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National Ranch Water Day – April 11, 2025

National Ranch Water Day celebrates the creation of Texas’s version of a skinny margarita. It is also recognized as the “Unofficial Cocktail of West Texas,” and is a mix of tequila, lime, and soda water. Are you wondering why the people of Texas love this drink so much? Well, it’s because Ranch Water is delicious in taste, low in calories, and helps one cool down! Created by RANCH2O Spirits, the drink is all you need to experience a night out at the bar even while sitting at home. What are you waiting for? Drink it up!

History of National Ranch Water Day

What is Ranch Water and why does it deserve a special day? Well, anyone who has ever tasted the delicious alcoholic drink will know what we are talking about. Ranch Water is a cocktail drink made with lime, sparkling mineral water, and tequila. The sparkling water used in the drink, however, is known as Topo Chico, a Mexican brand of mineral water.

Due to the use of ingredients from the region, Ranch Water is a drink that is specifically found in Mexico and is amongst the most popular drinks in the area. Trust us, a visit to Mexico is not complete till one has tried the cocktail!

Like any other cocktail, Ranch Water was also a creation that started as an experiment. Nearly 15 years ago, the drink was created in Austin by Kevin Williamson, the award-winning owner of Ranch 616. Initially, he kept adding mineral water to his margarita as he continued to drink it. But as he began to enjoy the taste, he thought of adding other ingredients, such as fresh lime juice and a splash of orange cordial, and voila! Ranch Water, Texas’s iconic cocktail, was born.

However, it wasn’t until February 2021 that National Ranch Water Day was created by RANCH2O Spirits. The brand formulated the idea of a special day to celebrate the exquisite drink, and promote the canned version of the cocktail, which is now mass-produced by the company.

National Ranch Water Day timeline

The Word is Mentioned

The word ‘cocktail’ is mentioned in a British newspaper.

The Cocktail Tale

The first cocktail, known as Sazerac, is developed in New Orleans.

The Guide

“The Bartender's Guide” is published and lists recipes for cocktails.

The Piña Colada Way

The Piña Colada is invented at the Beachcomber Bar.

National Ranch Water Day FAQs

Why is it called Ranch Water?

It is believed that the name honors the ranchers who founded the Don Celso Distillery.

What flavor is the original Ranch Water?

The original Ranch Water hard seltzer is made with a taste of agave nectar and lime.

What is the new Ranch Water?

Topo Chico recently announced a new Ranch Water, which will be made with lime juice.

National Ranch Water Day Activities

  1. Head out for Ranch Water

    To celebrate the day, step out with your friends to have some Ranch Water. All you have to do is visit different bars so you get to experience a new sitting with every drink you order.

  2. Find out the history

    Ranch Water has a rich history like all other drinks we spot on the menu. Read up all that you can to find out how the drink was created or better yet, watch a documentary regarding its history.

  3. Host a Ranch Water drinking competition

    Mark the day and celebrate the creation of Ranch Water. Have a Ranch Water drinking competition and award the person who drinks the most cans in ten minutes.

5 Interesting Facts About Cocktails

  1. The sales of Ranch Water

    They hit $4.1 billion in 2020.

  2. A world record in 2013

    Sheldon Wiley made 18 cocktails in one minute.

  3. Margaritas drunk in the U.S.

    185,000 margaritas are drunk hourly.

  4. The Commonwealth cocktail

    It contains 71 ingredients to honor the 71 countries.

  5. The highest cocktail bar

    It is on the 118th floor of Hong Kong’s ICC Tower.

Why We Love National Ranch Water Day

  1. It brings back the love for cocktails

    Yes, we all love to have a scotch on the rocks, or simply a glass of wine. However, cocktails have a flavor of their own and are super easy to drink, whether you are at a club, or having dinner at a restaurant.

  2. It appreciations Ranch Water

    Believe it or not, Ranch Water is a tasty drink and has gained a large fan following for a reason. Hence, keeping a day to honor a drink this delicious is crucial! Who knows, it might inspire people to create their drinks.

  3. It’s a fun day/night

    The day provides a fun night out for all those who spend all week working and simply need to relax and enjoy. Get together with your friends and enjoy a few Ranch Water cocktails.

National Ranch Water Day dates

2025April 11Friday
2026April 11Saturday
2027April 11Sunday
2028April 11Tuesday
2029April 11Wednesday

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