Tyler Steinkamp, born March 6, 1995, always knew he would dedicate his life to sport — just not the type of sports he might have expected in the beginning. Steinkamp created his “Tyler1” online persona — a lauded esports streamer that mastered the arts of the widely-acclaimed “League of Legends” (LoL) video game. Although he launched his Twitch account in 2013, he rose to online prominence in 2016 as his legend grew following “Riot Games’” permanent suspension from League of Legends. In 2018, his ban was overturned, and upon his triumphal comeback, he set new Twitch streaming records

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Tyler Steinkamp


tyler1, T1, TT, loltyler1

Birth date:

March 6, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4.3 million

Tyler's Social Media:


Although nothing is known about Tyler Steeinkamp’s childhood, family, or road to his interest in video games, it is known that he was interested in both video games and athletics from an early age. Steinkamp was born in March 1995 and lives in New London, Missouri. For a mixed-race kid from Missouri, being a global phenomenon online was not in the plans of anyone. His exciting journey as a vivid source of high-quality and funny virtual content using nothing more than his face and his name begins shortly before graduating from high school in 2014. That year, he created his YouTube channel in which he started sharing his first streamings of “LoL;” by then, he was already an above-average player. His initial content didn’t attract that many views, but after a video in which he claimed he would ‘reform’ his channel to make it more appealing to the public, he started winning subscribers at an accelerating rate of 1000 per week.

Steinkamp attended the “Central Methodist University,” where he studied computer science. It is said that Steinkamp was a very good student, but he eventually withdrew from pursuing a degree, claiming that he would focus on his internet career entirely. In 2014, he had a steady following, but he was largely renowned for his toxic conduct. He verbally attacked, threatened, and lost the game on purpose, earning him an indefinite ban on 22 charges and the title of ‘The Most Toxic Player in North America’ from the online community. However, after his claim that he had changed, his community garnered a large number of followers. Unfortunately, his attitude quickly reverted to its original state, prompting professional players to condemn his actions and criticize “Riot Games” for failing to do anything to prevent it. Steinkamp’s accounts were instantly banned once ‘Riot Games” announced that he was no longer authorized to own an account in 2016. He was compelled to break away from the “League of Legends,” and his content became more eccentric as a result. Tyler claimed shortly after that he had changed for the better and that he would never bully people online again, and while it was an impossible promise to uphold, his ‘toxic’ behaviors were indeed less common.

In 2017 he wrote many appeals to “Riot Games” and after careful consideration by the moderators, his permanent ban was lifted starting in January 2018. The missed hero returned that month to stream “LoL.” For the first time, more than 350,000 Twitch viewers watched his vindication live the first time in two years, creating a new milestone and precedence in the history of gaming streaming. He was allowed to keep playing the game he loved, and by 2020, he had risen to the top of all five conceivable “LoL” roles. That same year “T1” —one of the most recognized esports management businesses — signed him as a content creator. Up to this day, Steinkamp keeps laying a big grin on all his fans — who have learned to accept him as he is.

Career timeline

The Twitch Channel

Steinkamp joins Twitch.

The Ranking In “LoL”

Steinkamp is ranked in 14th place on the North American “LoL” ladder.

The Ban From “LoL”

After the number of subscribers grew exponentially to 92,000, Steinkamp is banned from the video game platform due to his ‘toxic behavior.’

The Ban is Lifted

Several appeals by Steinkamp himself make “Riot Games” reconsider his ban, the sanction is lifted and he starts streaming LoL again.

The Deal With “T1”

T1 is an esports joint venture that manages some esports teams; they sign Steinkamp as a content creator for their organization.

Why We Love Tyler1

  1. His reputation had a comeback

    Steinkamp was known as the ‘League of Legends” most toxic player. He, however, changed positively and people credit him for that.

  2. He is open about video game addiction

    In 2018 during a stream, Tyler confessed he was addicted to video games. He prompted subscribers to share their stories and shared advice given by the game’s developers.

  3. His honesty

    He may fight his own battles with rage and online toxicity, but part of his appeal is the honesty with which he shares his emotions. This ends up making his content relatable for his viewers.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was banned from “League of Legend”

    Steinkamp was banned for two years, but his sanction was lifted due to “Riot Games” acknowledging he had changed.

  2. He broke Twitch viewership record

    Steinkamp’s first “League of Legends” stream after his ban broke a Twitch record for most simultaneous viewers in his stream — 386,000 people were watching him live and it was one of the most-watched streams in history.

  3. He was a very good football player

    Steinkamp does not only have esports abilities, but he was also an outstanding football player during high school, in the running back position.

  4. He has his own clothing merchandise

    Snapbacks, tanks, and hoodies can be bought through his website, all pieces have messages or symbols alluding to the streamer.

  5. He only uses Draven in “LoL”

    Steinkamp is known for mastering the Draven marksman character, this is noteworthy since most “LoL” pro users know how to use a wide range of characters, but T1 is always loyal to Draven.

Tyler1 FAQs

Does Tyler1 have a kid?

No, he does not have a child.

Are Erobb and Tyler brothers?

Erobb is Steinkamps younger brother. He is also a streamer.

How many roles did Tyler1 get Challenger in?

He achieved “LoL’s” highest-ranking (Challenger) in all five of the game’s roles.

Tyler1’s birthday dates

2025March 6Thursday
2026March 6Friday
2027March 6Saturday
2028March 6Monday
2029March 6Tuesday

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