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SunJun 29

National Waffle Iron Day – June 29, 2025

National Waffle Iron Day is celebrated on June 29 every year as a way to celebrate the invention of this amazing device that allows millions of Americans to enjoy their breakfast. Waffle irons are found across homes in the United States and are used to make many varieties of waffles, ranging from the simple waffle to the fancier and more modern takes on this favorite breakfast food. 

History of National Waffle Iron Day

Waffles are believed to have originated in Belgium and so it is likely that the waffle iron, or at least a primitive version of it, was also invented in Belgium or its surrounding regions in the Middle Ages. In fact, the early waffle irons were quite versatile and were designed to prepare different types of breakfast foods. 

When Dutch and other Europeans began immigrating to America, they brought waffles to the New World and it became a common breakfast meal. In fact, President Thomas Jefferson is known to have been quite fond of waffles as he kept a collection of waffle recipes and even had his own iron waffle maker. 

In 1869, the first-ever American patent for the waffle iron was given to Cornelius Swarthout, whereas the first electric waffle iron was invented by Thomas Stackbeck in the year 1911. The traditional form of waffles, consisting of an egg batter cooked in a waffle iron and topped with cream and berries did not become popular until 1964 when it was sold at the World’s Fair in New York. 

While it is not known when the first National Waffle Iron Day was held or who proclaimed it, it should not deter us from celebrating it with much fervor and enthusiasm. After all, there are many traditions whose origins are yet to be discovered but Americans still celebrate them with every bit of national pride. As waffle irons continue to evolve in different shapes and sizes, they remain a staple of almost every household in America.

National Waffle Iron Day timeline

The First Waffle Iron Patent

The first patent for waffle irons is given to Cornelius Swarthout.

Waffle Rolls are Invented

George Bang creates waffle rolls.

The First Household Electric Waffle Iron

General Electric sells the first electric waffle maker.

The First Waffle House Opens

The first Waffle House outlet opens in Avondale Estates, Georgia.

National Waffle Iron Day FAQs

Are waffles healthy?

You can make waffles as healthy as you want by using whole flour, organic butter, and brown sugar to make the batter. Adding fruits and honey for toppings increases their nutritional value.

Do frozen waffles contain sugar?

Yes, because sugar helps to preserve the freshness of frozen waffles until you are ready to cook them.  

Which has more calories — pancakes or waffles?

Due to their larger size, waffles contain more calories than pancakes. However, if you control the portion size, there is not much of a difference between the two. 

How to Celebrate National Waffle Iron Day

  1. Try out a unique recipe

    Waffles are extremely popular because they can be made in so many unique ways and combined with different types of foods like fruits, nuts, and even chicken. On National Waffle Iron Day, you can bring out your waffle iron and use it to prepare different types of recipes. You can test out new batter recipes as well as toppings and other ingredients. For example, you can create a waffle sandwich or waffle burger by using waffles instead of buns.

  2. Start a waffle iron collection

    Many homes have the traditional square or round waffle iron that they have been using for years. However, most of the manufacturers have brought out new versions of waffle irons in different shapes. For example, you can get waffle irons in the shape of various cartoon characters and other designs. If you want, you can purchase large waffle makers that let you make multiple waffles at the same time. You can also buy vertical waffle irons as well as bowl-shaped waffle irons.

  3. Organize a neighborhood waffle sale

    Get your neighbors together to organize a waffle sale to test everyone’s waffle-making skills. The more people you can bring on board, the more exciting it is going to be. You can also try searching for a sponsor as many waffle iron makers would be interested in sponsoring such events to get exposure for their products. This can also be a great way to test new products with your neighbors, especially if you want to replace your old waffle iron with a new one.

5 Facts About American Breakfast Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Cereal is the most popular American breakfast

    Most Americans, nearly 37%, like to have cereal as their main breakfast food.

  2. Having breakfast at restaurants

    Americans are opening up to the idea of having breakfast at restaurants and cafes, especially on weekends.

  3. Skipping breakfast is common

    Nearly a quarter of Americans skip breakfast in the morning.

  4. Taste is the main factor

    Most Americans select their breakfast foods based on taste.

  5. Porridge for longevity

    Having porridge for breakfast is known to support longevity by reducing blood pressure and providing fiber to the body.

Why We Love National Waffle Iron Day

  1. It promotes healthy eating habits

    With a large number of people skipping breakfast or not having it altogether, celebrating National Waffle Iron Day helps to raise awareness about the importance of having breakfast by adding a celebratory feel to it. It is a good way to help people realize that they can improve their health and lifestyle by making breakfast a part of their daily diet and routine.

  2. It supports creativity

    People love to use their waffle irons in creative ways. From how you prepare the batter to how long you cook it, there are different options you can try on National Waffle Iron Day. In fact, you can even experiment with having waffles for lunch or dinner as a healthier option. Apart from the electric waffle iron, you can also experiment with the older stove-top irons and compare which waffles you prefer.

  3. It is part of American tradition

    Waffles are one of the things that Americans share with Europeans as part of their heritage. Celebrating National Waffle Iron Day gives people an opportunity to look back and admire how far they have progressed from the earlier, basic types of waffle irons to the more modern and innovative ones.

National Waffle Iron Day dates

2025June 29Sunday
2026June 29Monday
2027June 29Tuesday
2028June 29Thursday
2029June 29Friday

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