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SatJun 29

International Day of the Tropics – June 29, 2024

International Day of the Tropics is observed annually on June 29. Its purpose is to acknowledge the extraordinary variety of the tropics while shedding more light on the distinctive challenges and opportunities that are faced by tropical areas. Its main goal is to raise awareness across all nations of the world, on the issues faced by tropical areas, and to highlight the important role they play in our lives. The day shines the spotlight on the rich variety of the tropics. It also allows for the evaluation of progress across the tropics, the sharing of tropical stories and expertise, and the recognition of the nation’s diverse culture and potential.

History of International Day of the Tropics

On June 14, 2016, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution designating June 29 as International Day of the Tropics. The United Nations chose June 29 to honor the anniversary of the first ‘State of the Tropics Report.’ Myanmar’s Nobel Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, launched the report in 2014.

The tropics are a geographic area of the Earth that roughly corresponds to the area between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Although topography and other factors influence the climatic variation, tropical areas are typically warm with little seasonal variation in day-to-day temperature.

The presence of rain in the moist inner zone near the equator is an important feature of the Tropics and the seasonal patterns of rainfall rise with distance from the equator. Climate change, deforestation, logging, urbanization, and demographic changes are all threats to the tropical region.

On June 29, 2014, the first State of the Tropics Report was believed to be the result of collaborative efforts among twelve leading tropical research facilities. The report provides a unique perspective on this rapidly growing region. To commemorate the report’s launch anniversary, the United Nations General Assembly passed resolution A/RES/70/267 in 2016, declaring June 29 as International Day of the Tropics.

The International Day of the Tropics is intended to raise awareness of the particular problems that tropical areas face, the far-reaching impacts of issues affecting the world’s tropical zone, and the need, at all levels, to raise awareness and highlight the critical role that tropical countries will play in achieving sustainable development.

While the tropics encompass some of the best vacation destinations, these areas also play critical roles in achieving sustainable development. The tropics, however, face several challenges, including climate change, urbanization, demographic shifts, and deforestation.

International Day of the Tropics timeline

The English Translation of the Tropical World

French geographer Pierre Gourou publishes “Les Pays Tropicaux,” and the concept of tropicality resurfaces in geographical discourse.

The Release of the First Report

On June 29, the first ‘State of the Tropics Report’ is released.

The U.N.’s Declaration

The United Nations General Assembly passes Resolution A/RES/70/267, commemorating the report's publication anniversary, designating June 29 as International Day of the Tropics.

The Digital Divide in the Tropics

For the 2021 International Day of the Tropics, the theme is ‘The Digital Divide in the Tropics.’

International Day of the Tropics FAQs

How are the tropics classified?

Three tropical climates are confined to a global band known as the tropics, which runs between the northern latitude, Tropic of Cancer, and the southern latitude, Tropic of Capricorn. The tropical weather is determined by warm temperatures.

Are the tropics expanding?

According to new research, the Earth’s tropics are expanding poleward, and this expansion is being driven by human-caused changes in the ocean.

Is there a winter season in the tropics?

The Köppen system defines tropical climate as having an average temperature of more than 64.4°F each month. There is no winter, and annual rainfall exceeds annual evaporation.

How to Observe International Day of the Tropics

  1. Visit a tropical location

    The best way to celebrate this day is to spend it in the tropics. There are thousands of islands in the tropics you can explore, as well as many different cultures.

  2. Watch a related media

    Watch movies or television shows set on tropical islands or about the tropics, such as "Earth's Tropical Islands." “Swept Away,” “The Island,” and “The Pirates of the Caribbean” are a few other examples.

  3. Promote the event

    Spreading information is a small task in today's world. Once you've gathered some useful information, you can use social media to share it with your network.

5 Interesting Facts About The Tropics

  1. Richly endowed but vulnerable

    Despite having slightly more than half of the world's renewable water resources (54%), the tropics' population is considered vulnerable to water scarcity.

  2. Tropical weather

    Tropical weather is found in areas near the equator.

  3. Forests provide a living for most people

    According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, nearly 1.6 billion people (more than 25% of the world's population) rely on forest resources for a living, with 1.2 billion of them using trees on farms to generate food and income.

  4. Chocolate delight

    The rainforest provides us with a variety of resources, including materials and food like chocolate, pineapples, and cinnamon.

  5. Production of medicines

    Many plants found in the Tropics are used to make medicines.

Why International Day of the Tropics is Important

  1. Protecting trees

    From oxygen to food and clothing, the list of things we get from trees is extensive. Simply put, we would perish if trees did not exist.

  2. Increasing awareness

    This observance highlights some of the specific challenges confronting tropical areas. It reveals the far-reaching consequences of issues affecting the world's tropical zone and the need for a mindset change in preservation efforts at all levels.

  3. Reintroducing people to nature

    We often forget how much natural systems contribute to our overall well-being, but we are part of nature and rely on it. Tropical conservation is even more critical because it can help reduce global warming.

International Day of the Tropics dates

2024June 29Saturday
2025June 29Sunday
2026June 29Monday
2027June 29Tuesday
2028June 29Thursday

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