40 Retirement Gifts for Women

Our Best 3 Picks


Kimono Robe

Made of 100% polyester, with split hem and side pockets.

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Also Great

Retirement Planning Guide

Contains information about market changes and future insurance.

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Good on a Budget

Retirement Coloring Book

Contains funny retirement sayings and intricate designs like mandalas.

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Thoughtful Retirement Gifts for Women

Hardcover Journal

Includes 176 writing pages for personal reflection and bible verses.

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Decorative Puzzle Plaque

Features embossed text made from high-quality wood material.

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Jewelry Tray

Glazed ceramic tray with marble pattern measuring 3.9" x 3.9" x 0.6.

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Retirement Planning Guide

Contains information about market changes and future insurance.

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Heart Plaque

8.5-ounce heart paperweight with sentimental inscription and blue detail.

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Digital Retirement Card

Get a PDF/JPG digital card and print the 5”x 7” card at the office.

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Farewell Bracelet with Gift Card

This amethyst bracelet has a good luck charm attached at the base.

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Angel Figurine

Stone resin and crystal figurine with inscription measuring 9 inches.

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Personalized Retirement Gifts for Women

Tree of Life Wind Chimes

3-piece wooden set that can be personalized with custom inscriptions.

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Floral Tumbler

Premium 2oz skinny tumbler featuring a high gloss finish and graphics.

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“Happy Retirement” Cutting Board

Premium 0.75-inch top grain with lower center customized inscription.

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Digital Letter Art

Personalized alphabet photography featuring a name, date, and more.

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Custom Bobblehead

Made of polymer clay, it stands at 6.5 to 12 inches tall.

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Custom Socks with Faces

Polyester socks that can be personalized with up to 15 faces.

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History Newspaper

A printable copy is available in various sizes with 300dpi resolution.

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Retirement Caricature

Made-to-order and can include text, logos, hobbies, and more details.

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Fabulous Wine Glass

A 23 oz cocktail glass with decor that doesn’t stain lips or fall off.

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Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipes

A compilation of the most traditional chilis and salsas in Mexico.

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An introduction to activities, exercises, and side-gigs in retirement.

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“BAD People” Game

A voting game where you find out what your friends think of you.

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Medieval Times Chess Set

Blue and white Maltese cross with a 17-inch mosaic design board.

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“Retirement Hobbies: Activity Book”

Filled with hobby ideas and hobby-themed puzzles, mazes, and sudoku.

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Gardening Tools

An 83-piece set with non-slip ergonomic handle tools plus a tote bag.

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Bakeware Set

An 8-piece non-stick set with heat-resistant silicon handles.

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Luxury Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement Gifts With Luxury Gift Box

Includes 7 gifts such as a mug, card, makeup pouch, keychain and tray.

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Love Knot Necklace

Minimalist 18-inch necklace with a cubic zirconia gemstone.

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Hooded Bathrobe

Made from 100% plush polyester fleece with tie closure and hood.

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“Happy Retirement” Throw Blanket

Microfleece blanket made from flannel and engraved with text.

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Luxurious Bath Bombs

Features 24 exotic scents made from moisturizing vegan material.

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Kimono Robe

Made of 100% polyester, with split hem and side pockets.

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Retirement Pillowcase

Includes a vibrant pattern on a brushed polyester sateen.

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Versace’s Dylan Blue

Floral and fruity fragrance with notes of blackcurrant and clover.

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Funny Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement Toilet Paper

A funny 3-ply roll with safe-skin printing and a no-smudge guarantee.

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Retired Business Cards

50-piece bleed-free cards printed on 350 gsm kraft paper stock.

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“A Wise Woman Once Said” Makeup Bag

A 16 oz pouch with heat transfer printing and waterproof material.

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Delightful Scented Candle

With 3 scents: White Sage + Lavender; Clean Cotton; Sea Salt + Orchid.

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Retirement Coloring Book

Contains funny retirement sayings and intricate designs like mandalas.

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“License to Chill”

Retirement printable with names, dates, and calligraphy lettering.

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Retirement T-Shirt

Available in several colors made from stretchy polyester and cotton.

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Retirement Mug

11 oz ceramic print mug, both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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She’s hanging up her working shoes after a long career. Retirement gifts are a great way to congratulate her and welcome her to this new chapter in her life. 

Choosing the best retirement gifts for women

Leaving the workforce and entering retirement is an exciting time for most women, but experts say it can also leave some feeling a little uncertain. She may know exactly how she’s going to spend all her free time, or she may wonder how she’s going to fill it. Regardless, this is an impressive milestone and a great gift is the perfect way to celebrate her achievements.

There are a few things to consider when buying retirement gifts. What’s your relationship with the woman who’s retiring and how does she plan to spend her free time? If it’s someone you’re close with, like your mom, sister, or best friend, a beautiful personalized gift that manages to tie in with her interests is ideal. The personalization makes it heartfelt and if it appeals to her interests, it becomes an even more meaningful keepsake.  

She may want to use this as an opportunity to travel, perhaps she wants to devote the time to her hobbies, or she could just want to relax. Gifts that can encourage or facilitate her traveling aspirations and hobbies, or that provide a bit of pampering would then be great options. And if she’s unsure about this next chapter, gifts that encourage her to explore her interests more or that are entertaining are ones to consider.

How we identified the best retirement gifts for women

The traditional retirement age in the United States is 65 and experts believe that for many, life begins again after retirement. To celebrate this milestone, we selected retirement gifts that are popular among women and that either serve as meaningful congratulatory keepsakes or that appeal to their interests and hobbies, and that will facilitate this exciting new chapter in their lives. 

After women retire, many of them like to proudly reflect on their careers and achievements. After all, they devoted decades of their lives to their jobs. We selected gifts that best celebrate their accomplishments, that will allow them to fondly think back on them, and that will wish them well. Additionally, many of these gifts can be personalized, which will make them all the more sentimental. 

With all the free time on their hands, many women view this as the perfect opportunity to pursue their interests and hobbies. We chose gifts that will inspire them to stay active as well as try new things. We also selected a variety of leisure and pampering gifts because, after her many years of hard work, she deserves this special kind of treatment. 

Tips for buying the best retirement gifts for women

  1. Ask her partner
    If you want to give her the best possible retirement gift, ask her husband or partner what she’s most excited to do when she retires. Once you have a good idea of how she wants to spend her time, you can buy a gift that can encourage or complement her plans.
  2. Consider her interests
    A gift that centers around her interests shows thoughtfulness and consideration. If she enjoys cooking, buy her a cooking book that will encourage her to try new recipes. Maybe she loves being outdoors in nature. A great pair of hiking boots or camping chairs should do the trick. She’ll appreciate something that can facilitate her hobbies.
  3. Consider your relationship
    Your relationship with the retiree should inform your gift-buying decision. If you’re very close, personalized items are more meaningful, whereas if it’s an acquaintance or coworker, you can opt for more practical gifts or fun gifts that don’t have to be quite as sentimental.