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Kiribati Youth Day – August 5, 2024

Kiribati Youth Day is marked every first Monday in August by children and youth from the country’s regions. This year, it falls on August 5. This holiday emphasizes the capabilities and dedication of this new generation to contribute to building a successful and stable future.

Despite four years of conflict in the English-speaking territories, continuous periods of civil upheaval and relocation, violent extremism in the northernmost region, and a global pandemic with severe economic ramifications, youth have demonstrated their resilience and promise.

History of Kiribati Youth Day

Kiribati is a coral island republic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a life expectancy at birth of fewer than 70 years due to a lack of clean water and unhealthy behaviors, such as frequent smoking and inadequate sanitation.

The Republic of Kiribati is a group of 33 coral islands in the central Pacific Ocean, located some 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii. Kiribati’s islands are separated into three groups: the Phoenix Islands, the Gilbert Islands, and the Line Islands. Except for Banaba in the Gilbert Islands, all of the islands are atolls. The goal of this national holiday is to encourage healthy living among Kiribati youth. Like Health Day in Kiribati, some of the day’s main events revolve around sports competitions, such as soccer, volleyball, boxing, tennis, basketball, and other traditional games like local wrestling, and more.

Local dancing and singing competitions are available for youths who are not participating in sporting events. In these numerous competitions, young people from Kiribati’s several districts and islands compete. Following that, there is a youth beauty pageant.

Kiribati Youth Day timeline


Kiribati is established as an independent republic within the Pacific Community Commonwealth of Nations.

First Elections

Kiribati holds its first election since gaining independence.

Establishing the World's Third-largest Marine Reserve

Fishing is prohibited in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, which is home to hundreds of fish and coral species.

Resettlement Plan

Kiribati completes the purchase of 6,000 acres of higher-ground property in Fiji for potential resettlement.

Kiribati Youth Day FAQs

What makes Kiribati famous?

Kiribati is most known for its world-class flyfishing, excellent scuba diving, and incredible seabird biodiversity. There is now only one airline that serves the country’s most famous island, Christmas Island (Kiritimati).

What do teenagers like to do?

Every adolescent is unique. However, many people prefer spending their leisure time shopping, going to parties, hanging out with friends, gaming and utilizing social media, texting, watching movies, reading, and going to the beach or park.

How old is a youth?

The WHO defines “adolescents” as people aged 10 to 19, and “youth” as people aged 15 to 24.

How to Observe Kiribati Youth Day

  1. Participate in the junior beauty pageant

    Many people nowadays are concerned about anything aimed at kids that places too much emphasis on beauty. However, these pageants celebrate more than just physical attributes and can be a great platform for growth and development.

  2. Show your support via social media

    Are you unable to travel to Kiribati? No worries. Show your festive spirit by posting on social media and donating to participating pages.

  3. Raise awareness about youth-related concerns

    One of the finest ways to celebrate Kiribati Youth Day is to get involved. Identify the challenges affecting adolescents in your community and determine how you can assist.

5 Important Facts About The Youth

  1. The global youth population

    Youths account for more than 1.1 billion people.

  2. The majority of today's unemployed are youth

    Unemployment is one of the most serious problems that we face today.

  3. Addiction is more prevalent among youth

    The young mind has smaller levels of the feel-good chemical dopamine, yet when youths acquire what they want, their brains release more dopamine than an adult’s.

  4. Emotional oulet

    Youths tend to prefer music above other forms of self-expression.

  5. Risk takers

    According to one study, youths make dangerous judgments because their brains are wired that way.

Why Kiribati Youth Day is Important

  1. We now have the opportunity to act

    Celebrating Kiribati Youth Day allows us to take meaningful actions to promote peace. It is not enough to dream and prepare; we must also get our hands dirty if we want to see our dreams come true.

  2. It motivates and empowers young people

    This day's significance cannot be overstated. This festival aims to inspire and motivate young people to achieve their full potential.

  3. Young people contribute to the economy

    Youths are critical to the progress of their communities. They are an important part of the workforce and are responsible for driving change and innovation in today's society. They deserve to be recognized.

Kiribati Youth Day dates

2022August 1Monday
2023August 7Monday
2024August 5Monday
2025August 4Monday
2026August 3Monday

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