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National Aviation Week

National Aviation Week – August 19-25, 2024

Are you ready to celebrate National Aviation Week starting on August 19? The week is flooded with events such as conferences, exhibitions, webinars, etc. to celebrate the history of aviation. The week also coincides with National Aviation Day — an occasion that celebrates the Wright brothers. Are you wondering why this week needs to be celebrated? It’s because the creation of aviation has led to globalization, and has given us the ability to travel across the world! This year, recognize the importance of aviation and celebrate the week in full swing by honoring the geniuses that contributed to the spectacular invention.

History of National Aviation Week

Aviation is an invention that has existed for centuries in various forms. Why did humans want to fly? Because birds served as an example that living things can survive at a certain height. Inspired by their flights, legends regarding human flight started to be introduced in ancient Greek mythology. For instance, there is a legend of Icarus –— the flying human. However, it wasn’t until 1000 B.C. that a kite, the first flying device, was invented in China. In 852 B.C., a failed flying attempt took place where English King Bladud tried to fly but was killed in the process. Innovation improved by 400 B.C. and Archytas of Tarentum is reported to have made a steam-propelled pigeon. In 1250 A.D., English cleric Robert Bacon wrote about mechanical flight, and finally, between 1485 to 1500, Leonardo da Vinci began to design flying machines and parachutes. From that time onwards, the inventions related to flying only advanced.

In 1647, Italian inventor Tito Livio Burattini was invited by the Polish King Władysław IV to his court in Warsaw. This was the time he built a model aircraft with four fixed glider wings that became known as the “four pairs of wings attached to an elaborate dragon”. The device managed to lift a cat in 1648, but could not be used to help humans fly. This was considered the most sophisticated flying device of the 19th century. The airplanes as we know them today were developed by Orville Wright in the 1900s and the first flight of his invention lasted for 12 seconds. The Wright Brothers are recognized as the first to invent aircraft controls that made fixed-wing flight possible.

National Aviation Week timeline

Fly Away

The word ’aviation’ is coined by writer and naval officer Gabriel La Landelle.

18th century
An Odd Balloon

The hot air balloon is invented.

Glide Away

Otto Lilienthal creates controlled gliding flying

The Plane Diaries

The Wright Brothers construct the first powered airplane.

National Aviation Week FAQs

Is there a National Pilot Day?

Yes. It is also known as National Aviation Day and is celebrated on August 19.

How much do international pilots make?

Most international pilots make around $121,000 flying large jets.

Who invented aviation?

The Wright brothers invented the modern form of aviation in 1903.

How to Celebrate National Aviation Week

  1. Visit an aviation museum

    To observe the week and view some unique models of airplanes and aviation devices, visit an aviation museum.

  2. Travel on a plane

    What better way to mark the week than by traveling on an aviation device such as an airplane? Another option is to hop into a hot-air balloon.

  3. Watch a documentary

    The easiest way to catch up on the history of the week is by viewing a famous documentary that covers all the essential dates in the history of aviation.

5 Fun Facts About Aviation

  1. A fear of flying

    80% of the population is afraid to fly — the fear is known as aerophobia.

  2. The weight of a Boeing 747 engine

    It weighs almost 9,500 pounds.

  3. The population that travels by airplane

    Only 5% of the world population has traveled by air.

  4. Cabin crew rules in the 1930s

    Airlines wouldn’t hire women over the age of thirty.

  5. The oxygen masks on airplanes

    They provide only 12 minutes of airflow.

Why We Love National Aviation Week

  1. It celebrates history

    The history of aviation is a long and complicated one. It also took years and constant experimentation to reach the point we are at today. Hence, it is essential to honor those who were responsible for the inventions.

  2. It motivates the youth

    Celebrating the week encourages and motivates the youth to work towards creating new inventions in the world of aviation.

  3. It’s educational

    For those who want to know about the past and the history of aviation, the week is extremely educational and provides unique information.

National Aviation Week dates

2024August 19Monday
2025August 19Tuesday
2026August 19Wednesday
2027August 19Thursday
2028August 19Saturday

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