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National Battery Day
TueFeb 18

National Battery Day – February 18, 2025

National Battery Day is celebrated on February 18. Imagine what our lives would be like without batteries? We will have to stay glued to the electric sockets to enjoy technology. Thankfully, we have batteries that keep us connected without a direct power source. We can watch T.V., use our phones and other mobile devices, and light up the bulbs without relying on a power source. Do you know batteries are what make our phones mobile? Without them, we wouldn’t be able to use our phones without electricity. You wouldn’t be reading this without batteries.

History of National Battery Day

Imagine working on a huge project on a desktop with a battery. Now, what if there is a brief power outage? Yes, it is dangerous, if you do not have alternative power for seamless flow.

Batteries have been in use since the 19th century. It was first created when Italian Scientist Alessandro Volta layered silver, separated by paper and dipped in salt or acid and zinc to form the ‘voltaic piles’ in 1800. These piles generated electric current. This paved a way for evolution as in 1802, William Cruickshank designed a battery for mass production.

Corrosion remained a critical impediment until the Daniell cell came along. It was invented by John Daniell, a chemist who received accolades for this invention which reduced corrosion when storing batteries. Afterward, Columbia, the first commercially available battery, was introduced by the National Carbon company in 1896, birthing the 4D battery created for flashlights two years later. Batteries were later introduced to watches and clocks, and are now used for diverse purposes. Batteries are used in almost anything driven by electricity. It is found in automobiles, mobile phones, desktops, televisions, radios, calculators, machinery, solar panels, power banks, remote controls, and down to your alarm clock.

Here are some tips for using batteries. Ensure you read instructions on batteries before use. For efficient batteries, keep them at room temperature or lower. This reduces the rate of chemical activity within the batteries.

Do not store old and new batteries together. Do not store your batteries in a metal container, and remember to keep them from humidity.

Do not puncture or damage batteries. Recycle lithium and button batteries; alkaline, manganese, and carbon-zinc batteries can be disposed of with the trash.

National Battery Day timeline

The Name ‘Battery’

Benjamin Franklin coins the name to describe a group of Leyden jars.

Voltaic Piles

Alessandro Volta creates the voltaic pile, which generates a limited electric current.

D-Sized Batteries

National Carbon Company introduces the first D-sized battery for a flashlight.

No More Winding

The first battery-operated watch is introduced.

National Battery Day FAQs

Where is the best place to store batteries?

Keep new batteries in their original containers. Store them in plastic or wooden containers at room temperature. The environment must be dry.

Can you store batteries in Ziploc bags?

While it is preferred you keep original containers for your batteries, Ziploc bags are another method to store your batteries.

Do batteries last longer if refrigerated?

Do not refrigerate batteries. Keep them in a cool environment to improve shelf life.

How to Celebrate National Battery Day

  1. Read up

    Find out more about the history of batteries. Know the different types and their uses.

  2. Buy a battery

    Be ready for an emergency. Get a battery to use in any device or keep it until you need it.

  3. Recycle your bad batteries

    Properly dispose of your bad batteries. Give them a befitting end by recycling them properly.

5 Interesting Facts About Batteries

  1. Total batteries a year

    The number of batteries bought a year in the U.S. is about three billion.

  2. Longer battery life

    You can extend battery life by storing them in low temperatures to slow down the internal chemical reaction.

  3. Expiry date

    The expiry date does not mean the end of the battery life; the expiry date is only the beginning of a reduction in its power.

  4. Out of the ordinary

    You can make batteries out of simple things like potatoes, apples, or vegetables.

  5. Making batteries using food

    You can make a battery using a potato or pickle by using a copper coin and a galvanized nail.

Why We Love National Battery Day

  1. We need batteries

    We need to be able to carry out our activities without being stuck to a power outlet. Batteries allow us to be on the go.

  2. Back up

    In case of an emergency, batteries are our backup source of power. We use them in flashlights, inverters, and power banks.

  3. Never stranded

    Since we have batteries, we can always recharge our phones with power banks or cars. We are never stranded or delayed because we will always have an alternative source.

National Battery Day dates

2025February 18Tuesday
2026February 18Wednesday
2027February 18Thursday
2028February 18Friday
2029February 18Sunday

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