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FriApr 11

National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day – April 11, 2025

National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day (April 11) celebrates the individuals and technology that help marketing teams thrive. Started by the workflow automation leader Zapier, the day recognizes the work that goes into great marketing campaigns. It also creates awareness about the importance of automation in marketing operations planning, execution, and reporting — allowing marketers to focus on what matters most.

History of National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day

Started by Zapier in 2022, National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day honors the marketing managers, analysts, and specialists who power a business’s marketing strategies. Marketing ops professionals create and maintain the tools and systems that marketing teams use to develop and execute successful campaigns.

Marketing operations as a concept has been around since marketers started trying to better understand their audiences in the early part of the 20th century. But as the tools and data available to marketing teams have evolved, especially in the past two decades, marketing ops has quickly expanded into a defined field.

Since 2011, Zapier has been supporting marketing operations systems to help teams run efficiently and focus on the human side of marketing. The no-code interface allows anyone — regardless of technical ability — to automate marketing ops workflows, from managing user data to triggering email campaigns.

National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day timeline

The beginning

Market research gains traction as a way to help advertisers better understand their audiences.

MSI is Founded

The Marketing Science Institute is established and is dedicated to advancing market research.

The first official mention

Gary Katz publishes "Marketing Operations: Solving Marketing's Seven Deadly Sins" as the field becomes more and more popular.

Education grows

Classes, conferences, and research surrounding marketing operations grows, as it becomes and increasingly important role in marketing organizations.

The first celebration

Zapier creates and celebrates the first National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day

National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day FAQs

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is anything that happens automatically within the tools marketers use, without any human effort. For example: automatically sending a welcome message to a new subscriber or notifying the sales team when a lead is qualified.

What does a marketing operations team do?

It depends on the team! But generally, they focus on the tools, systems, and data surrounding marketing. They’re also usually the folks running any email or CRM processes for a business.

What if I don't have the budget for a marketing operations team?

You can start by using a no-code tool like Zapier to automate some of your marketing operations work.

How to celebrate National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day

  1. Thank your marketing operations team

    Celebrate the efforts and wins of your marketing operations team in whatever way you can! If you don't have a marketing ops team, now's the time to start building one.

  2. Post on social media

    Give a shoutout to everyone working in marketing operations. Use the hashtag #MOpsAppreciationDay

  3. Set up a marketing ops automation

    Take your marketing strategies to the next level! Head over to Zapier’s website to start using their no-code tools for your marketing operations.

5 Reasons Why Marketing Operations Are Important For A Company’s Success

  1. Marketing operations teams own marketing data

    Data is everything in marketing, and marketing ops teams collect, manage, and analyze that data to be sure marketing teams are successful.

  2. Marketing automation saves you time and money

    According to a Zapier study, 84% of U.S. marketers say automation helps them work more efficiently. Marketing ops teams are often the folks behind these automations.

  3. Marketing operations improve ROI and customer engagement

    McKinsey & Company notes: "When done well, we’ve seen marketing operations provide a 15 to 25 percent improvement in marketing effectiveness, as measured by return on investment and customer-engagement metrics.

  4. Marketing ops teams make your tools work better

    MOps teams oversee all your marketing technology, including implementation, feature enhancement, and usability, so marketers can focus on the human side of work—instead of tinkering with their tools.

  5. Marketing ops teams allow you to connect the dots

    According to Senior Manager of Marketing Operations & Email at Zapier, Lindsay Rothlisberger, "Marketing ops is all about connection. Connecting systems, connecting strategies to tools, connecting customers to the most relevant information."

Why we love National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day

  1. Marketing gets the appreciation it deserves

    As massive as the field is, there aren’t many days dedicated to marketing. Marketing Operations Appreciation Day gives us the space to celebrate a less-understood field within marketing.

  2. It provides awareness about marketing tools

    It's a day to inform businesses about marketing automation tools that they can use to scale, so they can spend more time on the work that matters.

  3. The people behind the scenes get some love

    People working in marketing operations aren't usually in the spotlight of a campaign’s execution. Today, they come out from behind the scenes to receive the appreciation they deserve.

National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day dates

2025April 11Friday
2026April 11Saturday
2027April 11Sunday
2028April 11Tuesday
2029April 11Wednesday

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