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FriMay 30

National E-Bike Day – May 30, 2025

National E-Bike Day is a new holiday established and sponsored by Lectric eBikes to encourage people to ride their e-bike or make the switch to opting into electric transportation. E-bikes are a fun, sustainable, and economical way for individuals and families to get around, whether it’s a quick joy ride or an exciting commute to work. They’ve become increasingly popular in the U.S. in recent years as people look for affordable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. This holiday not only encourages people to enjoy the benefits of e-biking, but also celebrates the industry as it strives to change the way people move in the world.

History of National E-Bike Day

This is a new holiday even though e-bikes have been around since 1895. Yup, that’s right! The first U.S. patent for an e-bike was granted in 1895 to Ogden Bolton Jr., who invented a battery-powered electric bicycle with a hub motor mounted near the rear wheel. The spark of innovation was lit and inspired Hosea W. Libby to create an e-bike propelled by a double electric motor that was placed inside the crankiest axle hub, which is seen in some current e-bike models. Almost a hundred years later, the Pedal Electric Cycle, now known as pedal-assist, was integrated into e-bikes. This changed the way e-bikes were designed and allowed riders to activate the motor by the traditional throttle or by peddling. Fast forward to today, e-bike popularity has grown significantly, reflected in the fact that global sales have outpaced electric and hybrid car sales in the past two years and are projected to increase.

Lectric eBikes was founded on the idea of changing the way people move. The solution was creating the best e-bike at the best cost, which prioritized offering the best value per dollar, ease of use through pre-assembled shipping and superior customer service throughout and after the buying process. By putting great value and the consumers’ experience first, Lectric has sold over 300,000 e-bikes since 2019. To celebrate this achievement and the collective work of the entire e-bike industry, Lectric eBikes is thrilled to establish and sponsor National E-Bike Day.

National E-Bike Day timeline

First transportation contraption

Karl Drais builds the first official two-wheeled transportation contraption, the bike.

First battery powered bike

The first battery powered bike is patented in the U.S.


The Pedal Electric Cycle, now known as pedal-assist, is created and integrated into an electric bike, paving the way for modern e-bike designs.

May 30, 2019
Lectric eBikes creates Lectric Day

Lectric eBikes celebrates the start of the most affordable and adventurous e-bike brand.

National E-Bike Day FAQs

How long does the battery last on a Lectric eBike?

The XP 3.0 Black eBike has a 48V lithium ion battery with Long-Range and Standard options to power your ride for up to 45 or 65 miles respectively.

Are there any showrooms for Lectric eBikes?

Yes, Lectric eBikes has a showroom in Phoenix where you can test bikes at no cost at any time.

Can I purchase an e-bike online?

You can shop a wide selection of e-bikes from Lectric eBikes online and get it shipped to over 48 states in the U.S. and Canada.

National E-Bike Day Activities

  1. Take a ride

    Get out on your e-bike and take a ride! Take in some sunshine with a ride through your neighborhood or around town.

  2. Join the E-bike club

    Make the switch to electric by purchasing an e-bike! Lectric eBikes offers several e-bike and e-tricycle models, including the XP 3.0 which retails for $999 and XP Lite at $799.

  3. Get social

    Join in the fun and earn a chance to win a Lectric e-Bike by posting a picture on your e-bike and using the hashtag #Nationalebikeday, or commenting on the Lectric’s Live event on Facebook or YouTube!

5 Fun Facts About E-Bikes

  1. The first e-bike in the U.S.

    The first U.S. e-bike was created over 120 years ago in 1895.

  2. E-bike sales are soaring

    Worldwide e-bike sales are set to outpace EV car sales in 2023.

  3. Big savings on gas

    On average, a 10-mile trip on a e-bike will cost around 2 cents, saving between an estimated $240 to $1,500 a year on gas costs.

  4. An e-bike can take you far

    Current e-bikes on the market range from 45 to 100+ miles per charge.

  5. Affordable travel

    All Lectric eBikes cost under $2,000, offering affordable and approachable options for an array of individuals.

Why We Love National E-Bike Day

  1. E-bikes are fun!

    They offer a way for people to get outside and move around together in a fun way.

  2. E-bikes are better for the environment!

    E-bikes are better for the environment than traditional transportation methods such as gas cars and other vehicles.

  3. E-bikes are affordable!

    E-bikes are an affordable transportation option for millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide.

National E-Bike Day dates

2025May 30Friday
2026May 30Saturday
2027May 30Sunday
2028May 30Tuesday
2029May 30Wednesday

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