Biannca Prince

Biannca Prince was born on March 6, 1997. She is an American YouTuber, musician, and content creator. She started creating YouTube with her then-boyfriend Damien Prince to finance their young family in 2016. Over time, they have grown in leaps and bounds. The couple has expanded their content to include five YouTube channels, and they have leveraged their audience to launch careers in music. Prince was not always a person who liked cameras, and she had to overcome shyness to become the social media content creator she is today. We’ll help you celebrate the amazing woman here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Biannca Prince

Birth date:

March 6, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$18 million

Biannca's Social Media:


Biannca Prince was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. Her ethnicity is mixed, being part black, part white, and part Indian. Her father is Charles Raines, a businessman, and her mother is Jennifer Raines, a housewife. Prince’s zodiac sign is Pisces. She has seven siblings. After high school, Prince started working at Little Caesars, a pizza chain. She met Damien Prince, her future husband, while working there in 2012; they were co-workers. He was the outlet manager of the pizza shop where Prince worked, and he trained her as a new employee.

By 2016, Prince was pregnant with her first child, and her family lived from hand to mouth. Damien was already creating YouTube gaming content before 2016. In 2016, they both decided to give YouTube their full attention, and it paid off. They created a new family channel, “The Prince Family.” Next, they switched to family-based content. They got inspiration from other YouTube families. By 2022, the couple owned five different YouTube channels. Each channel has millions of subscribers who expect content every day.

Prince has also leveraged her audience to launch a music career. In 2020, she released her first single, ‘Sheesh.’ She also made a video to promote the song. Her audience enjoyed the song as she got more than 10 million views on YouTube. Prince has tried to live above controversy. However, she landed in trouble when she made specific comments about her daughter’s eyes. The comments were seen as colorist, and she suffered a backlash from their audience. However, the content creator apologized to her fans and promised to do better.

Career timeline

She Works at Little Caesars

A young Biannca Prince starts working at the pizza chain.

She Starts a YouTube Channel

Prince starts a YouTube channel with her boyfriend Damien Prince to improve their finances.

She Gets Married

Prince begins life with her husband, Damien.

She Launches Her Music Career

Prince drops 'Sheesh,' a rap song.

Why We Love Biannca Prince

  1. She loves her family

    Biannca Prince loves spending time with her family. It is always inspiring to see people who spend time with their loved ones.

  2. She takes care of her parents

    Prince paid for her mother's cancer treatment. We love people who go out of their way to help their families.

  3. She loves to try new things

    Prince tried her hands at music. We love people who go out of their comfort zones to try new things.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a foodie

    Biannca Prince loves food, and she even does food challenges and Mukbang videos for YouTube.

  2. She has green eyes

    Prince’s eyes were blue when she was born but the color later changed to green.

  3. The doctors thought she was a boy

    When her mother went for an ultrasound, the doctors told her Prince was male.

  4. She was a teen mom

    She had her first child at 17.

  5. Prince has multiple YouTube channels

    Together with her husband, Prince runs five YouTube channels.

Biannca Prince FAQs

What is Biannca Prince's real name?

Her real name is Biannca Prince. She doesn’t have a stage name.

When did Biannca Prince get married?

Prince is married to Damien Prince. The couple got married in 2017.

What do Biannca Prince and Damien Prince do for a living?

The couple creates content on the YouTube platform for a living.

Biannca Prince’s birthday dates

2025March 6Thursday
2026March 6Friday
2027March 6Saturday
2028March 6Monday
2029March 6Tuesday

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