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Matice Slovenska Day – August 4, 2024

Matica Slovenská Day is an annual commemoration held on August 4 in Slovakia. Matica Slovenská (Slovak Matica) is a national, cultural, and scientific organization based in Martin, Slovakia. It was established in 1863 and revived in 1919. The organization operates both domestically and internationally.

Slovak Matica is a government-run organization that serves as a national scientific and cultural center. Slovak Matica works to promote and protect Slovak culture and the nation’s national rights, identity, and development.

History of Matice Slovenska Day

Matica Slovenská Day (Deň Matice Slovenskej) is a remembrance day in Slovakia held on August 4 each year. This day commemorates the establishment of Slovakia’s primary scientific and cultural institution in 1863. Because it is not a national holiday, most people do not have the day off, and most businesses and government agencies are open as usual.

Matica Slovenská is a scientific and cultural institution dedicated to topics related to Slovakia. It was founded in 1863 as part of the Slovak nation’s effort to establish science foundations, libraries, and museums throughout Slovakia.

The possibility of the Matica Slovenská being established was aided by the establishment of similar institutions in Serbia and the Czech Republic. The Matica existed until 1875 when it was deemed as “anti-government” and “anti-patriotic” and abolished by the Hungarian Kingdom (Slovakia was still part of the Kingdom of Hungary at the time).

The Matica was unable to continue its scientific activities until 1918 when the Kingdom of Hungary was disbanded and Czechoslovakia was established. The renewed Matica, which reopened on August 5, 1919, was instrumental in the advancement of Slovak culture.

‘Matica’ means ‘matrix’ in the current Slovak language, meaning “to associate with something more powerful” (connecting with the motherboard). In this context, ‘Matica Slovenská’ could easily be interpreted as a kind of link, honoring and identifying its Slavic ancestors and Slavic history concerning the motherland.

Matice Slovenska Day timeline

The Institution is Established

Slovakia establishes its primary scientific and cultural institution.

The Matica is Abolished

The Matica is forcibly closed by Hungarian forces.

Czechoslovakia is Founded

The Matica was unable to continue its scientific activities until the Kingdom of Hungary is disbanded and Czechoslovakia is established.

The Second Matica Opens

The Matica reopens on August 5 and resumes its activities.

The Scientific Departments Are Created

At the second General Assembly of Slovak Matica on August 25, the scientific departments of Slovak Matica are established, with the first departments being history, linguistics, and ethnography.

The National Library is Established

On May 1, the Slovak National Library was established in Martin on the initiative of Slovak Matica.

Matice Slovenska Day FAQs

What is Slovakia most known for?

Slovakia has the highest number of castles and châteaux per capita in the world, 180 and 425, respectively.

What are some of the traditions in Slovakia?

Only Slovaks will understand these eight traditions: Storing fish inside bathtubs before Christmas, taking a tree out of the woods to decorate for May Day, a wedding isn’t complete without a moderator, consuming herbal liquor in the mountains, soup is the foundation of every meal.

What is the national dish of Slovakia?

The national dish of Slovakia is bryndzové halušky — potato dumplings with bacon and sheep cheese.

How to Observe Matice Slovenska Day

  1. Attend an event or exhibition

    This holiday is observed with several cultural events and exhibitions. You can experience Matice Slovenská Day firsthand by attending one of these events.

  2. Study the history of Slovakia

    This holiday is a perfect opportunity to brush up on your knowledge of Slovakia. Study their history and learn more about their culture and traditions.

  3. Visit Slovakia

    Make Slovakia the destination for your next vacation. You can explore the country’s rich collection of castles and châteaux.

5 Interesting Facts About Slovakia

  1. Cave city

    Slovakia has over 6,000 caves.

  2. Folk architecture

    The village of Čičmany in northern Slovakia is the world's first folk architecture reserve.

  3. Blurred lines

    Bratislava, Slovakia's capital, is bordered by Austria and Hungary, making it the world's only capital that borders two countries.

  4. Over 1300 mineral springs

    Slovakia is rich in mineral springs and therapeutic thermal springs.

  5. Wooden altar

    The Basilica of St. James, a Gothic church in Levoča, features the highest wooden altar at 61.1 ft.

Why Matice Slovenska Day is Important

  1. It promotes Slovak culture

    Matica Slovenská Day is the remembrance day of the Matica Slovenská. It is a Slovak cultural institution founded in Martin, Slovakia, to celebrate Slovak culture and traditions.

  2. It develops education and research programs

    The Slovak Matica developed educational, research, and publishing programs, as well as library and archive services. A thorough education is the most important thing to the development of the people.

  3. A symbol of independence

    Despite being forbidden from participating in political activities, Matica Slovenská drew members from all over the country. This, in turn, made it a symbol of Slovak independence.

Matice Slovenska Day dates

2024August 4Sunday
2025August 4Monday
2026August 4Tuesday
2027August 4Wednesday
2028August 4Friday

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