age. They are likely to be the first and the most consumed breakfast cereal in society.

The popular snack is addressed differently in various places. It is called the ‘granola bar’ in North America and ‘pancake’ in some parts of England. Some people also call it ‘hotcakes’, especially when they are served in stacks with ingredients such as whipped cream, and butter layered in-between. Some people also prefer to call it ‘griddle cake’ as it is popularly cooked on an oiled griddle.

Flapjacks taste the best with a hot cup of coffee and are popular with both city and town-dwellers as they fuel you up for a workday. Since 2020, the United States has observed the National Flapjack Day on March 7 to celebrate the lovely breakfast cake that has satiated mankind for ages.

National Flapjack Day timeline

16th Century
The First Record Of A Pancake Recipe

A Dutch chef creates a pancake recipe.

The 1600s
The ‘Flapjack’ Gets A Distinct Identity

The flipping of the pancake to cook it evenly on both sides gives it the distinct name ‘flapjack.’

The Largest Flapjack

Jacksons The Bakers, Ltd, prepare the largest flapjack globally, weighing about 250 pounds in the U.K.

The First Celebration Of National Flapjack Day

National Flapjack Day is registered in 2020 as an annual celebration to be held on March 7.

National Flapjack Day FAQs

When is National Flapjack Day?

Every year, March 7 is celebrated as National Flapjack Day in the North American continent.

When did flapjacks start becoming popular as a breakfast snack?

In the 1920s, folks started preferring a warm breakfast instead of cold cereals. Flapjacks were considered the best way to warm up and fuel oneself for the day ahead. The cereal snack has been a favorite since then.

Are flapjacks nutritious?

Flapjacks are rich in calories due to ample carbohydrates. There are also protein-rich variants that use muesli and oats as ingredients. Also, baked flapjacks ensure that the nutrients are retained when cooked.

How To Celebrate National Flapjack Day

  1. Host a flapjack breakfast

    Stir up flapjacks in different flavors and with various accompaniments. Call over your family and friends for breakfast. Have a hearty breakfast and create fun memories. See who has the most enormous stack on their plate.

  2. Organize a competition for eating the most flapjacks

    Host a small and fun competition at a breakfast joint. Call over a few friends or colleagues and host an informal competition. It'll be fun to see people hogging flapjacks with maple syrup or whipped cream. Click pics with the syrup-mouthed winners!

  3. Join the party on social media

    The day is a big draw on social media. People post pics and post their celebrations. Join the banter by posting a message of your celebrations or just some cute flapjack pics with #NationalFlapjackDay.

5 Top Breakfast Foods

  1. Flapjacks or pancakes

    Popular filling choices include blueberry, almonds, walnuts, and chocolate chips, which can be eaten with an assortment of servings.

  2. Bacon

    One of the most loved breakfast foods across income groups and ages that can be eaten on its own.

  3. Wraps

    Many people combine vegetables, meat, cheese, eggs, and so on, and fill them in tortillas to make a sumptuous breakfast that can be consumed on the move.

  4. Sandwiches

    A versatile recipe that can be mixed with various ingredients such as dairy products, vegetables, and meat.

  5. French toast

    The soft yet crisp and syrup-dripping bread preparation is highly popular with children and teenagers.

Why We Love National Flapjack Day

  1. We devour flapjacks, don't we!

    Who doesn't love eating the savory and filling flapjacks for breakfast? Serve it hot with a cup of piping coffee or dunk it in whipped cream or maple syrup. Any excuse to dig into flapjacks is welcome, isn't it?

  2. It presents a happy family breakfast occasion

    Breakfast with family fuels you for the grind ahead. When the family members come together at the breakfast table, there is plenty of cheer to power you for the day. So, even if you are supposed to face finicky clients today or would be busy delivering and wrapping packages to people, the memories of the happy faces at the breakfast table along with the nutrition-filled flapjacks will keep you going.

  3. Experiment with different fillings and toppings

    The day is about mixing, matching, and stacking your flapjacks. Stack up your Flapjacks and experiment with different accompaniments. You can try whipped cream, maple syrup, peanut butter or blueberry yogurt, e.t.c. Anything goes! That's the best part with flapjacks!

National Flapjack Day dates

2025March 7Friday
2026March 7Saturday
2027March 7Sunday
2028March 7Tuesday
2029March 7Wednesday

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