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She’s Funny That Way Day – March 31, 2025

She’s Funny That Way Day is celebrated every year on March 31 to celebrate all the rib-tickling women in our lives as well as the noteworthy women in comedy that we couldn’t live without. We can all agree that laughter is what makes life worth living. How many times have you sought solace in comedy? How many times have you watched a sitcom so many times that you remember all the punchlines? Much of the content we love and consume has been produced by women who have long been sidelined in the field of comedy. This is the day to appreciate female comedians and kick the age-old adage of “women aren’t funny” in the face!

History of She’s Funny That Way Day

The day was started by writer Brenda Meridith who authored the novel “She’s Funny That Way” in 2003. Now you may be wondering why we’re celebrating only women in comedy? Why not all the people in comedy?

While it’s a great idea to celebrate all kinds of comedians, women have faced a much harder time breaking into the field of comedy thanks to generations of gatekeeping by men. Even though comedy is thought to have originated in ancient Greece, women didn’t start making an appearance till the eighteenth century. These early acts were often rooted in the traditional roles of women as housewives and mothers. Their jokes and acts were tailored to what men would find funny without threatening their fragile sense of masculinity and can be seen in the acts of Phyllis Diller, Mae West, and Helen Kane. As women’s presence in comedy became more widespread and accepted, they were able to expand the topics they could talk about.

Even though we have tons of great female comedians all around the world today, we should also remember that the fight is not completely over. Go to the comments section of any YouTube video that features a female stand-up comedian and you’re bound to find a multitude of comments talking about how women aren’t funny and should stay away from comedy. You might have even heard your own friends and family voice these opinions. Courageous women who weren’t afraid of going up on the stage before a largely male heckle-ready audience have helped pave the way for a generation of female comedians. So don’t forget to show your support for female comedians on She’s Funny That Way as women continue to fight prejudice — all while making you laugh!

She’s Funny That Way Day timeline

425 B.C.
The Roots of Comedy

Comedy originates in ancient Greece.

Jackie “Moms” Mabley

Mabley rises in popularity, playing the Apollo stage more than any other performer and earning up to $10,000 per week.

Lucille Ball Takes the Stage

The Classic American sitcom “I Love Lucy” starring the actress and comedian airs.

Still a Boys Club

Amy Schumer is the only woman to feature on “Forbes”’ list of ‘top 10 highest-paid comedians.’

She’s Funny That Way Day FAQs

Who is known as the queen of comedy?

Phyllis Diller, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 95, is often referred to as the queen of comedy. She was instrumental in opening doors for women in the field and paving the way for a whole new generation of female comedians.

How to become a comedian?

Try your hand at improv to help with comedic timing, study and observe the style of your favorite comedy stars, get comfortable in front of crowds, craft a persona for yourself, work on writing some material, and learn to deal with constructive criticism. Consider joining a local comedy workshop or enroll yourself in an online course.

Why do some people believe women aren’t funny?

While there’s no solid answer for this, one reason could be that comedy is traditionally seen as a masculine discipline with no place for women. Some others believe that men are more likely to be funny as a form of mating ritual, wherein they prove their worth by making women laugh — although there is not enough scientific evidence to support this stance.

She’s Funny That Way Day Activities

  1. Attend a female-led comedy show

    Book tickets for you and your friends for a female-led stand-up comedy show in your town. Go watch your favorite artist or discover your new favorite comedian at an open mic show.

  2. Watch some female-made content

    Grab some popcorn and binge through an array of female-led and women-centric comedy shows. Watch shows like “Fleabag,” “Insecure,” “New Girl,” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” You can even enjoy some hilarious episodes of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” — many of which have been written by legends like Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler.

  3. Enjoy your favorite comedians online

    Look up videos of your favorite female comedians online and laugh your way through the day. You can start right from Jackie “Moms” Mabley and Lucille Ball and build your way up to more contemporary stars like Ali Wong, Joan Rivers, Tiffany Haddish, Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Wiig, Chelsea Handler, Wanda Sykes, and Tina Fey. Trust us, you’re unlikely to run out of content!

5 Facts About Comedy That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Comedians might have it more difficult

    According to a study, stand-up comedians tend to die younger than the average population and also other types of comedic actors.

  2. The first comedy club

    Mitzi Shore was co-founder of the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, which was the first club dedicated solely to stand-up comedy.

  3. The mother of modern comedy

    Shore also founded Comedy Channel Inc., which eventually transformed into Comedy Central.

  4. Joan Rivers was a trailblazer

    Rivers was the first woman to host a late-night talk show, “The Late Show”, on a major network.

  5. “Saturday Night Live”

    The long-running hit show appointed Tina Fey as its first female head writer, taking the show to a whole new level.

Why We Love She’s Funny That Way Day

  1. It celebrates women

    Any day that honors the struggles and celebrates the many achievements of women is a great day in our books! Women have not been given due credit for their work for far too long. She’s Funny That Way Day attempts to change that!

  2. Humor is an important feminist tool

    By reclaiming an art form that used to be exclusively male, feminist comedians have used this traditionally male space to turn the tables. Today, feminist comedians talk about issues like menstruation, rape, gender inequality, unrealistic beauty standards, and the patriarchy in front of a wide range of audiences.

  3. It’s a day to laugh out loud

    The best way to honor women in comedy is to consume their content, which is guaranteed to leave you in splits. Not only is comedy fun to watch, but it’s also great for your physical and mental health!

She’s Funny That Way Day dates

2025March 31Monday
2026March 31Tuesday
2027March 31Wednesday
2028March 31Friday
2029March 31Saturday

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