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FriMay 30

National Sofia Day – May 30, 2025

National Sofia Day, celebrated annually on May 30 around the world, is a particularly special day for parents and guardians who were wise enough to name their child Sofia. A name typically used for females, the masculine Sophus for males, is of Greek origin and today has many derivative forms: Sophia, Sophie, Sofi, and so on, but ultimately, they all stem from the original name, Sofia. Sofia, as a given name, is extremely popular in western society, and its popularity can largely be attributed to European nobility and the Christian churches throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance period.

History of National Sofia Day

The name Sofia, or Sophia, which means ‘wisdom,’ was first recorded in the fourth century, and sources suggest that it emerged from the Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire. The region was influenced heavily by Greek culture and language, and as such, the word for ‘wisdom’ in Greek, ‘Σοφία’ became a commonly held girl’s name throughout Europe following a strong connection with the church.

In 304 A.D., Sophia of Rome died, a venerated Christian martyr and victim of Roman persecution. A mother of three women, Faith, Hope, and Love, Sophia watched as her three daughters all fell victim to Roman cruelty. The Eastern Orthodox Church revered her and her three children, and Sophia was designated the patron saint of late winter frosts because she mourned the loss of her daughters for three days before passing away in her sleep. The name Sofia is strongly associated with the Christian faith, and its use became very popular among European nobles who wished divine wisdom on their daughters. The name Sofia, fortunately, was not exclusively used for daughters of nobility and is seen as having been a popular name in many nations throughout history.

Saint Sophia holds a powerful connection with European countries that experience harsh winters, and she is often prayed to at the end of winter, to fend off any late frosts. The name has been kept alive and continues to remain a popular choice for newborns internationally.

National Sofia Day timeline

Sophia Alekseyevna of Russia

Ruler of all of Russia for six years, Sophia reigns as regent as she awaits the ascension of one of her younger brothers, either Ivan V or half-brother Peter I.

Sophia Loren is Born

Widely believed to be the most famous Sophia to have ever lived, besides St. Sophia, Sophia Loren is born.

Sofía Vergara is Born

The famous and well-known actress from the T.V. series “Modern Family,” is born.

Sofia Richie is Born

Daughter of famous musician and singer, Lionel Richie, Sofia Richie is born.

National Sofia Day FAQs

Is it Sofia or Sophia?

There are many variations of the spelling, but the small differences are attributed to regional linguistic trends, as the name is still derived from the original Sophia of Rome.

Is Sofie a name?

Yes, in its own right, it is a name. Many children have been given the name, and although it is a derivative of Sofia, it is still considered a name, independently of Sofia.

Is Sofia a name for older women?

Many people feel that the name is dated. However, statistically, it is still a popular name and logic dictates that newborn girls will one day become old women.

National Sofia Day Activities

  1. Be thankful for your name

    A lot of people grow up having at some point disliked their name, but the name Sofia has a rich history and has been a source of spiritual strength for centuries. Be thankful that you carry that name and present its qualities in your day-to-day life.

  2. Have a Sofia-themed party

    There are hundreds of women named Sofia throughout history. They have made their mark on this world, and what better way to celebrate this National Sofia Day than with a party that requires people to see who those women were or are, and come dressed as their favorite Sofia?

  3. Get a tattoo

    If you don’t carry the name Sofia as your own but have a close loved one who does, why not have the name permanently etched into your skin? Aside from being a testament to your relationship, it also means wisdom and has a powerful link to the Holy Spirit.

5 Facts About The Name Sofia That You Need To Know

  1. It translates into Russian

    Sofia in Russia is ‘Sonya.’

  2. The name is now considered gender-neutral

    In 2020, one in every 228,929 baby boys was named Sofia.

  3. It remains a popular girls’ name

    The name Sofia is still very popular in society and was the 17th most popular name for girls in 2020.

  4. It's a popular name in the U.S.

    Since 1980, 77,639 girls have been given the name Sofia, according to national records.

  5. It has an approval rating

    Believe it or not, traditional names can at times fall out of favor, but luckily, Sofia isn’t one of those names and has an 85% approval rating.

Why We Love National Sofia Day

  1. We love the story

    The legend of St. Sophia, the mother of Love, Hope, and Faith, is more than just a tale of persecution; it's a story of a mother's love. We love how her name and her actions have been etched into our society for centuries.

  2. It's a great name

    If any women were looking for role models, searching under the name Sofia would be a great start. Throughout history, hundreds of women with the name Sofia have achieved great things.

  3. It's a special day just for you

    Today isn’t about Joshua or Malcolm or the thousands of other names out there. It's about Sofia, your name, and we think that you deserve a day where you’re special just because you have a great name.

National Sofia Day dates

2025May 30Friday
2026May 30Saturday
2027May 30Sunday
2028May 30Tuesday
2029May 30Wednesday

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