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MonAug 19

National Photography Day – August 19, 2024

National Photography Day, celebrated on August 19, honors the photographer who works to offer us images from across the world. Photography catches society’s imagination, and the photographer who captures it and puts it on display in public may be found here. Without the hand of a dedicated photographer, the images and art we adore would be nothing. Let us pay tribute to photographers by promising to give them credit where credit is due. Portrait photography, fashion photography, architecture photography, and landscape photography are just a few of the many forms of photography accessible today.

History of National Photography Day

Every year on August 19, World Photography Day is honored. The day is an unofficial holiday that allows people to honor the art of photography. Photographers that have a passion for the genre get together to share their approaches and thoughts with the rest of the globe. The day honors originality and intricacies in the world of photography. It’s an opportunity to encourage more individuals to pursue this style of art that has captivated the globe for decades.

The celebration of World Photography Day dates back to 1837 in France. By inventing the ‘daguerreotype,’ two Frenchmen named Joseph Nicephore Niepcce and Louis Daguerre created the first photography process. On January 19, 1837, the French Academy of Sciences formally proclaimed the development of the daguerreotype. It is thought that 10 days after the announcement, the French government acquired the patent for the innovation and handed it to the world as a free gift with no copyright.

While the French discovery is regarded as the beginning of commercial photography, William Henry Fox Talbot simplified the technique of photographing in 1839. Mr. Talbot developed a more adaptable photography method on salt prints on paper. This more adaptable technology competed with the metal-based daguerreotype.

Over 40 years later, in 1884, George Eastman of Rochester, New York perfected the daguerreotype method. He replaced the copper plate with a dry gel on paper that he dubbed film. This technology eliminated the need for photographers to transport heavy copper plates and dangerous chemicals. Eastman created the Kodak camera in 1888. The inventional made it possible for almost everyone to take a photograph.

Photography has developed over time as a result of technological improvements and advancements. While there is a sea of variety in terms of approaches, aesthetics, angle, and quality, the language and substance stay the same. There was a period when new processes for transferring pictures and illustrations from woodcuts and engravings and subsequently duplicating them were developed. Despite a profusion of changes, photography continues to be loved by connoisseurs as we grow in a completely digital world. Photography can immediately capture expressions, sentiments, ideas, and moments and immortalize them for future generations to witness. It is now one of the online jobs that many people are doing conveniently on the side for some extra income.

With the rise of digital photography, many individuals no longer use film in their cameras. Some photographers however prefer film over digital photography. Some of the reasons are their preferences for the film that include greater resolution, there is no need for electricity and fewer copyright concerns.

National Photography Day timeline

Innovative Image Production

Frenchman Louis Daguerre in collaboration with Joseph Nicephore Niepce creates the daguerreotype.

First Commercial Photography

Taking pictures shifts from art to ways of documenting key occasions.

Introduction of Color Photography

James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish scientist, creates the world’s first color photography.

First World Photography Day

Approximately 270 photographers from around the world upload photos to an internet collection.

National Photography Day FAQs

When was the first National Photography Day celebrated?

The first National Photography Day celebrations were held in 2010.

What qualifications do you need to become a photographer?

To be a photographer, you do not need any professional qualifications. All you need is a love of scenes, the ability to see anything different than anyone else, an understanding of the art, and the determination to establish a name for yourself in the entertainment business.

Why do we celebrate National Photography Day?

The purpose of the day is to increase awareness about the value of photography arts and how photographs have so many important roles in history and entertainment, as well as how they can be utilized to promote peace.

National Photography Day Activities

  1. Host a photography competition

    By doing what photographers do, you may show your appreciation. It makes no difference who wins or loses as long as everyone has the opportunity to share their images with the rest of the world.

  2. Visit the American Museum of Photography

    Check out the American Museum of Photography, a year-round virtual museum dedicated to appreciating photography! The museum has specific exhibitions to learn about the history of photography, as well as rare posters, live performances by photographers, and camera purchasing.

  3. Share the love on social media

    Post your favorite photo, whether it’s your own or a favorite of someone else’s, and acknowledge the photographer on your social media profiles. Don’t forget to tell them about National Photography Day and include the hashtag #NationalPhotographyDay.

5 Famous Photographs In History

  1. Man jumping the puddle

    Henri Cartier-Bresson captured this view through a fence behind Paris’s Saint-Lazare railway.

  2. The Steerage

    Alfred Stieglitz's photos depict Stieglitz as an artist with a candid look at the world.

  3. Woman falling from a fire escape

    Stanley Forman’s photo of the failed rescue of a woman and her child turns into horror.

  4. Starving child and vulture

    This photograph by Kevin Carter became a winner for its social influence and ethical questions.

  5. Saigon execution

    Eddie Adams won a Pulitzer Prize when he shot the war’s wreckage in 1986 and it went viral.

Why We Love National Photography Day

  1. Photography helps us communicate

    Photographs allow us to share our experiences with others. What better way to remember your holiday than with photos of you on the beach? A picture is said to be worth a thousand words.

  2. It’s all in the details

    As photographers, they pay attention to the details. The details are what tie an experience together. As a result, they can capture the beauty in every scenario.

  3. Love the process

    Everyone enjoys the process of putting together the right set of images. A picture shoot is much more than just the shoot itself. It’s like expressing themselves creatively.

National Photography Day dates

2024August 19Monday
2025August 19Tuesday
2026August 19Wednesday
2027August 19Thursday
2028August 19Saturday

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