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International Women’s Week – March 2-5, 2024

International Women’s Week is celebrated worldwide from the first Saturday of March, leading to International Women’s Day (I.W.D.) on March 8. This year, it takes place from March 2 to 5. While I.W.D. has been globally observed since the 1900s, over time, the need was felt to devote a week to accommodate the multitude of events dedicated to the concept. The week is set to celebrate women and their role in society, as well as how far they have come in fighting for equal opportunities. Come on, let us celebrate women by eradicating gender biases and accepting them as an equal half in society. Some of the ways businesses, organizations, and people are addressing inequality is through introducing equality in their hiring practices, creating scholarships for women to enter previously male-dominated fields, and initiating celebrations like this.

History of International Women’s Week

It is not surprising that women worldwide are underpaid and underrepresented in society, although they work as hard as men. Women are more vulnerable and susceptible to physical and sexual abuse in their domestic or work settings. The imbalance will continue if the world does not come together to end age-old practices that accentuate gender bias and put women in an inferior position.

That is the philosophy behind the International Women’s Week that culminates in I.W.D. on March 8. The day was first mooted in the 1900s. The period was characterized by widespread protests across Europe, especially in Russia, against the discrimination against women in various aspects of social life, such as remuneration, voting rights, and so forth.

In the 1970s, the United Nations (U.N.) formalized the endeavors worldwide by passing a resolution to dedicate a day to creating awareness and educating the world about women’s rights. Subsequently, in the 1980s, when the day gained in popularity, it was expanded to include a whole week of activities at the beginning of March leading into I.W.D.

The International Women’s Week attempts to spread awareness about five critical aspects of women’s lives worldwide. Creating and enjoying happy relationships, self-knowledge, dealing with sexual and interpersonal violence, forming a positive self-image, and leadership development.

The U.N. has been forefronting a change in society’s attitudes towards women. Throughout International Women’s Week, the U.N. organizes events on the various aspects of women’s lives, emphasizing fostering an atmosphere of equality.

Every year, many organizations worldwide, including commercial enterprises, arrange functions, conferences, seminars, and other events to spread awareness about the need to provide women with equal opportunities to shine.

International Women’s Week timeline

Women March Through New York City

Thousands of women march through New York City asking for shorter working hours, better wages, and voting rights.

An International Women's Day is Mooted

At a conference for working women in Germany, Clara Zetkin, a champion of women's rights, advocates an International Women's Day in a year.

Women Hold a Strike in Russia

On a date corresponding to March 8 on the Gregorian calendar, Russian women textile workers hold countrywide protest demonstrations for 'Bread and Peace,' which demands, among many things, the right to vote for women.

International Women's Day is Born

The United Nations General Assembly declares March 8 as the day dedicated to women's rights and christens it ‘International Women's Day.’

International Women’s Week FAQs

Is there an International Women's Week?

International Women’s Week is celebrated in the first week of March, beginning from the first Saturday to International Women’s Day on March 8. While the Day has been globally observed since the 1900s, over time, the need was felt to devote a week to accommodate the multitude of events dedicated to the concept.

Why is International Women's Day on March 8?

In 1917, on a date corresponding to March 8 on the Gregorian calendar, Russian women textile workers held countrywide protest demonstrations for “Bread and Peace,” which demanded, among many things, the right to vote for women. Later, in 1975, the United Nations decided to honor the event by proclaiming March 8 as International Women’s Day.

Which year is called International Women's Year?

The United Nations termed 1975 International Women’s Year. It celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time on March 8 that year.

How to Observe International Women’s Week

  1. Attend an event and educate yourself

    During International Women's Week, some events talk about creating a safe and equal society for women. Participate in a march, symposium, talk, or just an informal networking seminar. Share your thoughts and understand how you can make women's lives happier and safer. The more aware people are, the safer the world is for women.

  2. Contribute time to a woman's initiative

    Spend the day in a local women's shelter or help women from a local collective with your skills. If you can teach a skill or help women earn a living, it will help them become financially independent and more sure about their rightful place in society.

  3. Organize an event at your workplace

    The workplace is the best way to start creating a gender-diverse and equal society. Invite people working in the field of women's rights to share their thoughts on making the world a better place for women. Amplify their efforts through your workplace. The change will only happen one organization at a time.

5 Facts About Women's Poor Representation In Society

  1. Women in parliament

    In 2020, only 24.9 % of parliamentarians globally were women.

  2. Women C.E.Os in Fortune 500 companies

    As per a 2019 study, less than 7 % of the companies in the Fortune 500 index had women C.E.Os.

  3. Nobel Prize Winners

    Out of 900 individual awardees of the Nobel Prize between 1901 to 2019, only 53 were women.

  4. The pay gap

    Worldwide, women earn 23 % less than their male counterparts.

  5. The informal economy

    Globally, the informal economy employs nearly 60 % of the women's population.

Why International Women’s Week is Important

  1. We need a gender-equal society

    A gender-equal society is a non-negotiable idea. We cannot have a world where half of the population is discriminated against because of gender. To create a gender-neutral society, we need to educate people. An international day is one of the best avenues for that.

  2. We spread awareness about women's plight

    Women, especially from the lower-income groups, suffer oppression more than their male counterparts. Since they are more vulnerable to violence, they often resign to their fate. More awareness is needed to break the trap of violence and persecution that women find themselves in.

  3. It empowers women

    Women's plight will improve when they become socially confident and financially independent. When we celebrate women, we empower and strengthen them to create their identity.

International Women’s Week dates

2022March 5Saturday
2023March 4Saturday
2024March 2Saturday
2025March 1Saturday
2026March 7Saturday

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