Sykkuno was born on June 4, 1991. He is an American Twitch streamer, content creator, and YouTuber. His career dates back to 2015. He mostly streams live video game feed to his YouTube channel. Sykkuno is a professional gamer who plays “Minecraft,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Among Us,” “Valorant,” and “Mario Party.” He has four million and two million followers on Twitch and YouTube, respectively. Sykkuno is a revered gamer. Join us as we celebrate his special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:




Birth date:

June 4, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.2 million

Sykkuno's Social Media:


Sykkuno was born in San Gabriel, California. He is of Vietnamese and Chinese heritage. Sykkuno’s interest in video games got piqued early. He spent most of his spare time on computers. Sykkuno graduated from high school and enrolled in college, where he obtained a degree in Mathematics. Sykkuno got a job after school as a software developer before committing to gaming full-time.

His YouTube channel went live in 2011. His first set of videos was related to the video game “League of Legends.” These videos were on his older YouTube account ― Sykku. In 2012, he created Sykkuno, which became his main channel. Sykkuno kept creating content related to “League of Legends” until he explored other games like “Among Us” and “Grand Theft Auto V.” He consistently posted commentaries of game videos. In 2019, Sykkuno transitioned to his Twitch account, which had been active since 2011. He became popular on the platform because of his laid-back demeanor. In February 2020, he began streaming with his webcam on.

Sykkuno is a revered gamer and streamer. He has worked with many reputable names in his niche including Jacksepticeye, LilyPichu, Pokimane, and Ludwig Ahgren. He loves anime and posts himself as an anime character. Sykkuno shares the benefits of his success with his family. He has two sisters and a dog. He posts his dog often. He is single and doesn’t have kids.

Career timeline

He Starts His YouTube Account

He creates his YouTube account.

Transition To Twitch

Sykkuno starts streaming regularly on Twitch.

One Million YouTube Subscribers

Sykkuno hits a million subscribers on YouTube.

A Subathon Stream

Sykkuno hosts an impromptu stream session on his Twitch channel.

Why We Love Sykkuno

  1. He gave to charity

    Sykkuno was a part of the “Among Us” charity stream on “The Tonight Show” with several celebrities. The proceeds from this stream were donated to charity.

  2. He’s talented

    Sykkuno is a talented game streamer. His huge following and recognition corroborate this claim.

  3. He is cute

    Sykkuno is quite handsome. We appreciate a good-looking, thoughtful star!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has a Master's

    Sykkuno has a Master's in Statistics.

  2. No one knew what he looked like

    Sykkuno never showed his face when he became a consistent video game streamer.

  3. He’s been nominated for awards

    Sykkuno was nominated for Streamer of the Year and Best G.T.A. R.P. Streamer.

  4. He dresses his dog

    Sykkuno has cute little outfits for his dog.

  5. He partnered with Current

    Sykkuno has partnered with Current.

Sykkuno FAQs

What is Sykkuno’s real name?

His real name is rumored to be Thomas.

Are Valkryae and Sykkuno dating?

No. They are friends who live together.

What does Sykkuno mean?

Sykkuno means ‘gamer on the mountain.’

Sykkuno’s birthday dates

2024June 4Tuesday
2025June 4Wednesday
2026June 4Thursday
2027June 4Friday
2028June 4Sunday

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