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National Cooper Day – March 7, 2025

National Cooper Day takes place on March 7. Cooper was an occupational moniker for someone who made or repaired barrels, casks, and buckets. It derives from the Middle English word ‘couper,’ which means ‘cowper.’ It was a highly valued trade in the Middle Ages, since building watertight containers was not an easy undertaking with the available equipment during that period. Cooper is a name that may be used for both boys and girls. It’s a lovely burnished metal, but it’s also used as police terminology. Coopering was a major aspect of business and communal life in medieval times because all liquids were transported in tubs and barrels. Coopering is a craft that is being practiced today to manufacture wooden barrels for real ale, whiskey, and port (as well as any other beverage that has to be ‘matured in wood’).

History of National Cooper Day

The surname Cooper was originally recorded in Sussex, England, although the name is now prevalent all over the world. The name is widespread in England, but rare or absent in the northern and south-western counties. It appears to have three major centers: one in the northern midlands, encompassing Cheshire, another in Sussex and Hampshire, and a third in Suffolk. Cheshire, Derbyshire, Hants, Leicestershire and Rutland, Notts, Suffolk, Sussex, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire are prominent counties for Coopers. This name and its derivatives were brought into Ulster Province in Ireland by settlers from England and Scotland, particularly during the 17th century.

With the unexplained exception of areas of the North, the name Cooper is rather evenly scattered throughout the country, as one would anticipate with such a broad vocation. As a result, there are several spelling variants. Couper, Cowper, and even Cupper are examples. Cooper is the fourth version, albeit in some circumstances this means ‘worker in copper’ (as in the variation ‘Coppersmith’). Cooper is sometimes spelled Coopper, however, it is now uncommon.

The name is first mentioned in the Pipe Rolls for Surrey in 1176 to 1177 A.D. One Robert (le) Cupere is referenced here. Two le Cuperes are mentioned in the Pipe Rolls for Norfolk from 1181 to 1182. The French ‘le’ is entirely Norman, and it became popular in England following the Conquest. It was especially common in occupational names, as in Robert the Cooper, Charles the Baker, and so on. The English crown invaded Ireland during the ”Plantations of Ireland” in the 16th and 17th centuries, signifying the end of Gaelic rule in Ireland.

National Cooper Day timeline

19th Century
Famous American Novelist

James Fenimore Cooper is the first great American novelist, and the creator of the “Leatherstocking Tales,” which feature the wilderness explorer Natty Bumppo, or Hawkeye.

First Locomotive in the United States

Peter Cooper is a philanthropist, inventor, and manufacturer from the United States, who creates the "Tom Thumb" locomotive.

Wins the Academy Award Twice

Gary Cooper wins the Academy Award for Best Actor twice and has three nominations, in addition to an Academy Honorary Award, for his career achievements.

Invented the Very First Mobile Phone

Martin Cooper is a wireless communications industry pioneer, particularly in radio spectrum management, holding 11 patents in the field.

National Cooper Day FAQs

How many coopers do you think there are in the world?

According to estimates, there may be 1,500 to 2,000 coopers left in the world, but it is still necessary. There is a lot that may go wrong with a barrel or how to repair a cask. It is only possible with a cooper.

What is Cooper's nickname?

Cooper is a naturally young choice with witty nicknames like Coop and Scoop.

Is Cooper an Irish surname?

This is an occupational name that means ‘the cooper,’ referring to someone who earned a living as a barrel maker.

National Cooper Day Activities

  1. Investigate the origins of your name

    A name is much more than just that! Your name contains a special significance!

  2. Gather with the other Coopers

    It's exciting to discover that you share a name with other individuals! But, considering how uncommon your name is in your community, how do you go about finding them? You might also try looking for it on the Internet.

  3. Share the significance on social media

    When you fully understand the significance of your name, you might be a bit cocky. It's now time to spill the beans on your social media platforms.

5 Fun Facts About The Name Cooper

  1. Originally an occupation

    Cooper is an Old English name that means ‘barrel builder;’ the occupation was previously given as a surname.

  2. Rapid climb

    The name Cooper began its phenomenal growth in 1982 and is a popular choice for infant boys.

  3. A first choice surname of that time

    Cooper was one of the first occupational last names to grab popularity — and Cooper remains a nice alternative.

  4. The big meaning behind the name

    The surname's popularity stems from the prominence of the cooper trade throughout Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

  5. It is very rare

    Cooper is the name of one out of every 401 newborn males and one out of every 15,095 baby girls born in 2020.

Why We Love National Cooper Day

  1. It was a highly valued craft

    Cooper refers to persons who built barrels, vats, casks, buckets, and other containers in Medieval England. At the time, this was a highly valued skill.

  2. They’re generous individuals

    Cooper is a name that suggests you are a humanitarian and helpful person. You are fascinated by the prospect of making our world a better place to live.

  3. Sucess to the fullest

    You value wealth, power, and material comforts. You want to be famous by accomplishing something noteworthy or exceptional.

National Cooper Day dates

2025March 7Friday
2026March 7Saturday
2027March 7Sunday
2028March 7Tuesday
2029March 7Wednesday

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